First Day: LA

So we landed in LA. Before I begin with my future home, let me describe the trip. I, along with @Efidalgo12, and a Middle Eastern gentleman, was randomly searched. That’s right; all three of us were searched “randomly.” I swear I heard the TSA employee say into her microphone, “Papi is clear,” once I passed, She probably said, “copy, clear,” but I heard what I heard.

We boarded the plane and @Efidalgo12 was seated between two middle-aged gentlemen. I was happy to sit between two petite women, one of whom was a MILF. @Efidalgo12’s row-mate was a talkative gentleman, who wanted to know everything about him. I was extremely lucky. I read for 90% of the flight, which seemed to be shorter than the five and a half hours. We landed in Los Angeles and connected with some great people. So far the trip has been amazing and I am thankful that this move is unfolding perfectly.

For the first time in our lives, we ate at Jack in the Box and the food was decent. I am currently writing this post at 2:30am Pacific time, which means it’s 5:30am in Boston. I am inebriated and I have two breakfast combo meals in front of me. We drank a great deal at the three establishments we entered, and met some great people.

We look forward to finding some great apartments tomorrow! I really don’t feel like writing anymore, but @Efidalgo12 has agreed to be interviewed about late night food,

Me: “We just ate from Jack in the box, How do you feel?”

E: “Like shit. Not good at all. I don’t know what the fuck I just ate. It was nasty and the Spanish woman was hideous.”

Me: “Do you look forward to eating more Jack in the box?”

E: “Hopefully this is the last time I eat this garbage. The twenty four hour thing is a scam. They know we are drunk and they are taking advantage of us.”

Me: “Do you have a thing for the Spanish guy behind the counter, who had a thing for you?”

E: “No comment!”

I tasted the food and I enjoyed every bite!

I am clearly too inebriated to continue this post, but @Efidalgo12 is calling me a bad brother for not dedicating an entire post to my brother’s 21st birthday which is today, 11-11-11!

Happy Birthday, Justin!



16 responses to “First Day: LA

  1. Try Carl Jrs. If you haven’t already. Had it last time I was in Cali and I remember thinking this is a damn good burger…although it was 6 yrs ago and I may have been drinking.

    Best of luck finding an apartment!!! Keeping my fingers crossed that you guys find a pet friendly place. Nikita is very much a California dog!

  2. It’s Nikita!!! Not Nakita!! If you’re gonna live with her you’re gonna have to get it right, she can be a real bitch!

    BTW, incase you’re the type of person that likes to brag about how great the place he’s in compared to the place his friends and family are in, it’s in the lower 50s, cloudy and windy here 😦


  3. Hi Nersa!!!

    I’m guessing we know each other, although I can’t tell by your post name, so let me give you some advice, if it’s below 60 your legs should be covered. Unless you’re a female with nice legs going to club and want to get in quickly or a street walker and doing it for the money! If we don’t know each other it’s still damn good advice! You’re welcome!!

  4. Hey guys,
    I had on shorts yesterday and on thursday. Last time I checked, there wasn’t any weather instructions printed on the tag.

    Good luck with the apt hunting.

    • Cheno you are absolutely right, there aren’t instructions!!! Those dumb clothing manufacturers expect us to have some sense and wear the appropriate clothing depending on the weather! They actually want us to know that we’re not suppose to wear shorts when its in the 30s!! Who do they think we are Einstein?!

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