But I Heard It On The News

The media is great for keeping up with current events. If there is a war in some foreign land, the news will be reported throughout the various outlets. (Twitter seems to be the fastest source these days.) I feel it is important to pay attention to current events, but don’t believe everything that is reported. (You will only be given the information that they want you to have!)

If you hear about some hateful dictator who is on the verge of being overthrown by freedom seekers, don’t accept what you are being fed; always research the information for yourselves. People who put their faith in media reports are out of touch with reality. Another important piece of advice is, never believe the poll numbers given. Polls are always manipulated to support the biased opinion of the media outlet which formulates the report. Even if the numbers are not manipulated, polls are only a sample of reality. (According to my latest Pete-index poll, four out of five people who read my blog think I am funny. *I only asked 5 people and the only dissenter was my nephew, who is a hater!)

Be extremely careful when receiving information. The latest ridiculous report is the recent claim that an American citizen and Massachusetts’ resident “almost” carried out a deadly plot to attack the Pentagon. There were wild claims by “experts” who said Rezwan Ferdaus plotted “to fly explosive-packed remote controlled planes into the Pentagon and the US Capitol building in Washington DC.” It was also reported that he was connected to al-Qaeda! (Oh NO!)

One news report admitted that the model plane, IF “the great terror wizard” were able to guide it to the building, in all likelihood would have hit the exterior and fall to the ground; causing minor damage to the affected area. The report was fine until the fear aspect was added. The “expert” included the outlandish claim that there was a chance that the plane could crash through a window and cause unimaginable damage. (We all know how flimsy those Pentagon windows are!)

It’s amazing how the media thinks Americans are idiotic simpletons who will automatically accept that every person suspected of terror has ties to al-Qaeda. The jig is up! Al-Qaeda is no longer a major threat to the U.S. Yes, the members of the organization are out there and they want to cause harm to our country, but they are scrambling to stay alive and are spread thin, with no leadership. instead of telling us the truth, the government continues to try and promote the thought that al-Qaeda is a viable enemy. By keeping the organization relevant, the politicians can wage war on whichever nation they see fit, by simply claiming that they are chasing al-Qaeda. (We no longer believe you!)

The sad thing is the fact that there are many uninformed citizens who believe everything that they are fed. There were actually people who became terrified once the news of Ferdaus’ plot was announced. It’s truly scary that these people have a right to vote! (I’m all for the Fifteenth Amendment to Constitution but it’s time to make some adjustments; people need to earn their voting privileges!)

Honestly, if you believe that an idiot, with a model airplane, loaded with explosives can carry-out a successful attack on the United States Pentagon, your level of dumbassity is Bushian. For Pete’s sake, they flew a fucking freaking jumbo jet into the building and caused minimal damage. (Put on your thinking logic caps, people!)

One of the shop owners who Ferdaus attempted to buy a plane from admitted that he felt the guy was over his head; the $4000 plane was too much for a novice to control. Ferdaus didn’t even have any experience with model planes and we’re supposed to believe that America was on the verge of being attacked. In the words of the immortal Frank Lopes, from the greatest movie of all-time, Scarface, “You bought that lie!” (Don’t argue with me about Scarface being the greatest movie of all-time; that would be dumber than believing what the media tells you!)

One of the scariest scenes in the history of film happened in Religulous, a documentary by comedian Bill Maher. (Great movie for both believers and non-believers! It’s scary how many people are brainwashed!) In the scene, Maher interviews Mark Pryor, an Evangelical Christian Democratic State Senator from Arkansas, and the two men were discussing Evolution. When challenged about his belief in the story of Adam and Eve, the Senator defends his stance by saying, “You don’t have to pass an IQ test to be in the Senate, though!” It is an unbelievably frightening scene. Here is the link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjR7AWSmI6o&feature=fvsr (We are in big trouble!)

Everyone is worried about al-Qaeda, but no one seems to be paying attention to the idiots who are being elected to represent our nation. Backing a candidate because he is religious is the quintessence of dumbassness. I think we should take Senator Pryor’s words into consideration and implement a new policy in which candidates for public office are forced to pass an IQ test. (It’s the very least we can do to protect our future!)

One of First Lady Michelle Obama’s initiatives is children’s literacy and the promotion of education. It seems like she should begin to concern herself with adult literacy and the education of State Senators. How are we supposed to believe the information being fed to us, if there is a leader who proudly states that he would probably fail an IQ test? I was taught to research all information for myself; never in my life has that guidance been more important. (God Bless Good Fucking Luck, America!)

I can’t wait until they announce the new National Security Policy.  Americans will be forced to apply for a permit, and get a background check in order to purchase a freaking model airplane. We lost our freedom at airports; we can no longer fly comfortably due to the mandatory cavity searches performed by big-handed TSA agents. Now we will lose the ability to fly model planes; we are on the precipice of losing a great American hobby. Get your model airplanes while you still can. (I hate to say it, but in the future, America will be a flightless country! What will happen to the birds?)


Published by Peter Teixeira

First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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  1. great piece there s alot to be said on our future
    If we allow the wrong people to run this country. I like how your making people think , i might be bias
    But people cant even have real debates no more cause there so much lies , deception ( right now the smearin of president obama but if the government actually had the care of the people instead of there own personally interst in mind.
    The world could be a better place possible
    Big ? On tht. but your right if people dnt learn to read in between the lines, study there facts, do real research
    ( not for someone to profit off of) its said but i think
    When people that strive for better link up a share the thoughts and spread the truth eventully it will come out

  2. Screw the closed minded brainwashed people, this case was a private FBI investigation. In one week we will have forgotten about Rez, and life goes on. FBI entrapment been going on since the 60’s ….al-Qaeda isn’t the biggest terriost, America is!

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