I am fairly laid back, but there are some things that just stick in my craw. Stealing being definitely near the top of the list. (I don’t know why I used “stick in my craw.” Sometimes I feel like I should have been born in the South!) Let me be clear about this…STEALING IS NEVER JUSTIFIED!

“What about the people who are poor and have no other means to survive?” There are many other alternatives to stealing. For instance, the person can easily ask to perform some type of labor in exchange for money. There are also many neighbors who will open up their homes for anyone who is starving. (I still believe in the general goodness of people!) I hate when I see a documentary about some famous person who discusses how life was hard and they had to steal to survive. (“I had to do what I had to do is the dumbest statement in the history of language!” Doing what you had to do means working hard, not taking shortcuts! “My kids had to eat, so I did what I had to!” classic dumbass statement. Where is the logic? Let me get this straight. You risked your freedom to provide for your children. How the hell are you going to provide for them when you are in jail?) No one ever has to steal; there is always a solution. Stealing is the easy way out. There are too many successful people in this world who come from unbelievably adverse situations, but they use hard work and determination to persevere.

“What’s the big deal? Stealing never hurts anyone!” Dead wrong! Stealing hurts everyone. All companies, regardless of size, have to raise the prices for goods due to theft. We all are forced to pay the price as consumers. The high school children who walk into a seven eleven and steal, effects everyone. We all have to suffer because someone doesn’t have any morals. Businesses are forced to hire less employees due to theft. It’s a major problem. (People love to say, “I steal from Walmart because the owners are rich.” I say, good luck allowing those people in your house, unattended!)

Let me say this, although there is no excuse for stealing, I am specifically speaking about adults. I can’t blame a child for stealing. It is the responsibility of parents to teach children right from wrong. The worst situation is when parents teach children to steal. What great role models those people are! (They should be drawn and quartered. Yes, I literally mean, attaching the person’s limbs to four horses and watching their body be ripped to pieces.)

Working at a job and hooking-up your friends and family with discounts can be ok, but always consider the business’ bottom line. Too many hook-ups can actually cause your friend to lose his or her job. The next time you get a hook-up, remember to return to the business and pay full price. Friendship works both ways. Be a good friend and help your buddy make some sales. After all, there will be no hook-up if your friend is fired.

I would even be bold enough to suggest that our economy is tanking due to theft. People want to live outside of their means, which results in a loss of ethics. “These people are insane, how can they expect me to pay $200 for a pair of sneakers?” They don’t expect you to pay for the sneakers. Those sneakers are for people who can afford to purchase them. Saving up three or four checks to buy an item that is not meant for your enjoyment is insane. Resorting to stealing in order to impress others is plain ridiculous behavior. Work hard, and improve your economic situation. The reason people remain poor, is the fact that they are out of touch with reality. You can’t live like the celebrities; they have money. (“Did you see the shoes she wore on the red carpet? I have to get those!” Smartest statement ever!) Investing in new pairs of Jordans will only make MJ richer. If you want to become wealthy, invest in your education. It takes sacrifice to become successful. We live in an age where anyone can become accomplished. I understand how expensive Universities can be, but there are trade schools and community colleges. Students who perform in the classroom can earn scholarships. Stop with the excuses and get motivated!

Taking extravagant trips to exotic locals so you can impress others is the reason why people never have a dollar in their pockets. The one thing that has always baffled me is when I hear about someone purchasing a purse for $600, but they don’t have $10 to buy lunch. Stealing food and stuffing products into your expensive oversized purse because you don’t have the money to spend is comical. Live within your means and stop trying to keep up with people who can’t even afford their lifestyles.

“It’s easy for you to be against stealing, your family owns a business.”  Yeah, that’s part of the reason I am against stealing, but I’m speaking the truth. People who steal are society’s black eye. It’s annoying to understand the concept of earning a living, and have to watch someone steal. What the thief is doing is taking a shortcut and saying, “fuck you, to the hard worker!” Watching a grown person steal an inexpensive item is always a sad event. How have you allowed yourself to be in the position where you are an adult and you can’t feed yourself. To me, people who steal are at the lowest rung of society. I always do my best to be as verbally abusive as possible, when encountering such vagrants. My goal in these types of situations is to make the offender feel like the piece of shit they truly are.

