Life Happens

No one is to blame for the Denver loss. The team simply failed to produce on the big stage. My faith in Tim Tebow is as strong as it ever was; for Pete’s sake, the guy took a 1 – 4 team to the playoffs!

The Patsies are not a great team and they will lose, eventually; I’m certain of this fact.

The Broncos my have lost the game, but yesterday was a productive one for us. We met some more great people and put ourselves in a better position to succeed!

We drank our sorrows away at a local watering hole and cmpletely forgot about the game, until, of course, I remembered the need to post an entry.

To the Patsy faithful, I say congrats; that is all!

Go Anyone But The Patsies!!!



6 responses to “Life Happens

  1. The words ‘the patsies are not a great team’ speaks volumes about the Denver Brancas..
    If you were back here on the East coast, you would have had only a couple of hours of sorrow drinking. You’ll be spending a lot of money if this continues next year!

    Anyway, congratulations on an admirable season. Relatively speaking.

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