Omen To The Semi-Dead

If you don’t live under a rock, you are well aware that football season has commenced; Saturdays and Sundays are filled with beers and gridiron battles. September 11 marked the opening day of the NFL season and I, like most Americans, enjoyed watching every single game. (NFL Sunday Ticket and the Red Zone Channel = pure satisfaction!)

I love this time of year, but there is a downside to the football season; finding the motivation to place down the alcoholic beverage in order to write a blog entry is a true challenge. I honestly had an idea in mind, but upon further review, I decided to save the topic for another, more sober, day. “What are you going to write about?” No clue. (Seriously)

I did the only thing I could.

Me: “Hey Ema, feel like writing a guest post?”

E: “Sure, I’ll write one for this week.”

Me: “No, not this week…right now—for tomorrow’s post.” *He laughs*

E: “I’m good.”

I took a shot and failed…OR DID I? After giving the matter some thought, he agreed to put pen to paper. (By “pen to paper” I mean, type.)

At first, the entry was supposed to be a guest blog, but something magical happened. The post evolved into a multi-layered three person collaboration. Jess added to the post once she realized a theft had occurred, and l, after watching the Dallas Cowboys “Yankees-it-up,” regained the desire to write.

   Here is the result of our alliance!



I can’t believe this is even a subject to write on. As if Law & Order didn’t have enough subjects to make episodes off of. Now we have to worry about offending people who are keeping family members alive when they should be in the “Fun place” enjoying the after/post/more better life. (If you are a new-comer to Pete’s blog then read the series on ‘a conversation with GOD’ ….he’s gonna be pissed that I capitalized the word god.)

Let ‘em go!

They’re done, a fini, finito!

I get when you look into their eyes and feel like there’s still something there. The winks, blinks, eye shakes are all signs for you that some semblance of life is present. The deep breaths and occasional finger squeezes let you know that a piece of that loved one is still there. Wrong.

Gabrielle Giffords is an exception; she’s the one in a million. When you want to make your girl feel special you can call her an Arizona Senator. But outside of that miraculous recovery, we need to just let go. Do the Kate Winslett and just let go.

Enough tax dollars go to prisons and poor people and rich corporations, the last thing we need is for Massachusetts health care tax dollars, which cover 98% of the state, to go to people who are going to pass anyway. I understand the family is grieving, but I was sad the last 10 years that the Denver Broncos didn’t win a super bowl. I got over it.

Let’s draw a line, draw it with a ruler and make sure it’s straight. On one side we have death. On one side we have life. Once someone crosses over that line there’s little we can do to bring them back. I’ve seen the exceptions and the unlikely miracles, but in a majority of the cases we have funerals, mourners and see you laters. An acceptance of death and submission to suffering is part of the difficult decisions we make daily and we need to consistently follow common sense. Our heart can’t think and to follow one’s heart is to follow an abstract dream world which leads us down a road that even Longfellow and Hughes would cringe at.

Agree, disagree. Fact is we need to let our loved ones go and dedicate ourselves to what comes next.


Jess Rubecindo:

Agree!!!  Cuz you stole it from me!  Remember our Kevorkian conversations?! I told you that Kevorkian is a hero; he puts people out of their suffering.  Many times people hold on for too long to the dying when all they want is to be let go, that’s when Kevorkian comes in and makes the process easier for all.  Holding on to someone that’s clearly going to die is one of the most selfish things you can do.  It’s not for the good of the dying it’s for your own need to have that person around despite the fact that they are miserable and just want to Rest In Peace.  It’s obviously a difficult decision to “pull the chord” on a loved one, but think about this:  If you were less than semi-conscious and couldn’t move, eat, talk or shit would you wanna be kept alive so that loved ones could come in and out of your room and stare at you for hours?!  I wouldn’t!  So as EFidalgo12 eloquently put it, Let ‘em go!!

ADD a comment on the blog.



Yes, I prefer not to capitalize the word “god,” and I always try to write it in quotes, but pissed I will not be. @Efidalgo12 is a believer and I have zero problems with that fact.

As far as “pulling the plug” or letting the person live, with the assistance of medical devices, I agree with the above statements. LET ’EM GO! (Read that statement again. Doesn’t it sound like I’m making a plea for the police to let Eminem go?) *I also agree with Jess; @Efidalgo12’s phrase is eloquent.*

Never think about yourself if you’re ever in this predicament. “What about if you were on life support—wouldn’t you want your family members to keep you alive?” NO! Pharaoh, Pharaoh…let my life-plug go! If I am ever in a coma, allow me to die and leave me alone. Yes, there is a small semblance of a chance that I may recover, but who cares? What if I am in intense pain but I have no way of communicating how much I am suffering?

“There is no way that people who are in comas feel pain.” OK, maybe you’re right, but how about this scenario. You have a loved one who is in a coma. The hospital staff seems to be wonderful people, but you never had the opportunity to meet Stan. (Before I proceed, allow me to apologize, in advance, to anyone named Stan who may be offended by my example!)

Stan works as an orderly and, on the surface, he appears to be a decent man. Stan is assigned to the seventh floor and as luck would have it, your loved one’s room is 325. (That was my first homeroom at BLS.) Stan is responsible for giving “John” a sponge bath. (I decided to name your loved one, John. The name is appropriate because he solicits at least three prostitutes, for sex, every single week of his life.)

