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Regardless of anyone’s political views, meeting the President of the United States of America is and will always be an honor. This week, Boston Bruins goalie and Stanley Cup Finals MVP, Tim Thomas allowed one to slip past his pads. (Right through the five-hole)

Missing the opportunity to stand at the White House and to allow the President the chance to celebrate your accomplishment should be an honor, but Thomas decided to take the low road and make a political statement.

Instead of being recognized as a hero, Tim Thomas is the nation’s new jackass. Everyone should support his or her political views, but there is a time and a place. The way I see it, Tim Thomas should have missed the start of the Bruins regular season so he could live in a tent and become one of the Occupy Boston ninety-nine percenters.

I’m not clear what he attempted to accomplish with his recent snub, but I’m pretty sure Tim Thomas has displayed the mental acumen to become the party’s next Presidential candidate. In the future, if anyone finds themselves in a position to meet the President, don’t make yourself out to be an ass by turning down the invitation. Tim Thomas is now as un-American as the weird foods that can be seen on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern! (I don’t even think Mr. Zimmern can stomach Tim Thomas’ actions!)

Tim Thomas is an idiot!


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      1. I don’t even like him as a hockey player. If he won’t respect the President, Commander & Chief of this country of ours. He should not be allowed to make millions here. They should downgrade his pay to $999,999.00 take that Tim Thomas!

    1. I agree with his actions, he has the right to excercise his beliefs…I mean that is why we live in a “free” country right? What has Obama done so far as a leader of this nation to create change besides get elected. This is the reason why i don’t vote anymore, politicians are all liars. They promise people that a change will come but yet where still stuck in the same place we were four years ago. When i walk the streets of Boston, Lynn, Chelsea, and skinectedy, NY all i see is sadness. Because the rich still steal from the poor, we are still paying more taxes than they are. I wouldnt visit the president either, because all i would do is destroy him with all these questions and he’s required to lie in my face to preserve his image as a leader. (Tell me im wrong)

      1. You’re wrong!

        The visit has nothing to do with politics. Obama is our President and the team went to the White House, for a traditional visit. It would be a shame if, in the future, only half of the winning members show up to meet the President. In thirty years, when Thomas sees the picture, he’ll feel like an ass. His absense is not going to improve the lives of the sad people in the places you named. He just created another incident for them to be sad about.

        1. i understand what your saying, the visit had nothing to do with politics but everything that he stands for does, so why does he have to go against his own belief and visit the very same place and person that has at least some power to do something about it. He did not, create another incident for people to be sad about because this has been an on going issue. The government does threaten our way of living and when they feel the need, strip us of our freedom. Why is it that when ever some one or some group of people oppose the government in any kind of way. The media turns it in to this big deal and makes that group of people or person look like the bad guy? and instead of people looking at where their coming from they allow themselves to be brainwashed by legit non-sense. Its real!!! what goes on behind the scenes, power is being abused and because we don’t have an army of soldiers with guns and tanks behind us we can’t do anything about it. Even when we band together to exercise our rights , they do things like throw tear gas at us, beat us with batons, hose us down. Then arrest us and tell us what we did was bad. History backs up Tim Thomas, THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT! backs up Tim Thomas. (TELL ME IM WRONG!!!!)

            1. lol i know it was dude I agree, but it does not mean he was wrong for doing what he did. If he feels this strong about it, i doubt he’ll have regrets. But i will tell you this, if they win again this year and he goes to the next white house visit. i’ll be the first to tell you that he’s bullshit.

                  1. I guess thats the first problem. Whats best for the country is suppose to be whats best for the people. but i guess thats not the case, last time i checked we were suppose to be a United States. Help a brother and a sister out thats in need.

  1. What was he trying to accomplish? This. He was literally searching for a soapbox to stand on and America made him one out of crap. Ridiculous snub. Ridiculous statement. Ridiculous reaction. We all accidentally gave him the attention he was craving with his snub-tantrum in the first place.

  2. what a jerk and what does his views or ideas on politics has to do with meeting with the president. Plus, nothing is going to change by him not going…

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