This Actually Happened – December 3rd, 2011

Bad Faith

     Usually, this entry is filled with some comical experience, but there is nothing funny about what I saw a couple days ago.  I enjoy watching documentaries; I am not ashamed to say that. (Just kidding! There is a name for people who don’t like documentaries; we call them dumbasses!) We live in a horrible world and I honestly would not want to bring a child into this place of evil. (To read more about my thoughts on having children, click the link: You Can Keep Your Legacy.) I found an interesting looking film called Tapestries of Hope. The film is a documentary by Michealene Cristini Risley, who traveled to Zimbabwe in hopes of shedding light on the epidemic occurring in the poorest nation in the world. AIDS is a widespread problem in the country, and the situation seems to be getting worse. There are many disturbing aspects of the footage, but the one thing which I found truly unconscionable is the role of the natural healers. The people believe that these healers have special powers and are able to talk to spirits. Men, of all ages, who are infected with AIDS travel to the natural healers to seek a cure for the deadly disease. They have faith in the power of the healers and most of the infected males are willing to do anything to continue living. (Proceed with caution! *****This is a warning!***** The method of healing is traumatic. I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see the evidence!) The healers decided to spread the nonsense that pure virgin blood is the only cure for AIDS. They men actually believe that the blood will enter their bodies and cleanse their own blood of the disease. There are many ridiculous beliefs throughout the world and this one is no different, but the problem is how the men go about claiming their dosage of pure virgin blood. The disease-ridden men actually go around and rape innocent children. When I say young, I mean young. There was one documented case in which a newborn was raped. (I am certain the age given was one week!) There are countless three year-olds who fall victim to the attacks and plenty of thirteen year-olds who become pregnant. The rape is bad enough, but most of the girls contract the disease. One thirteen year-old, who was diagnosed with AIDS, delivered an infected baby. The baby died after a few weeks, from complications. The movie is arguably the most devastating thing I have ever seen. I’ve said it before; people can believe whatever they please, AS LONG AS NO ONE ELSE GETS INJURED! Faith is cool, but when some idiot comes up with a dangerous belief, people have to use common sense. Someone has to protect children; there is no “god” to watch over them! If you are able to find the film, I strongly recommend that you watch it; just be prepared to lose a little faith in humanity! I think a piece of me died while watching the documentary! BELIEVE IT OR NOT!


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First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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  1. Damn that is crazy, these healers need to be killed. (Seal team six’s new mission)

    Stop saying you won’t bring a child in this cruel world. The reason your not getting chicks pregnant is …….your “Phil” (Bagging up).

  2. wow this is horrible…I saw a different documentary but similar to this before on history channel (one of my favs channels if i have time to watch tv) I was very disturbed with the customs and things people from other countries believe are normal…………

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