Everything seems perfect until the fifth month of “the coma.” That’s when you learn the horrible truth. John is moved to the fourth floor and Stan is fired from his position at the hospital. Why did all this happen? Allow me to explain. Stan has a fetish for necrophilia and he was sexually abusing John during his entire stay at the hospital. Do you think John wants to be revived after learning that fact? (Not Cool!)

**Do the right thing. Don’t allow your loved ones to be raped by crazy hospital employees.**

     Using life support simply prolongs the inevitable. I don’t see the point of wasting Hospital resources to keep someone in a vegetative state; pull the plug and move on. Especially if you’re religious; the person is going to heaven, right?

I am dead serious when I say I want my family members to pull the plug on me. If I ever return after a long stint in a coma, I will be furious. In retaliation for going against my stated wishes, I will pastor-up! “What the hell is that?” It means I will lie about having a horrific vision of hell. I will say that I saw burning bodies; I will also talk about the suffering, which of course I will describe as, indescribable.

“That’s not a great revenge.” I’m not finished. Here is a preview of my account:

“…The suffering was indescribable. Just when it appeared as if I was headed for the same fate as the sinners, I saw a blinding light. Inside of the light, I made out a faint figure; before me, stood a woman. The light grew dim and I saw her face. It was the Virgin Mary. She looked exactly like she does in all of the Catholic church depictions. She revealed many truths to me and explained that we all have a choice. She promised to return me to my earthly vessel, but I had a cross to bear. Saving the souls of my fellow brothers and sisters will be my burden.”

Of course, I will be extra dramatic and I’ll shower people with overly ridiculous facts. Obviously, I will reveal the details of my experience, slowly, during my Sunday sermons. “Where the heck are you going to give a sermon?” At my newly-built Mega Church, DUH! My followers will be the best! (Yes, I will use my status as a Messiah to bed many of my female followers. Why else would I go through with this grand scheme?)

Don’t make me do this…LET ME GO!

***I bet Jess and Ema are thrilled that they associated themselves with this post after reading about the entire Stan Episode!***

     I think this entry actually turned out pretty great. It’s amazing how quickly I can go from “I don’t feel like writing” to typing the night away!

That’s all I have to say concerning the matter. I’m pulling the plug on the idea of writing anymore!


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  1. Lmao, 1. If your on the seventh floor of a hospital the room number would of been 725. 2. If you was in a coma for a long period of time. When you come to, it would feel like a blink of a eye. I had back surgery and was in a 8 hour coma, on my way to the ICU I woke up. I thought I was on my way to the operating room. What if I didn’t make up and my loved one decided to “Let Me Go” ?

    1. I have no idea how I wrote seventh instead of third. Maybe I wasn’t as sober as I thought! An 8 hour coma is not what we are discussing. We are talking about people who are in bad shape and prolonged comas for long periods of time.

  2. @Cheno: I hope ur loved ones wouldn’t let u go after only 8 hours! Isn’t that a medically induced coma anyway? ….@P: Must of been some serious shit u were drinking when u wrote this one! I like the colabo’ from the three of you. I was actually getting ready to compliment u on the commentators who add the most entertainment, knowledge(sometimes) and humor to your posts. Both are smart in their silliness and do it well…. But! This is a pretty serious topic and is a lot more complicated than just pulling a plug. In most cases you have a husband or wife plus children or parents who have to make this decision together. So if the person in the coma had not previously made their wishes about being ‘let go’ known, then you’ve got a situation on your hands… Who wants to be the first family member to step up and say ‘let em go!’ ….

    1. I’ll gladly step up and give the “let them go” command. I understand how difficult this decision may be, but people have to be realistic in these situations.
      I’m glad the colaboration was entertaining!
      In honor of our move to LA, we were on our snoop dog game. Gin and juice. (Only we had tonic) WEST SIDE!

  3. @Bulimondosame: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. I think my thoughts could’ve been better expressed but it was Sunday Night Football, for PETE’s sake!! You are absolutely right, its a difficult decision to “let someone go” especially if they didn’t state their wishes beforehand but I think what we were all trying to express in our own way is that living in a comatose state for years is no kind of life.

    Just to be clear, I had no intentions nor was I asked to give my two cents (why do we say two cents? I know my comments are worth a hell of a lot more!) in the post. But I felt compelled to right a wrong! @Efidalgo12 did not have the original thought of this blog, this is something that we’ve discussed a few times. He may claim to have no recollection of said convo or that when writing this he never thought of our conversations but that’s bullshit. And he wrote this and made it seem like he’s so enlightened I felt that the readers should know the truth!! I’m the enlightened one. So Peter was kind/lazy enough to let me comment.

    @ Peter: I’m actually mad I didn’t think of the Stan scenario!! That’s so true and creepy! I’m writing a will ASAP and stating in bold that I want around the clock surveillance and a time limit as too how long to wait to “pull the plug”. On another note, thanks for letting me in on this collabo, I’m honored as I’m sure you are as well. So YOU’RE WELCOME.

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