Bush v Obama

Friends, Bostonians, Countrymen, lend me your ears; I have come here to bury Barack, not to praise him! (A little plagiarizing never hurt anyone!)

Before I compare the two Presidents, I first want to say, I love how people call Barack Obama “Barry.” Is this some effort to make him seem more American and less threatening? (Who could ever hate someone that gets introduced as “my friend Barry?”) I also want to mention the fact that it was ridiculous how people challenged the fact that Barack was a non-Muslim. When did the Constitution state that Muslims were not allowed to serve as the President of the United States? What happened to freedom of religion?

Bush was widely supported by the religious-right, but he didn’t adhere to the “What Would Jesus Do” way of living. Jesus wouldn’t invade Iraq, and Jesus wouldn’t lie about WMDs! I hope all of the people who voted based on religion feel great about their decision. (I honestly believe there should be a test given to anyone who wants to vote. Allowing any idiot to have an equal say in who runs our nation is the dumbest part about the entire election process!)

When it comes to deciding which President I like more, I will not consider political policies and campaign promises, although I will discuss them. (I would be writing for several days if I had to point out every flaw and broken promise that each leader has committed.) Politicians are all the same. I pick my favorites according to my own criteria.

This may come as a surprise, but I like Bush the sequel more than I like Obama. “Why? It’s simple. Bush is funny!

“How can you like Bush; he’s a racist who did nothing for the people of New Orleans!” Don’t be an idiot. The way Bush handled Hurricane Katrina had nothing to do with racism. He was simply inept. *News Flash* The guy is not a genius! He had absolutely no qualifications to be elected President, but the people loved him, so we were stuck with W.

“What do you mean Bush isn’t a racist?” if you consider Bush Racist because he mishandled Katrina, then Obama is equally as racist for the way he mishandled the government funding for the flood victims in Iowa.

“What floods in Iowa?” Exactly! No one even concerned themselves with the horrible floods because we were so busy focused on money and the economy that we failed to care about our fellow Americans! People didn’t hold Barack responsible for not helping the Iowa flood victims, because the media didn’t cover the devastation. No, Barack is not racist; like Bush, he’s inept!

Below is one picture of the wreckage. If you want to know more, be proactive and Google it!

Does this picture remind you of Katrina”?

Now that we have established the fact that Bush and Obama are equally inept, let’s move on to what truly matters. Obama loses major points because he is boring. He’s eminent and Presidential. (Who the hell wants that?) I grew sick and tired of listening to his speeches, we already know what he is going to say and everything sounds rehearsed. It’s all the same and it’s all bullshit. I don’t know why people thought he was going to be some “Messiah.” He is a man like all the other Presidents, and his main objective is to look out for number one—and his lobbyists of course.

It’s not like Obama became king of America. He doesn’t have absolute power. Like every other American leader, Obama has to work with other elected officials and their all too busy trying to keep their own political parties in power. Politicians can’t worry about doing something meaningful for the voters; they have priorities.

There should be no expectations when it comes to politicians. Be grateful when one actually comes through, but don’t hold your breath waiting for results. (I am obviously speaking about major political players. The lower level political figures are caring people for the most part, but they lack the power to make the changes that are necessary; the very citizens these politicians aspire to help fail to give them the proper support.) *I’ll definitely include myself when I talk about the uninvolved people.*

There is obvious progress concerning race relations with Obama’s election, but true progress will occur when no one notices the color of the President’s skin—we have a long way to go!

Bush, unlike Barack, was a wild card; we had no idea what he was going to say or do. His mannerisms alone kept us tuned in. Each speech provided extremely hilarious moments. (Don’t forget the fact that someone actually threw his shoes at W…That was classic!) Other than Yogi Berra, there is no one with more dumb quotes; Bush is king of comedy! Because of W, the term Bushisms was coined. The man also had balls. He treated the citizens of the United States of America as if we were some dumb love struck school girl, who he was dating. He did nothing but fib and tell us what we wanted to hear.

Secretary of State: “Mr. President, there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.”

W: “That’s OK. They love me; they’ll believe whatever I say.”