“Are you serious? You’re going to ban me from the store because I stole a fifty cent juice? That’s petty!” Yes, I am completely serious. How about the fact that you are a grown man and you’re stealing a fifty cent juice? Is that not petty? Thankfully, I have the ability to use logic, so I choose verbal abuse over violence. (I have seriously considered acquiring a license to carry a firearm, but I know how angry I get when I see someone steal; I wouldn’t hesitate to kill. There is no way I am spending a second in jail because I lost my temper and killed someone for theft. YES! I would kill over someone stealing a twenty-five cent bag of chips. I don’t want to live in a society that has thieves!)

If you are reading this and you feel like a piece of shit because you steal, the truth hurts! If you are a thief and you are laughing at this post, I feel sorry for you. Your life sucks ass! I wish you could truly understand how much of a low life you are. The best aspect of my personality is the fact that I do not feel any type of shame. If I see you stealing, I will walk up to you and make sure that everyone around knows exactly how shitty a person you are. Why should I feel embarrassed, I’m not the one stealing. (Trust me. I have confronted women in their eighties, and family friends.)

My favorite low life was a “thug” from some Boston hot spot. He walked in and stuffed a snack into his pocket. I walked up and said, “Give me what’s in your pocket, leave the store, and never come back.” He was way too cool to follow simple instructions. He went on about how I don’t know who he is and where he is from. I did my best to reason with the idiot, but he was too much of a thug to just allow common sense to guide him. “Ok, now that you want to be an idiot, you can’t leave the store. We’re going to stay here until the cops come.” I stood by the door and the police were called.

For thirty minutes, he ran his mouth, “You better get out of my way…I’m about to make a phone call…etc.” At one point, he actually pulled out a phone and called a friend to, “Come to Dudley.” I laughed, the “genius” didn’t even say where on Dudley. The reality of the situation must have set in because the guy removed a dollar from his pocket and said, “I got money; you can have a dollar, if you want it that bad.” No, I no longer wanted the dollar. Finally, the cops arrived and the situation worsened for the thug. One of the officers happened to be a close family friend, and the guy was roughed up a little bit. (No, it wasn’t police brutality, the idiot actually attempted to put up a fight.)

It turned out, he didn’t have a working cell phone. The officer checked and there was no service. The snack was found on his person and he was charged with several counts. All that over a snack, when the idiot had money in his pocket the entire time. Stealing is not the result of a necessity, it’s pure greed. I don’t care what your situation is, work harder and improve your circumstances. If your grandmother steals…FUCK HER! If your father steals…FUCK HIM! If your mom steals…FUCK HER. If you steal…FUCK YOU!!!

If you weren’t positive about my stance on the topic…I HATE PEOPLE WHO STEAL. If you are ever in my presence and you feel the need to tell a tale in which you stole, don’t do it—I will lose all respect for you! Learning how to stop stealing is a fundamental criterion to becoming an adult…GROW UP!!!

“What about the people who steal someone else’s significant other?” That’s a question asked by a dumbass. No one can steal a boyfriend or girlfriend. Anyone who leaves you, was never yours in the first place!

Feel free to comment, if you support stealing, but I caution you. I HATE PEOPLE WHO STEAL. I will not hold back in my response to your comment. I am always careful to do my best to be respectful to anyone who comments because I truly appreciate the support; I believe the comments add a great deal to each post. That being said, this is a topic that I feel strongly about and will not hold my tongue; I can’t stand thieves and I won’t tolerate their behavior. MY RESPONSE WILL BE COMPLETELY UN-FILTERED!!!


Published by Peter Teixeira

First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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  1. Glad, I read this. I was planning to rob a bank! Not to lose youur respect I won’t do it. When I was younger I was a thief. I stoled, and made a sport out of it. Looking for stores with two clerks and no customers. I’ll walk in there steal, get caught, and walk away with something. I was going places (Nausha st, South Bay, etc…) 13yrs ago I even caught a felony charge on some dumb shit (no I’m not a felony, I paid every penny back. It wasnt petty theft) Case closed

    But I did grow up., and I’m the hardest working man in the world (so don’t dis-own me as a cousin.)

    But, now let me explain. Stealing gaves me a rush, and wad addictive. I had a high when I did it. I now get the thrills going 180mph on a motorcycle. I’m going write a blog on speeders….lol

    1. Your story sounds like a boy who became a man. Everyone needs excitement in his or her life, but the key is to find something legal. 180 on a bike will get it done, but I’ll probably never know. Even if you were a thief, I don’t disown cousins.

  2. We all grow up most dont, life in the hood were ur parents work to pay the bills and still struggle. but u grow up make a means of living like u said work hard
    One of my favorite songs life is what you make it nas dmx
    Deep post alot of insite
    Hopefully you keep mking people think out the box

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