Santa Monica Day

I would like to thank everyone who continues to visit my blog. This is my 200th post!

It’s been a hell of a ride!!!

Today, we spent the day at the beach, if you are my friend on Facebook, you are familiar with the picture that I posted earlier this afternoon. For those who are not on Facebook, here is the pic.

     We actually accomplished a great deal, but this post is about something completely different. For the past few days, we have been sharing a space with this guy from Las Vegas. He is a war veteran who is using the GI Bill to pay for nursing school. He will be leaving soon in order to move into his own place, but his presence has been quite an experience.

Every evening, we get questioned as to what we accomplished during the day. Apparently, our mate has taken it upon himself to monitor our job search. At first, it seemed like general conversation, but we definitely started to notice a troubling pattern. We are actually at the point that we contemplate making up stories that will meet the approval of our “parole officer!” (The running joke is that we always try to get our stories together before walking in the house!)

There hasn’t been a day that we walked into the house without being grilled about our day. As soon as we walk into the room we hear, “so, what did you guys do today?” It’s pretty hilarious. We are two grown ass men who are somewhat scared to let down this complete stranger. We have been getting a lot done, but his questioning makes us feel as if we are behind the eight ball. (In a couple days, he’ll be gone and we’ll miss the grilling, since it is always the highlight of the day!)

Another interesting fact is our inability to adjust to the time difference. Today, decided to go to the famous Santa Monica Boston Bar, Sonny McLean’s. We watched the Duke game and they also had the repeat of the Broncos vs Patriots regular season game. When everything ended, it was only 8:30pm. We were completely exhausted.

During the day, we parked at the Santa Monica Pier and the good news was the fact that they charged only six dollars. The bad news was the fact that they only accepted cash and we had a total of five dollars and sixty five cents. I had a hundred dollar bill on me, but the guy would not accept anything over a twenty. He walked out of the booth and forced the other cars to back up so we could park and walk to the ATM. It was quite ridiculous.

Sonny McLean’s is great because the bar is Boston based, but they only serve beer and wine due to a lack of proper licensing. (Tonight, that was a good thing because we definitely did not need any hard liquor!)

Tomorrow, we’ll get a behind the scenes tour of the Nickelodeon Studios, before helping to prepare for the Golden Globe Awards. It should be an extremely long day, because we are scheduled to work until 11pm. It is now a little before 10pm and I am completely exhausted. (This job will definitely test our stamina!)

It is definitely bed time, so I have nothing further to discuss!


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First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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