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     Before I proceed, let me say that I believe there is a necessity for some form of welfare! The government should be expected to take care of those who are unable to provide for themselves. But…

I don’t like the current welfare system.

     Sometimes people fall on hard times and they are in need of some assistance, which I think is fine. Life is unscripted and we all have to go through our difficult periods. (For women that occurs every month! SORRY!) The main problem I have with government aid is the fact that some people consider welfare to be a way of life. There is no shame in turning to Uncle Sam during hard times, but people shouldn’t be allowed to abuse the system, because in the end, they are only selling themselves short.

I can recall one instance in which I overheard a woman bragging to her friend, “my daughter just turned eighteen and she just got her own place. (In public housing) She has a baby so she’ll be receiving a bigger check. We’re all going to be straight.” Instead of being appalled, her friend considered the woman to be lucky! I feel that people should strive for more out of life. There are too many opportunities in this world for anyone to be satisfied with the bare minimum.

I know that welfare is a sensitive subject and I understand that some people feel like they have no other choice other than continuing to live off government money, but in order for someone to change his or her negative situation, a sacrifice has to be made. No matter how hard people may work, the battle against poverty might be too difficult to overcome, which is fine, but people should at least strive to set a proper example for the next generation. Just because their lives didn’t go according to plan, doesn’t mean people should set their children on the same hopeless path. The key to success is and always will be education.

I don’t want to hear about the inadequacies of inner city schools. I know many teachers who work at inner city schools and the main problem is the lack of parental guidance. If the parents don’t care about the education, the students won’t either. The education of a child happens at home as well. Teachers cannot instruct students who have zero motivation. There are too many success stories from kids who work hard and make it out of adverse living conditions, for anyone to accept excuses. Drugs and sports are not the only roads to success. (Rap music is a form of entertainment, not a platform for how to live your lives!) Any child who focuses on school can earn a scholarship to most Universities. This may sound cliché, but the children are the future!

I can appreciate how difficult it may be to overcome poverty, but excuses are for those who have no motivation. The welfare system is designed to keep the poor from improving themselves. Basically, the poor people are being allowed to live on assistance in order to keep their children from competing for spots at the top Universities. As long as the cycle of despair continues, there is no hope for the next generation. No one can truly help anyone else if the individual is not willing to do most of the work.

We clearly need some type of welfare reform in America, but I’ll leave the task to the elected officials. After all, they are hired to serve the people. (This may seem like an obvious concept, but politicians seem to forget the reason they were elected.) I was pleasantly surprised to learn of the recent progress concerning this hot button issue.

I lost all respect for Florida politics during the “hanging chad” incident of 2004. Although I think W used his brother to fix the election, I admire him for having the balls to attempt such a bold maneuver. (How can you not like Bush? What’s more American than stealing an election?)  Learning from past mistakes is what makes humans the best species on the planet; Florida has regained my respect. Not only is the state the location of college football’s best team, but the state is teaching us how to deal with welfare abuse. (Go Gators!)

The first reason I regained respect for Florida politics is the fact that Jeb Bush is no longer in office. (I honestly hope Floridians do the right thing and refuse to elect him as a senator in the future!) The second reason I like Florida politics is the state’s new law which requires anyone who applies for government assistance to be tested for drugs. Great idea, but Florida went even further. They require the applicants to pay for the drug tests. If the individual fails the test, he or she loses out, but people who pass the test receive a refund. (Sounds pretty fantastic to me!)

Great idea, right? No! Someone always has to ruin a good thing. The wonderful idiots at the ACLU are suing the State of Florida because they argue that the new law is unconstitutional. Are you kidding me? People will go to great lengths to keep the poor dependent. The law is not un-Constitutional. The ACLU should do us all a favor and look into whether or not scamming the government and abusing the welfare system violates the Constitution.  Not only do I applaud Florida, but I would take the law one step further. I’d require mandatory monthly drug tests for anyone receiving assistance. (I hope Florida doesn’t back down!)

Our current welfare system is designed to keep people from becoming independent. There is absolutely no reason why dependents should be able to ask the government for assistance, receive benefits, then turn around and spend some of the money on drugs. (Anyone who supports such nonsense has no desire to assist the poor.) There are some people, on assistance, who believe they are taking advantage of the government, but the truth of the matter is they are destroying any opportunity to improve their lives. Free money may seem great, but people should work hard and to free themselves from the shackles of dependency; there is nothing more rewarding than earning a living and providing for one’s family. Let the government aid go to the people who truly need the help.

Any welfare system should also provide an opportunity for people to further their education or learn a trade. I also think day care should be provided so parents can have an opportunity to succeed, while knowing that their children are safe.

As far as welfare is concerned, I am all for helping others, as long as the people receiving assistance are striving to get back on their feet.

I’ll steal Charles Barkley’s Old Spice slogan from the 90’s. To expect “Anything less, would be uncivilized!”


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First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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  1. Great post! I couldn’t agree with you more! Welfare is one for the reason I feel gives Dad’s a bad name. Let me explain, I know a lot of girls whom have lied on Applications that they not with there “Baby Daddy” to receive housing and EBT cards. So with these applications comes statics. In government eyes all the see is deadbeats. In actuality the Father is present. Smh I know a couple who gets aid, they pay $200 and gets $500 EBT $$, meanwhile both works and make a combines income of $6000 a month. O_o they living nice. The welfare trap is addictive. Neither use drugs I might add. But drug testing applicants is a waste of time. So much ways to cheat the test.

    The welfare system don’t need reform, they need to follow up on there policy. Weekly or monthly house check ups, see who is living there, force job searching. There is more rules, but none is enforced…smh Why, because the government makes to much money on each applicant.

    1. I know that drug testing is easy to cheat, but it will at least make people scrame to find clean urine. There will also b those who get caught.
      I like the idea of enforcing the rules, but the government doesn’t care if people cheat the system. The more people who are on welfare, the less people will try to compete for top jobs.
      The entire system needs to be overhauled!

  2. The government is supposed to be designed to help, but the system is so jacked that you have to be pretty down on your luck to get any help. Sometimes folks just need a lift to maintain, but they make what the government thinks is too much money. That’s when many people turn to the loopholes and ways of cheating the system. I agree that government assistance is a form of shackles because in many ways your life is dictated by government rules, and many folks they getting over. I like the idea of check ups to see how folks are living and different stages should be used to assist people on getting on their own two feet, because to take it all away isn’t going to work either. This is a sensitive issue that needs to be addressed!

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