You Think You Procrastinate

For me, procrastination is not a character flaw which I have to work on; it’s a way life. I am so accustomed to waiting until the last possible moment, I don’t ever worry anymore. I just know that I will complete the task. I am currently writing this post about two hours later than I usually begin. (Big surprise!)

Let me be honest. This is usually the time I start writing. When I first started this blog, I would write the entries one day ahead of time, and then make an edit before posting. The time table shortened and I started writing in the early evening, and then making an edit before posting. Now, I begin writing late at night, and then make an edit right before posting. (This procrastination beast will be with me for the rest of my life!)

Like everyone else, I will blame my level of procrastination on an outside source. I procrastinate because I learned the habit at Boston Latin School. I always waited until the last minute to write papers and I learned that I worked well under pressure. I guess the fact that I don’t have time to fool around forces me to focus on the task at hand; I have procrastinated ever since.

One of my favorite results from the “bad” habit happened at Seton Hall University. Prior to my freshman year, I waited until the last minute to hand in my housing application. On the last day, I rushed to send out the form and forgot something rather important; I didn’t include the two hundred and fifty dollar check. I attended Orientation and everything seemed fine. On move-in day, I arrived on campus and reported the housing office to retrieve my key and student ID.

The ID was handed to me, but there was no key; I didn’t have a room. I know what you’re thinking; procrastination finally caught up with me. (Not a chance!) I was told to leave a phone number and they would call with a solution. (I wasn’t worried because the worst that could have happened was I’d miss a semester!)

The phone rang and I received some wonderful news. The only available room was a single. (I couldn’t believe my luck!) “There is a problem!” The woman informed me. “The room is located in the middle of the women’s wing; will that be a problem?” (Oh the humanity! How will I ever survive?)

Suffice it to say, I spent my first few weeks on campus being hounded by every freshman male; each guy trying to figure out how I pulled off the greatest room assignment in the history of Boland Hall! Thanks to penicillin, the STD is gone. (Kidding!) *WINK*

Moral of the story: My Procrastination gives me positive results! *Not HIV, I hope*

      It’s weird how I get so excited whenever a professor hands out a big assignment. I think up wonderful ideas for how I’ll attack the project, and I plan out a perfect schedule, but a funny thing always seems to happen. My friend procrastination takes control of the situation. I end up putting off the assignment until I have to finish it. (By finish it, I mean begin!)

My worst case of procrastination ended last night, and it was a team effort. Working as a team can be great because each individual will push the other to get the job done. Unless of course, the teammate is a certified procrastinator; good luck tackling a task in this type of collaboration. (The two procrastinations will combine to form an unavoidable super-procrastination!)

I have mentioned my script writing partnership with @Efidalgo12, in the past. We completed our first full length comedy buddy film last night. Usually this would be a cause for celebration, but not in our case. Our procrastination is of epic proportions! In fact, when the Bible is re-written by a future absolute monarch, our story will be included. My name will remain the same, but @Efidalgo12 will be replaced by the apostle John. (The name will be the most appropriate due to his future vice; paying prostitutes for unspeakable sexual favors!)

The story of our script began in 2006, October 5th to be exact. How can I be certain? There is e-mail evidence. Due to the confidentiality agreement, I can’t post the entire e-mail.

Here are some of the key contents:

On 10/5/06, <> wrote:

Subject: movie idea

> thought of a new idea for a comedy. A group of friends are hanging out

being assholes to each other…


>*** there are too many crazy fucked up shit coming to my head right now for

me to decide on one but I’m sure you get the picture ***…


> feedback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He liked the idea and replied, “NICE, perfect, imma start writing the script, you should too”

Perfect indeed; it only took us five years!

     I don’t want to suggest that we didn’t take the project seriously; we simply continued to put it off. There were several days that we handled business and got some writing done; they were just few and far between. We met at Restaurante Cesaria on multiple occasions over the years, to iron-out character descriptions, plot summary, and other ideas. We actually accomplished a great deal while procrastinating on this project. We each earned our degrees, completed a short film script and shot the movie, among other projects. (Read ‘Co-Produced,’ posted on July 28th, to learn more about the short film!)

Our forthcoming move to Los Angeles lit a fire under our respective glutei maximi, and we moved the script to the top of the priority list. Maybe not the top, but close. We set a deadline to have the script completed by the End of September. Datum Perficiemus Munus (Mission given, mission accomplished!)

We are extremely satisfied with the finished product and we’re excited to begin our next movie script. The idea is ridiculous and the execution will be difficult, but we welcome the challenge. This one should be done before we leave. (We haven’t started yet, but it’s only been a day!)

Procrastination is not the recommended course of action when attempting to accomplish a major task. Plan out your strategy and attack the challenge as soon as possible. Give yourself some time to review your work and make all of the necessary adjustments. I would also suggest finding a helpful friend who can assist you with producing a satisfactory finished product. As for me, I’ll continue to procrastinate!

Do as I say, not as I do!


Published by Peter Teixeira

First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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  1. wowww!! i find it hard to believe that your procrastination (which seems like a serious prob) has not caught up with you, yet! are you sure you’re not telling us something?! i def agree with your statements about working under pressure; it’s a bad habit that always seems to resurface. i guess it’s like the saying goes, “old habits die hard!” my only question is why would you blame an “outside source” and not yourself? i can see where you are coming from in terms of the environment you were in, but in the end, is it not our own fault?

    p.s. keep up the good work! i like the new page; it’s simple and easier to navigate.

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