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The second article from psychologytoday.com which inspired me to write an entry is titled Porn, Novelty and the Coolidge Effect written by Gary Wilson. (Sorry for the inference, but there will be no mention of any pornographic material, porn stars, or any type of videoed activity!)

Wilson’s article delves deeper into the subject than I will, but I encourage anyone who has a thirst for knowledge to read his interesting and informative piece. Wilson focuses on the Coolidge Effect, which he defines as, “an ancient biological program that can override your sluggish contentment after orgasm if there are new mates begging to be fertilized.” (I can just picture the guy sitting at the bar and saying to a nearly inebriated female, “You have a look on your face that says you are begging to be fertilized!” That line should go over pretty well.)

In the article, Wilson reveals the sexual behavior of lab rats. He says:

     “What happens when you drop a male rat into a cage with a receptive female rat? First, there’s a sexual frenzy. Then, the male progressively tires of that particular female. Even if she wants more he has had enough. However, replace the original female with a fresh one, and presto! The male revives and gallantly struggles to fertilize her. You can repeat this process with fresh females until he nearly dies of exhaustion. Scientists know this phenomenon as the Coolidge Effect”

I have always believed that men have a natural, uncontrollable desire to seek out new sexual partners. I never knew there was an actual term for the behavior. This entry is similar to my post on cheating, but I was ecstatic to find scientific evidence to support my beliefs! (The only thing I love more than being right, is being a FLORIDA GATOR!)

Great news fellas! Cheating is not your fault! Woohoo! (Ok, it definitely is your fault, but at least now you have some scientific backing when you are trying to explain your actions!)

Does this mean that men are incapable of being committed partners in monogamous relationships? Should women just give up all hope? NO!

Men can be faithful! Men simply need a reason to resist their natural inclination to pursue every single hot female they encounter. The biggest misconception about men is, “good sex will keep a guy around!” (He might stay around, but he will definitely take a dip into another female’s vagina! I was going to say pool, but what’s the point of beating around the bush? [Pun intended])

People have a tendency to argue any point, so I have no doubt that someone may believe monogamy is natural; IT IS NOT! Human beings have to be taught how to become monogamous. There are some animals which are monogamous, but for the most part, animals are extremely promiscuous. Even sea horses are not monogamous. Why is that surprising? Male sea horses actually are the ones who give birth! The female disperses her eggs into the male pouch and he carries them for a period of forty five days, until live baby sea horses are released. (Clearly sea horses are the most chivalrous animals in the world! Ladies, if a guy says, “baby, I wish we were sea horses so I could carry the child for you, he’s a keeper!”)

Ladies, don’t worry about a man who has a wandering eye. Looking is uncontrollable. If you are the woman for him, he will not cheat. Refrain from foolish verbiage such as, “If he loves me, why is he looking at that ugly bitch?” First of all, she is clearly not ugly, and she probably had a tremendous ass. The fact that he loves you is the reason why he will look and not touch.


**Let me take a moment to address something that has always baffled me! Why in the world do women wear shirts that reveal their breast, and then have the nerve to wonder why men are staring at their chest? I wish a woman would say something to me about looking!**

Another cliche comment is, “I can’t believe he cheated on me with her; she’s ugly!” She may be ugly, but she is new to him. It’s what the Coolidge Effect is all about. The more a woman irritates a man, the more he is willing to be “FOR THE SPORT!”

Allow a man to fulfill his carnal desires. If he wants to cheat…he will. If a woman has no desire to stay with a cheater…LEAVE! If a man loves a woman…he will control himself. If he is unable to control himself…he doesn’t love her! I know it’s natural to try and prevent a lover from cheating, but there is honestly nothing that can be done to prevent a man from bedding another woman. Focus on being the best woman you can be, and hope that he is intelligent enough to realize what he has. The last thing a woman should do is nag her man. After all, it is the man who allows his woman to cook, clean his house, and wash his clothes! (Just kidding!)

