Third Day: LA

This day started off on the right foot. We had the best breakfast ever. It wasn’t good because of the quality; it was good because we ended up having to pay $76 dollars. (Room service is definitely overpriced!)

We decided to check out one of the casinos in Los Angeles. The place ended up being decent, but I’m pretty sure I’ll never step foot in another LA casino in my life.

Our next stop was LA Live, home of the cities sports complexes.  We chose to eat at the Hooters across the street from the Staples Center. We figured it was only right to have a comparison to the Hollywood Hooters. I can honestly say that the Downtown LA Hooters is a definite upgrade. The setup is better than the counterpart and the women are way hotter. A bonus was watching the Miami Hurricanes get destroyed by FSU. (My cousin did not find the game to be to his liking!)

We learned that the fight would not be shown there so we walked to the ESPN Zone. They had one of the best Guinness drafts, comparable to the Guinness at Boston’s famous Mr. Dooley’s. The fight was less than I expected, but Pacquiao won, which hopefully will ensure the fight between him and Mayweather.

I honestly don’t want to make the trip back home, because I am not looking forward to the day of travel. The jetlag has taken all of my energy so I will not add any more details. Overall, the trip was a success and we gained the necessary information for our future move.

The weirdest thing about our time in LA was the fact that we weren’t able to adjust to the time change. For some reason, 8pm always felt like 2am. It will probably take us a week or so to make the necessary adjustment, once we move here for good! I was excited to move out to LA, and this trip only increased the desire. I have absolutely no reservations about switching coasts! (I guess it’s a good sign that we have used the word home to describe driving back to the hotel!)

My good friend Mr. Jetlag has decided that this is the end of the post!



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  1. Dude, leave the chain restaurant alone.

    Try these:

    Philippi’s original- French dip sandwich

    El Tepeyac- Mexican Food

    Orochon Ramen- Japanese food (Ramen noodle experts)

  2. Do to jetlag, I completely forgot to mention the craziest thing we witnessed yesterday. Outside of the Staples Center, we happened upon the Occupy LA movement. There were many pitched tents with loyal supporters, or so we thought. When we began to read some of the signs, we learned a ridiculous truth. We did not actually stumble upon Occupy LA, this makeshift tent city was made up of people from all over the world; they were waiting for the red carpet premier of the new Twilight movie. There was a stage with an unknown band, designed for their enjoyment, and a large screen, which played the previous movies. I honestly still can’t believe that people actually fly long distances, just for Twilight.

    1. All you hear about is how far everything is in LA, but it’s all hype. We only used hlf a tank of gas for the entire trip, and our grand total to fill the tank up came to $19.04. We’re going to love this place!

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