Just As I Expected

When I first heard about the Trayvon Martin case, I immediately assumed someone somewhere blew the story out of proportion and created another Facebook trendy thing to post.

I did my best to ignore the case, but people continued to write about this kid and they posted ridiculous pictures on their pages. Enough is enough I thought. I decided to see what all the fuss was about.

Fact: Racism exists. Fact: The Trayvon Martin story is not the same as the Emmett Till case. Emmett Till grew up in a racist, segregated society and he was murdered simply because of his race. Trayvon Martin is no Emmett Till. Hypothesis: Trayvon Martin probably died justifiably. (According to Florida Law!)

People are quick to jump to the race card and scream to the Heavens (The Heavens is a mythical place where the imaginary father figure to billions of humans resides!) about an injustice. I understand that racism is alive and well, but I am certain that I do not live in 1960’s America. Therefore, when I heard about a young black kid who was killed in cold blood by a racist white guy, for no apparent reason, I didn’t believe the hype.

When people started with this hoody nonsense, I immediately knew that there was more to the story, but I honestly didn’t care; I have goals to accomplish and I can’t waste time on falsified claims. I did my best to ignore the story, but there was no escaping the media coverage. Yesterday, this Trayvon Trend reached a new low. There was a picture of a half-naked whore dressed in a hoody, I guess, showing her support! (By media, I mean Facebook friend posts!)

First, there was some nonsensical million hoody march in New York. (I think that’s what I read!) Then, our leader, President Obama joined in and said the most insignificant political bullshit that the American public eats up. “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.” Obama shared. (I almost cried!)

Today, I reached my breaking point. Some dumbass elected official (I will not waste time researching this man’s name, because he does not deserve to receive any notoriety for his unbelievably foolish action!) decided to wear a hoody in the House of Representatives. (Hopefully, this guy loses his job due to his lack of better judgment, but as another elected official once said, “You don’t have to pass an IQ exam to be elected!”)

I finally decided to read about the case. I do not have all of the facts, but there is enough evidence to show that, like I believed initially, Trayvon may have been killed according to Florida law. In no way am I agreeing with the law, I am simply saying that people have to understand the laws of the land and act accordingly.

I don’t live in the state of Florida, but I remember when this law was enacted. I read the story and I honestly thought that Floridians are insane. In Florida, it is important to conduct yourself in a proper manner because people have guns and they are allowed to shoot you dead.

I didn’t immediately eliminate race as a factor in the case, but I knew there was no way in hell that a man could kill an innocent seventeen year-old because he had on a hoody. This could not happen in my America. I’m not saying that there aren’t any crazy people in this country who will kill over race, but the person would be arrested. Saying that Trayvon Martin was killed for wearing a hoody is an attempt to compare the struggles of the blacks of the 60’s to modern times and that is a slap in the face to the civil rights movement. (To the uninformed public opinion geniuses: Please stop writing that Trayvon Martin was killed over a bag of skittles and an iced tea; you will cause people to assume that you are an idiot!)

It turns out that the America I believe in exists. The killer, George Zimmerman, had a bloodied and broken nose, and he never left the scene. I may not be Encyclopedia Brown, but there seems to be more to this case than the Facebook sleuths initially reported. (That’s the problem with these trendy Facebook posts; the facts have to be skewed in order to cause the masses to follow!)

This is probably what happened on the night in question. Zimmerman saw Trayvon, who looked suspicious due to his hoody, and then asked him to identify himself. (I have no idea how, all of a sudden, millions of Americans are trying to act like people who wear hoodies don’t look suspicious, regardless of race! STOP THE NONSENSE!) Trayvon (a less than stellar student who has a history of suspensions) probably replied with some profanity laced, threatening speech, and a fight ensued. Zimmerman probably got punched in the nose and he decided to pull out his gun. (Skittles and iced tea had nothing to do with anything!)

The hoody on the other hand did play a role. I thought we, as a nation, agreed to be suspicious of people who wear hoodies.

How quickly we forget!

     This is why we have a justice system. We cannot allow public opinion to rule. If anyone joins forces with the “honorable Pimp” Al Sharpton in his effort to occupy Sanford, FL, I hope Zimmerman feels threatened!

Honestly, if President Barack Obama, wears a hoody in honor of Trayvon, I am moving to Mexico at the end of my lease.


Published by Peter Teixeira

First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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  1. Zimmerman, was a self tittle “watch” man. If ever watch takes matter in there own hands, the street will be safer but, the 911 tapes reveal, they told him not to follow Trayvon. I heard the media pull the wrong Trayvon Martin Facebook page. There is also A video showing Zimmerman after the event that took place. No bloody, or broken nose. *Shrugs*

    What if Trayvon was white?

