Coming this week (14) Plus More

As far as the Friday series is concerned, I have taken some of the suggestions into consideration and I will attempt to continue the current story. I feel like the story has a lot of potential and I don’t want to be a quitter; a flop, one episode does not make! I accept the challenge to create an entertaining story; if the next episode fails to deliver, I will move on to a new series. I think I found a solution to the problem of too many characters, and the fact that the Gators lost on Saturday will lessen the role of college football.

The Gators lost yesterday, but I have too many goals for me to be upset. I know that I may seem like a crazy sports fanatic but at the end of the day, sports are for entertainment purposes only!

There will be no letter on Monday’s post. I don’t see the point of writing a letter to a nonexistent being. (The letter would have been funny!) My first thought was to write an angry letter, but then I realized that it would have come off as bitter and not funny. The second version would have been a thank you letter. I was going to thank “god” for choosing Alabama over Florida and thank him for allowing our quarterback, John Brantley to be injured. I was also going to quote from the Bible and thank “god” for some of the evil deeds which he performed. That letter would have been good, but I’m not upset.

I never understand why fans turn their phones off when their teams lose. I actually enjoy reading the clever ways that people come up with to tell me that my team sucks. I am always ready to dish out the trash talk, but I am also a willing recipient. I understand the nature of being a fan.

It is my belief that the Gators will rebound and come back stronger than ever. The future is bright and I look forward to watching the team win many National Championships in the future. In a way, the loss is a good thing. I have set some lofty goals for the next several months and I will be able to focus on my writing.

The first goal is basically just a formality. I received a notice from which announced a challenge to bloggers. It’s called postaday and the goal is for writers to post every single day. I signed up and added a badge to my page blog, but nothing will change since I have been posting daily since the sites inception. (It’ll be great for people to pledge to the new challenge that I created for this blog. It’s called readaday! *WINK*)

The second challenge is to authors. November is National Novel Writing Month, and there is a challenge issued to writers from all around the globe. The goal is to write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November. This is the first time I heard about the competition and I will participate. I already have several book ideas and I will choose one of the outlines for this challenge. About 1600 words a day isn’t really a daunting task, so I feel confident that I will complete the goal.

The main challenge will be finding the time to keep up with the blog, write a second script with @Efidalgo12, make edits to my novel, while participating in NANOWRIMO.

Sports teams will always let you down; it’s inevitable. Enjoy the good times and suffer through the bad times. My red tail catfish, on the other hand, will never let me down. Shamu continues to grow at a rapid rate and his appetite is increasing as well. A few days ago, I placed 4 more Cray fish into the tank and they were gone by the morning. For some strange reason, he refuses to eat the remaining three feeders. I’m sure they will be consumed soon…we’ll see!


Blimp View of Shamu (Blimps are expensive!)

Shamu Relaxing

Have a great Sunday and GO GATORS!



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First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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