Thirsty Thursday

I apologize for yesterday’s abbreviated post; we arrived home pretty late after hanging out with B. He is our cousin’s cousin, which makes him our cousin. B has been extremely helpful and welcoming. We ate at a bar in North Hollywood, called Big Wangs. (Quick Review: Great food, great staff, and great atmosphere. Great prices as well. This place gets a score of 893,838 on my scale. *Obviously a perfect score is a million!*)

We actually had our first celebrity siting; west coast rapper, the Game, sat across from our table. Other than one guy who had a man crush, he pretty much had a harassment free night. (I wanted to create a fake story about @EFidalgo12 hounding the rapper for an autograph, but he paid me a few dollars to abort the idea!)

The main reason I decided not to write a long post, yesterday, is the fact that I had a job interview. I was excited, except for the fact that the appointment was at 7:30am, Pacific Time! I arrived on time and I feel that I should be hired fairly soon. (For entertainment purposes, the job is with the world’s largest producer of condom wrapper plastic!)

Tomorrow, we’ll honor Thirsty Thursday by having a relaxing day, in preparation for Friday. We plan on spending the afternoon in Santa Monica, where we will add some finishing touches to our script. On Friday, Carlos arranged for us to work for a company that handles all of the preparations for the Golden Globe Awards; the event will be held on Sunday. (It should be an experience!)

     B works for a record label and he gave us a tour of the office. We met his co-workers, who all seemed to be wonderful people. My Boston Celtics Championship T-Shirt definitely ruffled some feathers, but I am a certified Masshole, so I don’t really care what the fans of loser teams think. My shirt did compel one of the owners to break out his replica repeat championship rings from the Lakers’ two recent titles. As a season ticket holder, the team sent him the gift! (The rings were pretty cool!)

Each day we feel more and more at home, here in Los Angeles. Hopefully, we will be able to convince others to free themselves from the East Coast, by following in the tradition of “the prophet” Moses and making an Exodus! (I plan on at least convincing one person to make the big move!)

For our gig on Friday, we had to purchase some specific articles of clothing and while we were in the store, @EFidalgo12 said, “I think I’ll come back for some of these sweaters.” I asked, “for what?” He replied, “they will be perfect to wear to work, in the winter.” I simply shook my head and replied, “this is the winter!” (Sometimes we forget how lucky it is to be far far away from the SNOW!)

Tomorrow will be a brisk 76 degrees! BRRRRRRRRRR! I can’t wait to get out there and spend the afternoon with my good friend, Mr. Sun! I am definitely getting used to wearing shorts in the winter. Who knows, maybe we’ll enjoy a blizzard while we’re at the beach; obviously, we’ll have to find a dairy queen!

For those of you living in areas with cold weather, enjoy the chill. For us, all we have are two seasons: Great weather and it’s pretty nice out!


Published by Peter Teixeira

First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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  1. Wish you guys well out there. Funny post…as for your comments about the weather….I do not find them amusing.

  2. You piece of shit.. You’ve been in masters house for two days and you already forgot you spent your whole life with us in the field…and now your rubbing it in??
    That job Carlos set you up with sounds familiar. You’ll be picked up at a corner and stuffed into the back of a pick-up with Pedro, Juan and Jose. You will then spend eight hours unfolding and arranging chairs…I think I want to come to LA too!

  3. You guys ate at a restaurant named “Big Wang” with a rapper, whom had a butterfly tattoo’d on his face…..hmmmmm and still so stories of bagging any chicks….just chillin with dudes…..COL


    But I will be moving to San Diego.

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