Bush to the American Public: “We will remove all of Saddam’s WMDs and we will free the people of Iraq and bring democracy to the nation!” (We bought it hook, line, and sinker!)

Secretary of State: “Mr. President, the war is not even close to being over; we’ll be there for another ten or so years.”

W: “That’s OK. Did you forget? They love me!”

Bush to the American Public: “Mission Accomplished!” (Amazing!)

Obama is the reason I don’t watch the late night talk shows anymore; there are no jokes. There is absolutely nothing humorous about the guy; he’s too calculated and distinguished. Bush jokes filled at least three minutes on a nightly basis. He was comedic gold! When George W. Bush handed over the reins to Barack Obama, comedians all over the world mourned the loss of a wonderful resource. They have yet to recover. Thank goodness for people like Palin and Bachmann!

I miss Bush. And I also miss the comedian who was a splitting image of W. The guy was hysterical. Comedy Central roasts will never be the same without him. The only comedic moment provided by Obama was the video by pastor manning. “Barack Obama is a long-legged Mack-Daddy!” I can watch that video all day. (Youtube it; you won’t regret it!)

I didn’t vote for Bush, but I voted for Barack. I actually lost a bet to an ex-girlfriend so I had no choice in the matter. I also knew the historical significance of the election, so I didn’t mind participating. (I am a history major!)

When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, Bush is my guy! I’ve always been a Bush guy! (Yes, pun intended!) Sorry Barack…get a sense of humor and I’ll reconsider my choice. Honestly, which guy would you want to hang out with? Bush wins in a land-slide.

“But we’re talking about Presidents, not who is more fun to hang out with!” I know, but neither man is qualified to be President. If Obama was a white politician from Kansas, he wouldn’t have even been in the running. (Yeah, I said it!) Let’s call it like it is. The guy is as qualified as Bush. The fact that he is way more intelligent than W, doesn’t make him the right choice to run the White House. The man had no leadership experience and we gave him the keys to the world.

I can’t wait to experience all of the changes that Barack promised. Let me guess…we should allow him one more term, so he can finally fulfill his promises. (No thanks!) When it comes to Presidents, we need to understand that they will only do what they must for their lobbyists. The voters will always be screwed. In the next election, I am supporting Sarah Palin. (She’ll be a riot!) To Massachusetts’ own Mitt Romney, I say, NO! (He’ll be as boring as Barack!)

As far as Barack’s re-election, I’ll quote my good man George W. Bush. “There’s an old saying in Tennessee, I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee….that says, Fool me once shame on *Awkward pause* shame on you. *Another awkward pause* You fooled me, can’t get fooled again!” (How can you not love a guy who fucks up such an easy quote?)

If you believe in the election process, good for you; I applaud you. No, I don’t vote and I don’t complain! Make your own success; don’t rely on the government to provide for you!

I don’t know about you, but I’m about to go Google some Bushisms!

Before I go, I feel compelled to leave another quote: “Too many OBGYNs aren’t able to practice there…there love with women all across this country!” (COMEDIC GOLD!)


Published by Peter Teixeira

First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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  1. In my eyes the President is a puppet like the rest of them. I don’t consider him black, fact point out he is Mulato. He was rasied by his white mother and white grandmother. He father was present. So he only knows the white culture. So to me Pres. Obama is a white man.

    I fell for his lies, “Change”, “Yes we can” I believed maybe he won’t be a puppet……nope I was wrong. Now I’m a conspiracy theorist, His presidency is symbolic. We elected a black man to fix the troubles we are in, he fails miserably. Then we elected a white man. Problems solved. Smh

    1. Conspiracy theories are fun, but sometimes they can cause more harm than good. Even if conspiracy theories are right, it will be almost impossible to convince others because they will think you are crazy.
      I don’t think you should focus on race. People are people.

  2. Oh yeah, let’s talk about the floods. Katrina was way different. There was no warning oh the levi breaking, people was flooded in there homes with no time to escape. The Lowa flood was predicted, the Mississippi river was rising. People was told to evacuate.

