Someone Should Tell These Sharks That Gluttony Is A Sin

If you are not a regular reader of this blog you may not know that I love sharks. To read about my affection to the killer swimmers, read this previous post: My Obsession With Sharks.

Yesterday, I saw one of the coolest events ever. (I didn’t actually witness the event, but I saw the video on the evening news!) In Australia, while most citizens were putting another shrimp on the barbee, a shiver of sharks happened upon some feeding tuna fish and they helped themselves to a feast fit for Thanksgiving. (If you are wondering how to speak Australian, it was definitely foster’s version of a tuna fish sandwich!)

This picture is only the beginning!

***Do yourselves a favor and watch the video!***

Sharks Feeding On Tuna

     Now that I live on the West Side, my mission will be to make it over to the Farallon Island’s off the coast of San Francisco. They allow visitors to enter into a shark cage in order to swim with the fishes. (Hopefully in my case, the Cosa Nostra term will not ring true!)

Some may think that paying $875 to swim with great white sharks while they are feeding is insane, but I am looking forward to the experience. It’s the 8 hour drive that bothers me. Another bonus of such a trip is the opportunity to visit Napa Valley for some wine tasting. (My goal is to convince the Napa Valley wineries to steal the NAPA Auto Parts slogan, because when it comes to wine, NAPA KNOW HOW!)

Question of the day:

Would you rather swim in shark infested water, or drop off your shy eleven year-old son, who is great at keeping secrets, at the local parish on a Saturday morning so he can help one of the Catholic priests clean out the “Holy Basement!”

I’m taking my chances with the sharks!!!


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