This Actually Happened – November 18th, 2011

I wanted to write the next episode of Bagging Up, but my beloved Broncos were playing on Thursday night football, so I made the executive decision to post this instead. A new episode will be posted tomorrow!

What A Night

Every expert knows what it takes to be an NFL quarter back, and they all agree that Tim Tebow is not a good quarterback. I would agree with them, except for the fact that I know Tebow is a winner and all he does is win. The Broncos are 4-1 with Tebow at the helm and I love it! (If you’re a patsies fan, don’t thank the Broncos for beating the Jets; we will also beat your team on December 18th!)

It’s Tebow Time!!!

Why I Love Facebook

     When it comes to social media, I will add anyone. Even spam accounts. The reason is not because I have a need for friends; I just believe that I may learn something new. So far, I have a few spam followers on twitter, but my friends on Facebook are people I know. This morning, I received a friend request from a young lady. I didn’t know her, but I figured she was probably a friend of a friend and added her. Her name is Diana Oneill. (I don’t know her, so I don’t mind using the name on the profile!)I probably would have added her anyway since I have yet to deny any friend requests, but the fact that we had two mutual friends made the decision a no-brainer. Diana’s profile picture was simple and understated. I didn’t bother checking out her profile and completely forgot about her. About an hour later, I received a notice saying that I was tagged in one of Diana’s pictures. It was a simple picture, but the caption made it known that I could view naked pictures of this young lady, if I clicked on a link. I love naked women as much as the next guy, but I need my phone and I couldn’t risk clicking on a virus. Again, I completely forgot about Diana. Later on in the evening, I watched the great Tim Tebow destroy the New York Jets! (“If you ain’t a Gator, you’re Gator bait!” **I really wanted to change the wording to read “aren’t,” but it is a quote!**) After the game, I updated my Facebook status to share my feelings with the world. That’s when I found a wonderful gift. There was a notification; a man posted a comment on Diana’s picture. Here is what he wrote. (Completely unedited! Again, I don’t know the guy, so I have no problem using his real name!) Keep in mind; she was fully dressed in the picture! In fact, here is the picture.

     Larry Henry: “Hello young, I am uncertain how as to how You know me, but I would very much like if you don’t send me nude or explicit photos of you or any other females. I am an Ordained Minister who Loves TheLord and can’t imagine giving myself over to the very actions God has delivered me from. I am not perfect by any means, and I am single, but I would rather never have sex again than sin against Jesus My Lord and Savior. Im not angry with you, I’m just saying…. I know I’ve been changed. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to hit me up on fb. God bless you. LH”

It turns out that someone I know received the same friend request and he commented on the photo, as well. Unidentified Male: “‎^^ negro please”

Honestly, I was not going to say anything, but once the floodgates were opened, I had to add my two cents. Peter Teixeira: “Ha ha! This comment had me dying all night! New blog post coming tomorrow! Thanks guy!”

Is this guy a complete idiot? Does he not understand the fact that Diana does not exist and this is simply porno spam? Why would anyone write such a comment? His washed brain might look good, but I don’t think it works anymore! (At least not properly!)

I truly love Facebook! To all the wonderful people in the world, please add me as a friend and feel free to post whatever you want; I love the material! (If you would like to read about another crazy Facebook comment, click here: This Actually Happened – September 17th, 2011.)

*As of me posting this entry, Larry has yet to respond. If he decides to share anymore of his thoughts, I will definitely add his words to this posts comments.*


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