Still Adjusting

Life on the West Coast is completely different. I am having a difficult time getting into a writing routine. The biggest challenge seems to be my ability to figure out the time. The good news is the fact that this adjustment period is to be expected and I know, eventually, I will settle into a normal schedule. (It was weird watching the Celtics game at 5, yesterday! It was also weird to watch them lose 5 in a row!)

The past two days, we have been familiarizing ourselves with the bus system. Initially, we expected the public transit to be a pain to deal with, but it’s not as bad as one may think. As long as you check the arrival times prior to heading out, traveling by bus is pretty convenient.

We have met our share of characters, though. There was “Sammy;” the annoying guy who looked and sounded strikingly similar to Sammy Davis Jr. He spoke on his cell phone the entire time and spoke loudly. First, he left a scathing message to his girlfriend, who was in the hospital, mind you. Along with every other passenger, I had no choice but to hear his conversation.

Sammy then decided to go over some of his life failures. There was his failed attempt at becoming a hairdresser. Apparently, his beauty school never trained him how to give a head massage to clients, a claim made by his girlfriend, who returned his call.

Sammy also pays his barber twenty dollars for a twelve dollar haircut and he is always annoyed that the barber consistently asks if he wants the change. “Have I ever!”

Sammy exited the bus after fifteen minutes, or so, shiny pants and all. (I’ll miss that crazy bastard)

Another character was “Helpful Harry.” He seemed like the type of guy who was searching for people to hang out with. Los Angeles is a nicer place to be; saying hello to complete strangers is a normal occurrence. Harry ensured that we made it to our destination and gave us some great tips on locating our permanent apartment. Harry also suggested a couple locations where we can score some “great medicine!” Obviously, the medicine he was discussing was medical marijuana! (Sorry Harry; I don’t smoke nature’s happy plant!)

My favorite character is definitely “Juan the Baptists.” While transferring to a different route, I sat along Lankershim Blvd and a man walked up. He handed me a religious pamphlet, but I immediately declined. “No thank you; I’m an atheist!” I said. “What led you to that?” Juan questioned. “Education!” I replied. “Wow! That’s the first time I ever heard that!”

Juan was a cool guy and we had a respectable conversation about religion. He did not attempt to change my views, but he did mention that “god” can help to remove the covers that are blinding me from the truth. (No thanks, Juan; these blinders are way too comfortable!)

Sadly, my conversation with Juan ended abruptly, due to the buses punctual arrival. Who knows, maybe I’ll run into the guy again! @EFidalgo12 accepted a pamphlet from Juan; I think he’s saved!

Hopefully, this period of adjustment ends, soon! Until that time, I’ll keep enjoying the ride!


Published by Peter Teixeira

First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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  1. Sounds like some interesting folks… The one thing all the peolpe you’ve written about so far have in common is they’re all men! What are y’all doing?!! Where’s the females?!!

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