This Actually Happened – December 10th, 2011

The previous edition of This Actually Happened dealt with a dreadful topic, and failed to provide the usual laughs. For this week’s post, I will share two stories in an effort to make up for ruining anyone’s enjoyment of a random Saturday night drunken hookup! Wow That’s Small Making online purchases has many perks, but […]

Five Years Of Reminiscence

     Some of you may have noticed the number seven followed a date, at the end of yesterday’s post. The dedication was for my deceased cousin, Kevin, who died on the same date, five years ago; 12/8/06. To read about his tragic accident click the link: Kevin Fidalgo. (Here is the link to the other […]

Kepler-22b Is A Major Letdown

Kepler-22b Thanks to a text from Sam, I learned of the recent discovery of an earthlike planet. I have as much interest in space exploration as the next guy, but this new development turned out to be a major letdown. I researched the available information and as I read the material, my enthusiasm slowly evaporated. […]

Bagging Up – Episode 9

Episode 1   Episode 2    Episode 3  Episode 4   Episode 5   Episode 6   Episode 7   Episode 8 INT. SPORTS BAR Bartholomew, Philip, and Simon are chatting while they wait for Judas to arrive, The crew decided to get together for Monday Night Football. PHILIP Why do you keep saying that? SIMON It’s from a movie. […]

I Don’t Think I Saw That

I spend a great deal of my free time watching movies. I love all types of films, especially independent ones. The big multimillion dollar Hollywood blockbusters are fine, but I think the studios spend too much money on special effects and creative cinematography, forgetting to generate interesting characters. I’d much rather watch The Pursuit of […]

This Actually Happened – December 3rd, 2011

Bad Faith      Usually, this entry is filled with some comical experience, but there is nothing funny about what I saw a couple days ago.  I enjoy watching documentaries; I am not ashamed to say that. (Just kidding! There is a name for people who don’t like documentaries; we call them dumbasses!) We live in […]

I Just Don’t Get It

Music is essential to living. The right song can help us get through any difficult time. There have been many musical geniuses over the centuries, but there is one aspect of the songs which boggles my mind. SOME OF THE LYRICS ARE OUTRAGEUOUS! I can discuss many examples of ridiculous lyrics, but I will only […]