    1. I’m talking about the way Obama failed to send money to assist with the relief. He only designated the floods asa natural disaster this year. (3 years too late!) That’s clearly inept!

  3. One example and we establish that they are equally inept. I think the degrees vary. Also, I believe Barry is what he allowed friends to call him in high school and college. I havent heard anyone publicy refer to him as Barry….let me add that I hate when he is reffered to as ‘Obama’ like he’s some sort of rock star. Show the man some respect and call him President Obama or Barack Obama, period.

    1. I’ll show him the same respect I show Clinton (Bubba) and Bush (W). Don’t let the fact that he’s black change the way we talk about Presidents. He’s Obama and he acts like a rock star.
      They call him Barry on CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, and Fox News all the time.
      You can have your own political views, but you have to admit…the guy is boring! That was my main point!
      When I said that he was inept, I was only referring to the one example. My point was to remove the race card from the argument…it gets old pretty fast!
      I could sit here and name other examples of his short comings as President, but I don’t think the page is long enough!
      Viva Bush…America’s funniest President!

  4. Great article on CNN about jobs being obsolete if any of you have time to read it.. http://edition.cnn.com/2011/OPINION/09/07/rushkoff.jobs.obsolete/index.html?hpt=hp_p1

    Anyway it mentions how there is such a surplus of basic goods (food, shelter) that we are destroying them to keep prices up (foreclosure, destroying tons and tons of food) and that the problem isnt that we need more jobs (obama) its that we need to focus on working in a different way. Read it.

    Socialism would work if we found a way to keep one person from having a pretty similar type of power presidents have in democracies. Theyre not dictators but guess what if you dont mostly agree with Obama you wont be in his cabinet!

    Floods aside yes they are both bad presidents but i think its their failure for new ideas (that work) rather than being inept.

    And Obama is pretty funny, the difference is we laugh with him rather than at him, most of his speeches away from Capitol Hill have plenty of jokes.

    1. Thanks for suggesting the article.

      Obama is corny funny. His jokes are laughed at because he is President. If we were at a cookout, we’d think him to be a cornball.

      I don’t want to laugh with a President, I want to laugh at a President!

      Get your socialist ass out of “god’s” USA!

  5. Peter you’re doing a good job with your rebuttals, I must say. Ppl are really giving it to you making sure you cover all your angles… Anyhow, part of me agrees with ppl should be forced to be educated on who they are voting for before they vote. Problem is that it can lead to the lower and middle class suffering due to misrepresentation…. Just my thoughts. Wellll actually it doesn’t really matter at the end of the day even presidents who say they’ll look out for us DON’T…

    1. The person handing out the grades! (Just kidding!)

      The test will determine all!

      Sorry ma’am, I regret to inform you that you failed to pass your election examination! Study harder, keep up with the issues, and maybe you’ll be better equipped to vote during our next election!

      Thank you for attempting to vote!

  6. LMAO… You’ve really given this thought I see, got the rejection letter down and all. Problem is that a majority of the educated ppl are the wrong ppl. Sometimes I feel voting is just there to make us feel we play a part. I vote still just in case.

    1. You don’t have to be educated. The purpose is to ensure that people are voting for the candidate who they feel will best represent their cause. The more people know about what is going on in the world, the harder it will be for politicians to get away with their bulshit rhetoric!
      The test will have questions that deal with the issues. There can even be an oral exam for the illiterate!

  7. So true about the puppets, but Whos the master ?
    G4 lol na but people have to get together
    With out try to get her lol na but seriously
    I believe its all in the agenda they have
    plannes mars is the next goal they ruined this planet
    Mabe why they dont care about the debt
    No currency in mars
    Keep opening peoples minds
    Get them out of,the bubble

  8. I think they are both bad presidents. I feel bad for Obama though because he came in a time where he had to almost fix a lot of the damage that was already done. People should be educated and informed about what’s really going on in our country and the way congress is running things to have an opinion. I think that people voted for him for the wrong reasons, one is because he’s black. I don’t think Obama is boring. I think he’s scared!

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