America’s Next Top Rapper

In a previous post, titled Changing Music, I wrote, “if you know of an artist who is indeed blessed with talent, please do the world’s collective eardrums a favor and encourage the individual to put forth their best effort.” (I am going to take my own advice!)

Boston is a small city, in comparison to Los Angeles or New York, but every so often Bean Town produces a star. Recently, Roxbury and Dorchester based rapper Nilton Depina, known to the world of hip hop as 2Face Dejavu, displayed his god-given talents.

     The prominent city of Boston hosted one of the regional finals for America’s Next Top Rapper. Competitors came from far and wide, in hopes to capture the crown, but only one lyricist would prevail. After many difficult challenges, 2Face Dejavu outperformed his opponents and proved that all the hard work and dedication that he devotes to his craft will take him to the top. (The city is proud of its native son!)

To read his exclusive interview on, click the link: 2Face Dejavu

The next stop on the journey to becoming America’s Next Top Rapper is Las Vegas, where 2Face Dejavu will compete against the nation’s best talent. (The city is behind our favorite rapper, 100%!)

***Hopefully, my work schedule will allow me to make the short drive to Sin City to give my support!***

Below is an exclusive interview, conducted by @EFidalgo12.

I understand you’ve had a top notch education and plenty of support from a big and caring family, how does that reflect on you as an artist? How does that play into the message of your lyrics?

It shows up in my personality and my character. My lyrics are more intricate than your average rapper. I use some big words, complex metaphors, and my message always involves deep emotions and troubles that we all face, but I speak from a perspective of being self-aware. I value self-education more than any school degree. The motivation to want to learn more is a gift in my eyes. I’m ever curious, so you can expect to hear about all types of topics and perspectives in my content. My point is to make you wide-eyed, interested and open to a world you thought you knew.

Do you think people from your neighborhood can relate to your music? How about people across the globe?

People in my neighborhood tell me they relate to my music. I feel like I’m the type of artists that hits the heavy listeners the hardest. I have a lot of people tell me how I motivated them and how my lyrics shed light on a lot of perspectives untouched by other rappers in my city. My neighborhood is a unique one. There aren’t too many Cape Verdean communities in the US. And out of all of them, we’re probably the most crime plagued. We have a story untold, so as I tell that story, the neighborhood embraces it because they know it’s a unique story that they directly relate to. We have a powerful story.

Congratulations on winning the regionals for America’s Next Top Rapper, tell me about that experience.

Thank you, I appreciate it. The America’s Next Top Rapper competition was great man. It was definitely not a peaches and cream experience. A lot of technical screw ups at the show, but overall, I was just focused that day. Not only that day, but I was focused that entire month and went into the competition with no sleep, rest, food…. man all I had on my mind was the end result of me standing up there as the victor. So when I manifested that, it felt like Dejavu. The competition judges did what they had to to keep the competitors on our toes. It wasn’t easy but I never expected it to be. That’s why I had my headphones on all competition, just vibing to my own secret soundtrack, while a lot of the rappers spent their time freestyling and kickin’ it with each other. Having been in this game for many years, I take this seriously. I’m serious when it comes to this music. It’s more work than play for me. But I love it.

I always hear about people having haters. Do you have haters and how do they motivate you?

Everyone who is doing something — anything, doesn’t even have to be positive — has haters. The more you’re doing, the more haters you got. Hating is a form of jealousy and envy. When people see you gettin’ love, they wish it was them. It’s that simple. Hating is a flaw. It’s unnatural. If you’re focused on yourself, you have no time for hate. The hate I get only pushes me to remember that this game ain’t easy and you gotta take it. You can’t ask for it.

Who is your favorite rapper? Producer?

My favorite rapper? Besides myself, I don’t have one favorite. I love music too much to be stuck on one artist. I’ll tell you one thing though. My first favorite rapper was probably Nas, and then it was Pac. But music is my life so each of my favorite artists has a different aspect that makes him different from the otehrs. I respect all rappers with passion for the music and or the game. I don’t have a favorite producer either. Too many hott producers out there to choose one.

Rappers have a major influence on pop culture – if you could endorse any company which would it be and why?

Right now, if I could endorse any company, it would probably be Adidas, because everybody in my city (Boston) knows we throw them threes and we rock Adidas. I gotta put my city on, you know. Or maybe I would endorse Ralph Lauren/Polo, so I could just get all my Polo hoodies, shirts, and kix for free. (laugh) Oh nah, hold up

Do you still enjoy freestyling? Give me a quick line about how ill I am.

Haha. I’m more of a writer cuz I like being particular about what I say, and like I said when it comes to this music, I taker it serious. But yea, I still enjoy freestyling on occasion.

Where do you go from here?

You will be hearing a new sound from me very soon. Building my team as we speak, and putting the pieces of the remaining puzzle pieces together. But, I’m mostly focused on getting back to making great music, some of which I will be producing myself. I haven’t recorded a song ever since I dropped my mixtape “The Legacy” on June 30. Oh yea, and of course I plan on winning this competition in Vegas and bringing that victory back to my city!

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(My personal favorite song is: Thug Angel!)

     Be sure to give any support that you can; I predict big things for 2Face Dejavu!


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