This Actually Happened – Febraury 25th, 2012

B. O. A.

Due to the fact that Citizens Bank does not have any presence in Los Angeles, I was forced to open another account. I chose Bank of America because it will be easier for me, when traveling back to Boston. This choice has been a true headache. First, my Bank card never arrived at my previous address. We moved a week after I opened the account, but when I called to ask if I received any mail, the landlord said no. I waited another week, but the card never arrived; at least that is his story. No big deal, the temporary card lasts for a month, so I drove to the bank and had an associate resend my card to the new address. “7 to 10 business days!” she said. She double checked the date and assured me that the card would arrive before my temporary card expired. Everything was perfect, until President’s Day weekend. On Saturday, my temporary card expired, but I never received my Boston Red Sox card. (Did I even have to mention that I chose the Red Sox card?) This was wonderful. No new card and no temporary card. I called customer service and the “helpful” woman made it perfectly clear that nothing could be done until Tuesday, due to the Holiday! What a great way to spend President’s Day; I had no access to any of my dead Presidents! During the week, I patiently waited for the card to finally arrive, and used my Citizens card. On Friday, I checked the mail and was completely baffled by the fact that the card never showed up. I drove to the bank and explained the situation. The associate was extremely apologetic and he ordered me another card. He also issued me a new temporary card and was nice enough to not charge me the $5 fee. (I remained calm throughout the entire visit, but I probably would have emptied out my account and found a new bank if they charged me that fee!) As of Feb 25, 2012, almost a month and a half after opening my account, I am still without my Red Sox card and on my second temporary card. I’m starting to think I will never receive my Red Sox card. This may be the result of anti-Boston-Red-Sox-fans discrimination! BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

I hope I am pleasantly surprised with this year’s NBA Slam Dunk Contest. I can’t even name one of the competitors!


Go on Facebook and Twitter (@thee_N_word) and wish Nira a Happy birthday! If you have no idea who she is, read the post I wrote about her. This Actually Happened – October 8th, 2011.


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