    1. Thank you D, he was told not to follow trayvon and he did. He carried a gun with him as a neighborhood watch “captain” . Let’s be real about this how can stand ur ground be implemented if he chased down trayvon for walking down the street with a hoodie on. This same guy has been arrested for assaulting a police officer and he has a restraining order against him. So the bs about e kid being suspended can be thrown out if zimmermans history isnt taken into account. The dude was a loser with nothing else better to do but think a kid on his phone in a hoodie walking home was dangerous.

      1. This is a regular case like any other case. There are a bunch of people who are angry over a regular case. This entire hoody thing is ridiculous. People die every day; how is this one different? I’m not saying that Zimmerman is right for killing the kid, but Florida law is Florida law.

        There are bad people in this world. How many times are innocent children killed due to gang violence; why don’t people make a big fuss over those cases. Everyone is so quick to pull the race card; it’s getting old.

          1. I’d like to know why all these people weren’t saying anything when the law was passed. I remember the day, vividly. You can legally kill people in florida; get upset at the law.

            To me, the hoody people seem to lack intelligence. I saw that congressman’s intrview and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. He sounds like he was home-schooled by a mother who couldn’t read. I definitely understand why he did what he did, now!

          2. I am so angry that the police and DA are not tkniag this young man’s murder more seriously. I encourage everyone to listen to the 911 call George Zimmerman made before murdering Trayvon. I was truly disgusted with this man after listening to it. I also read on another news story that George Zimmerman,called 911 46 times in the last year to report suspicious activity of people in the neighborhood which were primarily young, black youths. I truly believe George Zimmerman was looking for a fight and waiting for a day he could find an excuse to use his gun. Of course, his excuse of self-defense is an absolute lie.

  2. For me doesn’t matter if the boy was black or green, what I find abhorrent is that someone can pursue or kill anyone because it looks suspicious … or shoot first and question later…What kind of animals we’ve become?

    1. I get what you’re are saying, but I think there was more to the incident than just some guy shooting a suspicious looking person. I’m sure there was an exchange of heated words and it escalated to violence.

          1. Is it that they want to sell more papers, or get more veewirs, or as in the case with WGBR, get more hits on their new news website? What is it that makes the media rush into these things the way they do.The Duke lacrosse team story should have taught them something…but it didn’t.Even my local small town AM radio station, WGBR 1150, had to get into the act this morning by booking an interview with the president of the North Carolina NAACP who are of course holding rallies to whip up reaction to the incident. The name of the organization tells you that that was going to be an objective conversation.You knew the Rev. Dr. William Barber wasn’t going to address the problems with crime in the area, or Zimmerman being on the ground being pummeled by the little boy with the Skittles, about the broken nose and head wounds suffered by Zimmerman, or the witness who saw the altercation and heard Zimmerman screaming for help.You knew Barber wasn’t going to talk about Zimmerman’s racial associations, a Hispanic with a white father who has black relatives and interacts with blacks regularly.You knew Barber wasn’t going to address the troubled teen’s history as enumerated in the articles below and, shock, there’s even one from ABC News. The others are from local newspapers and the UK.No the NCAAP president didn’t mention those things but then, neither did the WGBR news jock!

  3. The differnce in this case is THERE IS A SUSPECT and his parents are speaking out! In the hood, if anyone knows anything they are too scared to talk because of fear of retaliaton. I dont think this is about skittles ort iced tea, its about a KID with no weapon who was killed. From the calls you can clearly tell that Zimmerman was a sick individual obsessed with law enforcement. His words and actions is what has so many people angry. The dispatcher clearly told him to NOT follow Martin but he did. Self defense is if you’re being attacked, its not when you decide to follow someone whos trying to walk away. SMH

    1. That’s correct, but Zimmerman could have been black. I just don’t think race is important. If it was a white kid with a hoody the incident could have been the same.

      I just get tired of people turning to race in every situation. It has to be the most annoying thing ever. This case is about a guy who probably didn’t have the ability to make the police force so he was trying to get involved, if Trayvon was white, no one would even care about the incident.

      I still think the hoody people are nonsensical.

