I Guess This Is The New Trendy Thing To Post

I said it before and I’ll say it again; FACEBOOK IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY! You are not going to change the world and you are not going to help any less fortunate people by posting a status, or liking a status. PLEASE STOP THE NONSENSE!

I have no problem with people posting the KONY video and making random comments such as, “This shit is fucked up,” “Life is crazy,” “There are horrible people in this world,” or “This video made me think for a few minutes.”

Those are pretty much the only thoughts that should be posted, because at the end of the day, zero of the people who posted about “stopping KONY” are actually going to do anything about it. (I am here to reveal the truth!)

This is a fact! Why? Because most of the people who posted about KONY on my timeline are just like me; selfish Americans. (Don’t try and run from the truth!)

It boggles my mind that people find these stories to be shocking. We live in a world filled with greed. There are horrible conditions all over the world and the average person is doing nothing about it. We all know about the starving children all over the world, but we continue to throw away food without giving it a second thought. (It’s just the way the world works!)

Posting some random comment about one specific tragedy doesn’t score you any points. You didn’t do anything to help. All you did was say, “this is a bad thing, but I’m too busy to do anything about it, so I’ll pass this on and maybe someone else, who actually cares, will help out!”

First of all, we all know that there is no “god.” Deep down inside, everyone understands how nonsensical the thought of an actual higher being is. (Yes, even you know there is no “god.” Yes, I’m talking to you!)

Secondly, if there was a “god,” he will not give you any credit for posting about KONY. An all-knowing deity would see right through your bullshit. You thought it would be cool and make you look like a caring individual if you wrote, “let’s stop KONY,” but you’re not cool and nothing will be done.

I would love to help out the KONY movement (These days, everything seems to be a movement!) but, this weekend, I’m awaiting the arrival of my new DVD, Navigation system for my car so I can’t help. Who knows, if I get some down-time maybe I will take a second out of my important life to help out some less fortunate people. (Does this sound like you?)

I want the same cool points that the Facebook people are hoping to receive so I’m joining the fight.


I think since it’s written in blood, it’s more real!

     I can’t wait for the next cool thing!



Published by Peter Teixeira

First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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  1. Your Wrong bro…. FB is a power tool! Everyone has it….even President Obama, if the people or posting Stop Kony, and he wants to get re-elected. He might speak on it. Remember Facebook is a business now, there trading in the stock market.

    1. It doesn’t matter if people talk about something. That’s the problem. Everyone talks about helping, but people are too busy caring about themselves. Over a million people watched that video but how many of them made the decision to help. I’m not talking about donating ten bucks to an organization that has been charged with squandering donations!

      1. That’s cause. We’re not in a position to just get up and leave. Bills, rent..etc. if we do go and help, when we return, who will help us?

    2. Exactly, you value possesions more than human lives. You can go help people around the world if you wanted too! If you sold your car and used public transportation, you could feed a village for a year!

    1. Thanks for reading, but in my humble opinion there is no “god.”

      You should read my first post: Why I Laugh. It can be found in the must read tab at the top of my blog.

      1. Please visit a church and speak to a pastor soon.That’s all I ask, if it doesn’t change your mind, fine.I’ll read it now

              1. Ok. I’ll pray for you, but please go back to the church, I hope you’ll realise you’re wrong. Thank you for being nice. Most unbelievers would curse at people for telling them there’s no God and thanks for checking out my blog.

                1. Thanks again for taking the time to read my posts. I think believers and non-believers should be able to get along without any anger. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. There is no need for people to be rude.

  2. Yo i understand what you’re saying, because when i posted, I was like “yeah…i knew about these dudes and I didn’t do anything before,” but it doesn’t hurt to put it up on fb. You watched the video, you know that all dude is trying to do is get the word out about Kony, so this issue, along with even the Troy Davis one (where we were unsuccessful because some people are just too f’ed up to realize the stupidity in their actions) were ones that are working in terms of AWARENESS.
    I think the dude knows that a large amount facebook users are gonna put this up as their profile pictures and see if they can bag the stupid women that think they’re ‘sensitive’ or ‘humanitarians’ but just seeing the pic up could be enough to get SOME help…

    So for the most part these movements are dumb, but if you’re trying to get the rich people who can actually do something to ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING, why not try?

    1. I get what you’re saying, but most people usually get concerned for a few hours, and that’s it. Maybe this will be the one that causes change, but I doubt it.

      I think there will be more dudes bagging by pretending they care, than people who will actually make a difference.

    1. Not specifically. I think there are billions of people who need help. There is no reason to have people with a house full of food and people without a bite to eat. There should be a better way to share the world’s resources, but greed will not allow humans to help one another. In a month’s time, no one will remember KONY. (Sad fact!)

  3. Finally posts that don’t have to do with how hot it is in LA that you burnt your tounge or are 2 sentences long!!! WELCOME BACK!!! Or did I speak to soon?!

    I have a funny story about fb and Kony (well I think its funny, and I’m funny @least my mom thinks so). An fb acquaintance of mine, cuz really more tha half of my “friends” on fb aren’t my friends, is a “model” (she takes half naked pics of herself and gives them out to ppl on the street, seriously.) anyway she said that she was going to “launch a major campaign to bring awareness to the Kony issue” by ” taking a pic of herself in front of a giant Kony poster” I kid you not!!! So I’m thinking
    damn this girl’s ass must be something really powerful! I mean maybe we should use her “assests” to find a cure for AIDS! Dumbasses like her really need to just stop pretending they’re enlightened and that they give a shit.

    But then there are ppl like Stef (hi Stef!!) and Cheno617 who I believe really want to bring awareness to the issue and sure if it reaches someone who does have the time, power, money, compassion then that’s great! Good job guys! Personally, I’m with Peter on this one. There are so many injusticies in the world this one just happens to be the “hot” one at the moment. I really don’t think posting on fb will make a difference, I hope I’m proven wrong but I doubt it.

    1. Ha ha! Your friend sounds like she will make big changes in life. I enjoyed the story and I would love to see a pic. (Research purposes only!) Good luck to evryone who believes in fighting the fight through Facebook.

      P.S. I’m not sure if I’m back yet. I need to get settled in!

      1. Acquaintance! As soon as her “campaign launches” I’ll let you know!! Its so great to see how committed you are to your reasearch. There may be a fee associated with this campaign since she’s such an influential person, of course it will all go towards “charity” (new thongs for her photo shoots).

        You’re a writer for Pete’s sake! You’re suppose to thrive under harsh conditions, its supposed to inspire you or some crap! And you’re settled!!

        Everytime I hear “the movement” I think cult.

          1. Then I guess its a mental thing because physically you’re settled! I always did think you were mental.

              1. Ok Pedro, you need a month, I’ll allow it but no longer! You’re welcome! Incase u didn’t get the memo I’m the CEO of your blog. If you don’t get ur act together in a month the board and I may have to replace you! Cheno617, you’re on deck 😉

                  1. @ Cheno you’ve got a month to figure it out!

                    @ Peter, “cut-throat”?!, whatever allegations you may have hearrd from other bloggers, the board and I don’t engage in harming our bloggers we simply believe in tough love and if that happens to include a little knife or some ropes and perhaps an unspecified amount of water in let’s say a tank big enough to fit a human then that’s just the prize you pay for creativity!

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