OOPS They Did It Again

I honestly cannot express how much I enjoy watching the Patsies lose a big game. There is nothing more pathetic than watching a washed-up group of veterans attempting to hold onto skills which they no longer possess. Watching Tom Brady and the offense trying to keep up with the young Giants, was like watching Michael Jordan play for the Wizards; it’s time for number 12 to hang-up the cleats. (I believe he’ll be more comfortable wearing UGG boots, anyway!)

I didn’t really care about the game; I just didn’t want to be forced to attend a mass and I definitely didn’t want to participate. This was the most nerve racking Super Bowl that I ever watched. I was nervous the entire time. I think the only reason I didn’t have a nervous breakdown, is the fact that I was surrounded by great people and picturesque scenery; for a view from the patio atop a hill, check out my Facebook page.

This season was a blast. The great Tim Tebow established himself as the future of the league, and the lowly Patsies and their steal of an acquisition, “Ocho-Stinko” sucked the big one and blew another Super Bowl. (Watching the Elvis helmet boys lose Super Bowls never gets old!)

I am not a Giants fan, but I would like to thank Eli and the gang for dominating the Brady Bunch!

***I will end this post in observance of the day of mourning in New England!***

Another great regular season and nothing to show for it!

Interesting fact: I just noticed that today’s date is 2-6-12. Today is a math problem. 2 times 6 is equal to 12! (That probably doesn’t happen often!)

It’s Tebow Time!!!


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Life Happens

No one is to blame for the Denver loss. The team simply failed to produce on the big stage. My faith in Tim Tebow is as strong as it ever was; for Pete’s sake, the guy took a 1 – 4 team to the playoffs!

The Patsies are not a great team and they will lose, eventually; I’m certain of this fact.

The Broncos my have lost the game, but yesterday was a productive one for us. We met some more great people and put ourselves in a better position to succeed!

We drank our sorrows away at a local watering hole and cmpletely forgot about the game, until, of course, I remembered the need to post an entry.

To the Patsy faithful, I say congrats; that is all!

Go Anyone But The Patsies!!!


Humble Pie Tastes Like Chicken

Statistics are wonderful and can be helpful during any sports argument, but there is one guaranteed truth; the winning team is better than the losing team. If you don’t believe me, try telling a Chiefs fan that the Packers are better! Yesterday, I watched my Denver Broncos lose to the Patsies; I was not happy with the results. (Losses are for losers!)

I love the passion that comes from true sports fans. There is nothing that I enjoy more than great trash talking. I can dish it out and I have no problem listening to someone else gloat as their team beats my team. I am a diehard fan who believes that my team is better than your team. Unfortunately, we can’t win every game. It seems that the Broncos winning streak ends at six. In the next few weeks, I will hear a bunch of nonsense about how bad the team is, but we all know the truth; the Broncos are Super Bowl contenders!

As much as I hate to say it, the Patsies were the better team. Nothing matters other than the final score. Although I am extremely upset with the way the Broncos played, I believe the team will continue to improve. At the end of the day, win or lose, the Broncos were locked into the 4th playoff spot; the loss wasn’t really a big deal, except for the fact that it was a BIG deal. (There is nothing worse than losing to the Patsies!)

Great words, except for the nonsense at the end!

     These famous words come from the great Tim Tebow. In 2008, the Gators lost to Ole Miss, and Tebow promised to perform at a higher level; the team won the National Title at the end if the season! I believe in Tim Tebow!

Yesterday’s loss reminds me of an incident which happened 2001. The New England Patsies started the season at 1-3. We tortured the fans and looked forward to another horrible season for the hometown scrubs. If you have a decent memory, you will remember that the Patsies turned their season around and won the Super Bowl. (Tebow will lead the Broncos to the promise land!)

I have nothing more to say about the game. Congrats to the Patsies; we will play better in the future! To the victor, go the spoils!

Go Broncos!

 It’s still TEBOW TIME!!!

P.S. If you are wondering, I did not enjoy writing this post!