Any man can resist his natural urges; he just has to believe that he has a special woman. When I say special, I am not talking about a great sexual partner. No matter how great the sex, a guy will tire of his woman. I am strictly referring to sex when I say a man will tire of his woman; making love is different. A man, who is in love with a woman, will have no desire to sleep with others. “But my man loves me and he cheated?” Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but he did not love you! (People who are truly in love can look back on past relationships, in which they swore they were in love, and realize…THEY WEREN’T EVEN CLOSE TO BEING IN LOVE!)

The key for any woman, who wants to “tame” her man, is to stimulate his mind and make him feel that she is irreplaceable. Being a whore is a surefire way for a woman to guarantee that her man will stray. A materialistic woman is great to hang-out with and date for a while. Any man loves having an eye-candy on his arm, but she is easily replaceable. A woman, who makes a man feel like committing to a relationship and eventually getting married, is a woman who remains true to herself, and focused on her inner beauty.

I guess the best advice I can give to anyone who wants to meet the right person, with the hopes of getting married is, “STOP FUCKING EVERYBODY!” This may seem like a foreign concept to some, but self-esteem plays a major role in self-control!



Published by Peter Teixeira

First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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  1. I don’t agree with everything you said but enjoyed reading it just the same. Good post!

  2. In a 9 month span, a female rabbit can have up to 800 children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren due to short pregnancies and baby rabbits being ready to go at an early age. and no rabbits backwards doesnt spell puertorican. My point being the male rabbits go around fucking for 9 months with all types of female rabbits. That whole Peter Rabbit story was bullshit. His mom Mrs. Josephine Rabbit didnt only have mothafuckin 4 children. And the males usually piss on the females when courting them. I don’t know where im going with this but good post and monogamy rules!

  3. Haha, dude stop giving women help. What’s that song “Dont save her, she don’t wanna be saved”… I’m going to start calling chicks with a lot of kids “she a Rabbit” *shrugs*

  4. This whole thing is too funny! Peter are you being sarcastic about this whole thing? Or do you really want women to stop taking crap? I think it is great to know there are still men out here who think this way! ( meaning men who are not womanizers) Sad to say but all I see around is cheating, extremely discouraging. Ppl always use science and that ” it’s natural” bulls% /.

  5. Thanks for the male input on this…“baby, I wish we were sea horses so I could carry the child for you, he’s a keeper!”- I’ll keep this in mind lol

  6. I agree that it takes more than just good loving. Self esteem plays a big part with both parties. If you are confident and know who you are, it’s simply more attractive. You also command more respect and chivalrous behavior without saying a word. I think when you have found the one, you also start to believe in the golden rule (we all know what that is) and it becomes harder to ever imagine yourself hurting your partner in any way (not just cheating). I loved this article Peter! Cheers…. *All the guys hate Peter now*

  7. In both of ur articles about cheating u talk about it not being in human nature to be monogamous but then u only mention how men cheat and men can’t be monogamous and how women need to stimulate men mentally and not nag but what about the women that cheat? Why do u direct your comments about being unfaithful strictly to men? I know plenty of women who cheat all the time. Monogamy may not be exciting for some but its the cleanest and safest way to go! The thing that bothers me the most about cheaters is that they are playing with their partners health. Forget the emotional harm, I just wouldn’t wanna be w/a guy who’s sleeping w/a bunch of “dirty” chics (and I say chics cuz they don’t deserve the title women) and then have sex w/him. Its a roulette game out there people!

    1. I guess I avoid talking about women cheating because they are more complicated. Women cheat for so many different reasons. In no way was I suggesting women don’t cheat. It would take a series of posts to deal with the issue. Men are simple and easy to discuss. In the end, both men and women cheat because they are either selfish, or they are trying to fill a void. In both instances, the cheater should end the relatonship. You’re right, STDs are not cool!

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