Georgia, Texas, & Arizona Get It Right

I honestly never heard of Troy Davis prior to yesterday. I decided to Google his name once my Facebook and Twitter pages were full of supportive posts. I was so annoyed when I discovered the facts; people are outrageous. The guy is a convicted killer! Tell me if you ever heard this from an inmate. “I am innocent!” (Wake up people!)

I know most of the geniuses I follow on Twitter and my friends on Facebook are expert, non-practicing, lawyers, but I’ll go with the Supreme Court on this one; there isn’t enough evidence to overturn the original ruling. (End of story!) I don’t know the details, but the people who know the same information about the case as I do who are speaking up the loudest. Obviously there are cases in which people are falsely accused, but this guy had years to prove his innocence. How a murderer becomes a hero is confusing to me! (Is this Bizarro World?)

Even if Mr. Davis didn’t commit the crime he was convicted of, I have a feeling he wasn’t a pillar of the community. There are some Cape Verdean parents who hit their young children for no reason and say, “That’s for the things you did which I don’t know about.” Mr. Davis, if you were innocent of the alleged crime, Georgia killed you for the things they did not know about! Criminals get caught; if you want to be around the fast-life, there will be consequences. I never heard of a guy who had his scholarship to Harvard revoked because he was falsely accused of a murder! (It’s funny how often the falsely accused are usually well known to the police!)

***There is a quote; I think it’s about the grim reaper sewing clothes that would be perfect for this story but I can’t remember it!***

     If you are one of the people who disagree with the death penalty, stop with the gibberish. Protesting and filling up Facebook and Twitter with nonsensical messages is ineffective. There are proper methods to achieving change. If you want America to get rid of the death penalty, VOTE! That’s how a democracy works. Jumping on the bandwagon and turning to social media, only amounts to annoying others who could care less about your cause. (I would post some of the quotes, but I don’t want anyone to think I am attacking them personally!)

I am firm on this issue; I love the death penalty. The only problem I have with the procedure is the fact that it takes so long. We need to find a way to execute murderers quicker. I agree with comedian Ron White when he speaks about Texas and the death penalty. “If you kill someone, we will kill you back; that’s our policy!” White also mentions Texas’ attempt to put in a new death penalty “express lane.” According to him, “If three credible people witness you commit a murder, you can be executed immediately!” (May “god” bless the Lone Star State!)

The stars at night, are big and bright, DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS! (SING IT WITH ME!)

    “Are you upset about the Troy Davis incident?” Yes, they should have saved money and strung him up!

Great job Georgia!

This case has been the most annoying one, yet! I can’t wait until the next celebrity decides to ruin our day with one of these “set the prisoner free protests!”

Let’s shift to a more important topic; prison procedures in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Recently, I read an article about the wonderful people of Flagstaff. They decided to force friends and family to pay a $25 background check fee, before being allowed to visit the prisoners. One concerned citizen, PJ Longoni, was upset because she had to help pay for toiletries, a TV, and legal fees for her incarcerated friends and family members. To Pj, I say, BOO HOO! Next time, surround yourself with better people. If prisoners don’t want to be a burden to their families with such fees, stop committing crimes. A society shouldn’t have to deal with criminals, and we shouldn’t give them any rights. If you break the law, you should go to a horrible place. OUR PRISONS ARE TOO LAX! There are people who actually enjoy being locked up; they are provided with three square meals, a shower, and some activities. (It’s insane!)

Prison should be Hell; people should be afraid to go to be locked up. I say allow the prisoners to fend for themselves and cremate the bodies of the non-survivors. Keep the guards on the outside and kill anyone who attempts to escape. Whatever happens inside, is no concern to society. (My prison system will drastically reduce crime!)

If per chance, an inmate is able to survive their time in the prison, he or she can be released into society. If that individual reverts to crime, there is no second and third chance. People who are incapable of learning a lesson will be strung up. No life sentences or behavioral programs. (It would be a done deal!)

There should be no parole and no reduced sentence for good behavior. Only crazy people would risk going to such a place, and society would be better off without the crazies. Each day, the guards should provide a limited amount of food which is to be distributed by the prisoners themselves. If a person is not able to scrounge-up some food, he or she will die. (I know this seems harsh, but I don’t like crime!)

There should also be no medical staff provided. Prisoners can get treatment once their debts to society are paid in full. These changes would save the government a lot of money, which could be used to improve the educational system!

Some may say that Arizona is going too far. I say the state is not going far enough!


Published by Peter Teixeira

First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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  1. You did hear some of the eye witness, said the cops forced them to sign the statements VIA blackmail and pressure? So the blood is on these piece of shit witnesses.
    I did post a video about a guy whom was granted clemency by the very same parole board. This man actually pleaded guilty to the charges.

    I think the justice system should of granted another trial due to the witnesses.

    1. I didn’t hear anything about the case, and I don’t care enough to research it. I just think the supreme court knows more than the average person. Especially since they look at the info.

      I turned on CNN for a quick second and I had to turn it off because some idiot pastor was on there complaining. He said it was cruel for the state to make him go through four different execution days. If the idiots would stop protesting he would have been killed on the first!

      I’m happy with how the case unfolded!

  2. I agree, there were a lot of annoying people on fb pleading for this guy. Like that was going to accomplish anything besides fill up the news feed with ridiculousness. But I also believe that our justice system is corrupt. Just because they got appointed to be supreme court justices doesn’t mean they’re qualified or experts….they were selected by presidents who we were compete morons, remember your post on Bush vs. Obama?!

    There’s also a lot of work that needs to be done in our prisons, they should have less comfort so criminals would rather kill themselves then return. Some of your ideas are a bit extreme but I see where you’re going with it. Tax dollars are wasted on degenerates all the time but not every crime is equal or should warrant the same punishment. I don’t think someone who stole a car ( I know how you feel about stealing) should receive the same sentence as someone who rapes and murders children.

    I think every state should have the death penalty but I don’t think we’ve got a proper system in place that truly utilizes it in the best way. Thorough investigations should really be done on the crimes committed to make sue there’s absolutely no doubt and once proven guilty the fucker should be taken immediately to be executed. The way the system is set up now, it takes years to execute a criminal so by the time they get to serve their sentence they’re already on their death beds.

    I don’t know about you praising Arizona, that’s one state I wouldn’t wanna be caught dead in without my birth certificate, passport, blood samples and x-ray of my teeth! And even then I would risk being deported to Mexico and I’m Dominican!!!

    1. My way of thinking is clearly extreme, which is why I will never be a politician.
      The justice system needs to be completely revamped. I don’t think the supreme court justices are any better than other people, but I trust their opinions on the case more than I do the regular users of social media.
      I hope Arizona isn’t as bad as you say since we plan on stopping there for a short visit. Maybe we need to reconsider visiting my aunt.
      thanks again for the usual, great comment!

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