Enough Is Enough

If people want to smoke, it’s time for whoever runs The Truth Campaign to shut the hell up and leave the smokers alone. As long as someone doesn’t smoke near me, I don’t care.

Everyone had to sit through the educational videos in health class and we all read the brochures. We get it; smoking causes cancer. Please do not confuse this post for some sort of smoker’s advocacy editorial; I am speaking up for the nonsmokers who have to sit through these ridiculously annoying anti-smoking advertisements.

The commercials were cool at first. They had some creative ways to share random smoking facts with the world, but there must have been a change at the top, because the new person, who is responsible for creating the ads, SUCKS!

I do not smoke. I have never smoked and I never had a desire to smoke a cigarette. (The fact that I specified cigarette probably makes people think that I am a smoker of marijuana, but I am not. I never touched “the pot.” I do enjoy an occasional cigar from time to time, but that’s all.)

Why am I bombarded with commercial after commercial teaching me how to stop smoking? I DON’T SMOKE! The Nicorette ads don’t bother me at all. I get it, people don’t have the will power to quit smoking and the magic gum, or patch will assist them. I have no problem sitting through such ads.

I do have a problem with the new ad campaign that continues to grow more and more disgusting. I DON’T SMOKE, but I have to sit through a commercial about people and their post cigarette hardships. What the hell did I do to deserve this?

The new spot contains some guy talking about how he suffered a heart attack at age 45 and now he can’t play basketball with his sons; it’s a real tear jerker if you give a shit. (I don’t!) If the first part of his story didn’t ruin your beautiful April day, the man lifts his t-shirt and exposes a nasty scar from the heart surgery. I would like to thank the idiot who approved this nonsense.

***Please excuse me as I go off topic and discuss the weather. April has always been known for its showers, but not here in sunny Southern California! April is even better in Los Angeles!***

     In another spot, there is a man who is barely breathing. I really don’t remember anything about the commercial other than the fact that I probably had to throw out the rest of my lunch which was uneaten and un-vomited.

Let me see if I understand the concept behind the ad. People have a choice. Either you can smoke, or you can choose not to smoke. If you smoke, you understand that you are putting your health at risk. In order to convince the people who ignored the warnings, let’s make everyone suffer through depressing commercials. (There has to be a way to try and stop people from smoking that does not bother the non-smokers! We chose wisely, like Indiana Jones, and it’s not fair to punish us with these commercials!)

Here is the real Truth Campaign. People will smoke because they enjoy smoking and they look cool; leave them alone. More importantly, stop harassing the non-smokers; we didn’t do anything!

It seems like the people at the Truth Campaign have decided that the non-smokers are to be disregarded as collateral damage in their war against the “Butt Heads.” I, for one, will not stand by and take this without a fight. In an effort to protest these horrible commercials, I will purchase a pack of cigarettes each week and hand them out to random people, after they buy Nicorette, in an effort to keep them from quitting! (If that doesn’t work, I’ll write a status update on Facebook and ask people to “like my status if you hate anti-smoking commercials.” I don’t usually like to go to such extremes, but sometimes people get pushed to the limit!)

I never thought I would hate the people who fight against cigarette smoking, but I hate the Truth Campaign! (I guess I only hate their dreadful commercials!)



Published by Peter Teixeira

First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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  1. Thank you so much for this post! I always felt kind of bad that I was annoyed by these commercials and thought that I was being insensitive. You don’t know how many times I sat through some of those nasty commercials and thought wtf?! And I don’t know if you’ve ever seen some of the truth ads online but those are even worse! There was one where they actually showed what smokers cough up…eeewww!

    As a child of a former smoker, I remember how terrified I was that my mom would die early due to cigarrettes and I understand the dangerous of smoking and the importance of educating children. But these commercials have gone too far! They may work to scare some future smokers but overall I think its just shock factor and after the initial disgust it falls on deaf ears. They need to take a poll and see how many people have actually quit smoking due to these commercials, I bet the number is insignificant.

    I’m proud of my mom for quitting cold-turkey(what does that expression even mean?)after having smoked for over 25yrs without a relapse, but she’s an adult and no matter how much her children and husband pleaded until she was ready to quit she didn’t. Why does society love to get into other people’s business and tell them how they should live their lives?! I mean have you heard about some of the birth control laws that some states are trying to put in place?! Ridiculous! If its not affecting you, mind your own fucking business!!! Sorry for this rant but I was just reading something about a new law that Arizona is trying to pass and it got me heated!

    Ok, that’s all.

    1. It’s great that your mom stopped smoking. I’m sure the commercials didn’t have anything to do with it. I didn’t check out the ones online, but I’m sure they’re horrible. “Cold turkey” has to be one of the weirdest things ever; it makes no damn sense. Or maybe, I’m just not smart enough to figure out the connection.

  2. It can’t be that you’re not smart enough to figure it out because that would mean that I’m not smart enough and that we know is impossible! Its just one of those dumbass expressions that everyone uses and no one understands.

    1. Doesn’t work for me either…who the hell would serve cold turkey? Unless its in cold cut form and then what’s the rush since its always cold?! Nice try though.

  3. Good post. My truelove and I quit our really serious cigarette habits all by ourselves, no need for meds or shrinks, and I’m with you–I don’t need to be barraged with ads trying to help me quit! While we’re on the subject, I don’t need to be barraged with ads assuring me that this or that product can help me “be ready” for my woman despite my E.D. I AM a woman, for pete’s sake (whoever pete is). Leave me alone!

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