      1. Hey Pot, stop calling the kettle black.. You jumped to a conclusion about Zimmerman and Trayvon’s altercation without gathering all the facts… Zimmerman has a history of calling the police for suspicious black guys, potholes, trash in the street, etc. He is the neighborhood watchman, great! He did his part by notifying the athorities… It should have ended there! On the recorded 911 call, when they asked him not to pursue the suspect he clearly starts running to keep up with Trayvon and is out of breathe.. He then confronts Trayvon and you can hear Trayvon yelling for someone to help him… Then shots are fired. I don’t agree with the ‘Stand your ground’ law, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t include pursuing someone to initiate an altercation, then shoot him because you are ‘defending yourself’.

        1. I never said I knew what happened. I said, probably. My whole point is to show that the hoody thing is ridiculous. Let the facts come out before all the nonsense takes place. All the anger over a racially motivate killing was based on rumors and Facebook “facts.” The pics with the hoodies are dumb.

          1. The facts are out! I couldn’t care less about whether people think its about race or a hoodie.. bottom line is a child was killed. The evidence is there. And yet the phsyco killer is a free man.. Look into Zimmermans history and tell me he is a man who should be walking freely in society.

            1. The facts are not out. Zimmerman is crazy, but he is protected by an insane Florida law. I’m just tired of hearing the dumbasses talk about race. The guy is said to be Hispanic; he’s not even white. You don’t have Facebook, so you don’t see the ridiculous pictures that people are putting up. All of a sudden, wearing a hoody makes you a hero; it’s pure nonsense. I couldn’t care less about the case; I just want to scroll down Facebook without seing an idiot in a hoody who thinks he or she is about some cause!

              1. Ok… One thing though… I didn’t bring up race but a Hispanic could be racists against blacks

                  1. that, I know that there is still racism. I don’t bvielee that there will ever not be racism. Just as people judge others who dress a certain way or have a certain look, skin color is just a huge factor.I’m asian and my husband is white/ hispanic, and his best friend is black. He lives in another state so we don’t hang out often, but when once we visited him and went to a bar I just noticed that I always was served first and then my husband. And sometimes, the bartender would just start turning around and our friend would have to get his attention to order. It’s these slights that catch my eye. Of course, blatant police abuse is horrible but mild racism may always be there. That is until we are all blended enough so that there is no telling what skin color we are.

  4. I personally like M&M’s, the peanut ones! And I love the new commercials with the little M&M’s so funny!! Sour Patch Kids are ok but I find that the Sour Watermelon slices have more flavor. That’s just my humble opinion, I think everyone is free to enjoy any candy they choose. This is America after all!!!

      1. Race aside, it’s still very very wrong. How can he claim self defense when the boy had nonihtg on him to hurt anyone with, yet he himself had a gun? Come on now. And they won’t even try to investigate it?? A person’s life was taken!! That definitely calls for an investigation.I think all too often police try to cover eachother’s backs when things like this happen. In my town not too long ago a drunk off duty police officer was speeding and hit and killed a 15 year old boy with his car. The officers who responded to the scene (one being the father of the officer who killed the boy) tried to cover it up. They disregarded evidence (an empty liquor bottle that was thrown from the car window after the accident happened that an eyewitness saw) and the officer refused a blood alcohol test at the hospital siting a fear of needles as an excuse. When a persons life is taken, ALL ASPECTS of the issue should be investigated, whether or not it was probably self defense. That is ridiculous.

    1. Zimmerman initiated this whole messy sioiatutn. IF, and it’s a big IF he’s telling the truth regarding Martin attacking him he still started the whole friggin thing.There are plenty of inconsistencies in his story or stories that have appeared in the media. It will be interesting to see what the FBI determines regarding the screaming for help during the fight. If it was Zimmerman screaming he will likely get off given Florida’s screwed up SYG law. If it was Martin………..he should take a plea.Trying to defend Zimmeman is not helping the gun rights cause. The truth is if you give cops or civilians gun they are on occasion going to shoot people who didn’t need to be shot. Hell, even Navy Seals screw up on occasion. Like my gramer dere ain;t no perfection in this life.As for any chicken, Pedro, I don’t drink much. You’d be better off paying for the drinks. My late dad was a alcoholic with anger issues. I just have anger issues.

  5. This was a local tragedy for me. And it was mecpletoly SICKENING. I heard the 911 call, and Zimmerman was told specifically NOT to follow this boy. There were other callers who were witnesses, and while they were trying to describe what was happening, you could hear the boy in the background begging, and pleading for his life and then the gunshot sound immediately afterwards. This man is sick. He has a record of calling 911 for similar issues in the past. The boy was home watching a game and decided to go to the store to get a drink and some candy not knowing he would never make it back. My heart is extremely broken for his family, and disgusted with the Sanford police for trying to cover it up.

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