We Meet A Genius

Our internet is scheduled to be installed today. (Hopefuly!) I really don’t feel like writing on my phone, so this post will be short and to the point.

On Saturday, we traveled to Compton to purchase a television. (For some reason, we thought the store on Crenshaw Blvd was the closest location, but we were wrong!)

***It is interesting to note that we saw at least 12 police cars scattered thoughtout the parking lot. (I’m not sure if there is a police station inside the store, but the place seemed fairly safe)***

After asking about the insurance plan, the cashier explained that they do not offer insurance. She did add that the television is covered by the stores one year protection plan. (Great!)

She continued to explain that, if for any reason we needed to return the television, we had 90 days. A perplexed look appeared on @EFidalgo12’s face; he was clearly missing something and required more details about this mysterious plan.

The woman’s exact words: “Yeah, if anything goes wrong,you have 90 days to bring it back. It’s great!”

@EFidalgo12: “So the plan is for 90 days?”

“Genius” Sales Associate: “Yeah, they give you a whole year to return the television.”

I don’t know where this woman received her “fancy book learning,” but I’m starting to doubt her claim that she is in fact 179 years old!

What would life be without the amazing people!



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