The Best Parking Spots At The Supermarket

I spend my workday driving to various Supermarkets in the Southern California area which clearly makes me an expert on the matter.

I am thankful for all the wonderful people who continue to visit my blog on a daily basis and this is a small token of my appreciation. Let the masses park in random spots; they will suffer the consequences. (You may want to print out this post and keep a copy in the glove box!)

When asked to name the best parking spot at the supermarket, most people will answer, “the first space, next to the entrance.”

This is a good answer, but an incorrect one. There is no one “best spot;” there are several, depending on the number of shopping cart corrals.

Before I continue, don’t be this jackass!

It’s an honest mistake to confuse the bed of this truck for a cart corral!

(This asshole’s car should not leave ding-free)

    ***Do everyone a favor and practice parking between the lines before you drive to the supermarket. If you do not live in an area with enough practice room, wake up early in the morning and get in some practice time at the local supermarket! Thanks, in advance!***

    There are different factors that go into identifying the best spot. The first step is to find one of the shopping cart corrals. Each person has a preference. I prefer to park further from the masses because I like my space and I don’t mind the longer walk. Others may hate walking, therefore preferring to choose a corral closer to the automatic doors.

Either way, the best spots are the ones that are a spot away, on either side of the corrals. Do not choose the spots which border the corrals (“A-Spots”); they are unfit for civilized people. We’ll call these spots the “B-Spots.”

A-Spots have they’re down-side. Most shoppers are too lazy to return the carts to the nearest corral, but the ones who do are careless and a stray cart may be steered into your vehicle. The B-Spot, on the other hand, is perfect.

“What makes B-Spots so great?” It’s simple. A known fact is that the average person will empty out the contents of their shopping carts into their car and then leave the cart to carry-out “god’s” will. (If you return to your vehicle and find a brand new ding on your vehicle, it is clearly “god’s” fault!)

Every spot in the lot is susceptible to these randomly discarded carts. This is the main reason why the B-Spots are so valuable. They are far enough from the corrals to avoid the returning carts, but close enough that the shopper who parks near your car will not hesitate to return the cart to the corral. You can’t lose with the B-Spots! (Trust me; I’m a certified expert whose car is completely ding-free!)

An added bonus is the fact that you will have a short walk when returning your cart to the corral. The other drivers will think that you are a great person when they see you place your cart into the designated area. (In extreme cases, you may even be invited to dinner because people love those who are considerate!)

I hope this tip will serve you well in the future! (Please be advised, parking in the G-Spots will not bring any sexual pleasure; I think!)

How to quickly pick a great shopping cart

     The best place to grab a cart is in a corral. No one wants to test drive several carts in order to find a good one. The carts near the entrance are a fifty/fifty gamble, but most of the carts in the corrals are better because someone else used the cart and pushed it all the way to the corral. If the cart had a defect, it would have been replaced. A recent study, conducted by an anonymous University suggests that corral carts are ninety percent defect free!    


I dare you to look at this picture and not have a great day!




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First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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  1. Hi Pete
    my suggestion,

    each carpark or areas within a carpark will have a high side, sloping to a lower (bottom) side. Another B spot.
    Always park on the high side so any unattended, runaway trolleys will not head your vehicle’s way. Not fool proof but minimises collateral damage.
    Cheers Jimmy

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