This Actually Happened – November 26th, 2011

A Long Trip Home

My years at Seton Hall University were filled with weekend trips to Boston; I honestly traveled home every two weeks. One Thanksgiving Day was the worst experience ever. At first, I made the decision to take the Peter Pan Bus since it was the cheapest method of travel. After a couple trips, the train became my only option; the bus smells like a port-a-potty and I hate traffic. A trip can last anywhere from four and a half hours to six hours. The train ticket cost about forty dollars more, but it was definitely worth the price. My best option was for me to board the New Jersey Transit from the South Orange station, and then take Amtrak from New York’s Penn Station to South Station in Boston. The train station is about a mile from the campus, so lugging my over-packed duffel bag, and my laptop case was quite the challenge; there was one occasion in which I wanted to just drop the bag and leave it on the sidewalk, but I toughed it out! (Why I feel the need to fill up a large duffel bag for a weekend trip is not something that I can explain!) Thanks to the internet, planning my trip was fairly simple. I made sure to leave the least amount of time between my arrival at Penn Station and the departure to Boston. For some reason, I always cut it short, almost missing the train on several occasions. On this particular Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I made the long trek to the South Orange station and hopped on the train to New York. I didn’t want to wait at Penn Station which caused me to take the latest possible train. I knew it would be a close call, but I figured I would be able to make the train. Unfortunately, I didn’t factor in the number of people who would be traveling on the busiest travel day of the year. The line at the Amtrak counter mirrored the one outside of Best Buy on Black Friday; sleeping bags and all. I finally purchased my ticket just in time to step onto the platform while the train pulled away from the station. (It was truly devastating!) I was forced to make the walk of shame, back up to the main concourse; the next train wouldn’t depart for another three hours. Better yet, I had my heavy duffel bag and my laptop case; I had to sit in the waiting area and read magazines. After what seemed to be the longest three hours of my life, the train finally arrived. I walked to the platform and boarded the train, and I couldn’t believe how crowded it was. You could have confused it for the A train during rush hour. Every seat was occupied and the aisle was impassable. I placed my duffel bag on the floor and my laptop case on top of it. I grabbed hold of the hand rail and stood for half of the trip. The train was too packed for the conductors couldn’t collect the tickets. When I say I stood up for half the trip, I mean half the trip. I didn’t find an open seat until we arrived in New London, Connecticut. Half of the riders seemed to leave at the stop but seats were not plentiful. I placed my duffel bag in an overhead compartment and found an open row; I sat next to the window and continued listening to my headphones. A few seconds later, a healthy woman plopped down next to me and quickly fell asleep. Every so often, I noticed the other passengers looking at our row. At first it seemed to be the normal inquisitive behavior of train passengers, but this continued, beyond the acceptable level. I lowered the volume on my headphones and everything became clear; the woman was snoring, and snoring loudly! It probably would have been annoying, but I had my music so it was not a big deal; plus, she only stayed on board for one more stop. The everlasting journey finally ended after the four hour ride, and the weekend was great as always. Boston Latin Kicked Boston English’s ass, again! (In this year’s Thanksgiving Day game, BLS destroyed their “rivals” by a score of 50-0! To read about the tradition, click the link: Thanksgiving Day Massacre.) The wonderful people at Amtrak provided me with a full refund of my trip! BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

Be sure to watch the Florida Gators destroy instate rivals FSU at 7pm.


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This Actually happened – September 24th, 2011

Only In New York New Jersey

On Monday, I traveled to New Jersey for Monday Night Football. The New York Giants were hosting the St. Louis Rams. (Yes, the New York football teams play in New Jersey!) No, I haven’t switched my allegiance; I am still a loyal Broncos fan. My cousin‘s boyfriend plays for the Rams and he provided us with tickets; big THANKS to the two of them! It was a great experience! Due to the fact that the Rams were the visiting team, the seats were literally at the top of the stadium. MetLife Stadium is unbelievable so any seat would have been great. The seats turned out to be perfect. There were several Rams’ fans in the area so we didn’t have to be surrounded by annoying Giants’ fans! GO BOSTON! The reason I’ll never forget the experience is what happened a few rows in front of us. One of New York’s proud citizens had a bit too much to drink. He couldn’t hold his liquor and puked all over the guy who was seated in front of him. (It was hilarious. Well, for everyone except the recipient!) The victim quickly stood up and yelled, “What the Fuck!” The culprit, who was too drunk to grasp the severity of the situation, simply shrugged his shoulders and gave the sorry-I’m-a-douche face. I was expecting the guy to get pummeled, but he was clearly already destroyed. Cooler heads prevailed and nothing happened. At the end of the game, there was an empty seat with a red, vomit-soaked, Giants’ jersey underneath. BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

 Objects in the picture were closer than they appear!

Tune in to ESPN at 7pm (Eastern Standard Time) and watch the Gators destroy Kentucky for their fourth win of the season!

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I will also give a brief update of Shamu! (Read the post from August 20th if you have no idea what I am talking about!)


This Actually Happened – September 3rd, 2011

Thugged OUT!

In keeping with this week’s examples, dealing with the negatives of assumption, I’ll write about a New York Moment. The incident happened while I was living in New Jersey and attending Seton Hall University. My cousin was visiting our aunt, who lived in Scarsdale, NY. (***This has absolutely nothing to do with the story, but I love college football. I’m watching the TCU-Baylor game and it is unbelievable!***) She (My cousin) asked me to take the New Jersey Transit into the Big Apple and I agreed to meet her on a Saturday afternoon. The trip into New York City was fairly monotonous for the most part. UNTIL…we entered the subway. I met her at Grand Central Station, where we boarded the A-train towards Times Square. At the 42nd Street station, we exited the train and walked down one of the long hallways, towards the stairs. When we reached the bottom of the steps, she looked up, paused, and grabbed my arm suddenly. “Hold on.” She said. She wanted us to lock arms as we walked up the stairs because there were two menacing-looking, obvious gang bangers. We honestly didn’t know who the guys were, but we assumed the worst. As we walked up, it appeared as if the men, who were paying close attention to us, were clearly out for trouble. I was honestly anticipating that one of the thugs would yell-out a disrespectful cat-call, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. We were a few steps from the top, when the gangsters embraced one another and began to kiss passionately! We were stunned! It turned out, I was the one who needed to grab her arm! BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

Congrats to Baylor…GREAT GAME! I can’t wait for the Gators to start the season…7pm EspnU!

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