This Actually Happened – March 3rd, 2012

Burn Baby Burn

     I’m sure on this lovely day in March, many people are struggling through frigid temperatures, but I am not one of the unlucky. The weather in SoCal is great. In fact, it’s too hot. Let this entry be a warning to anyone who is unfamiliar with the Los Angeles sun. While at work, I left a bottle of water in the car and returned an hour later. I sat in the driver’s seat and decided to take a swig, because the temperature in the car was over a hundred degrees. I grabbed the water bottle and uncapped it. I drank a small amount and almost killed myself. (Whoever said the sun can’t boil water is a certified idiot!) Thankfully, I survived the incident without any internal damage; I think! I almost got assassinated by our solar system’s star! BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

Go Celtics!


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Two Cars, Two Dumbasses

Today started off like any other day; I prepared for work and made the drive down to South Gate. I arrived a few minutes early and parked the car. I gathered the necessary paperwork and exited, making sure to lock the door. That’s when I uncovered the world’s newest dumbass. Two steps from the vehicle a thought hit me, “Where the hell are the car keys?”

Did I lose the ignition key? NO! It was safe, inside the ignition! (When it comes to being a dumbass, there are very few situations that rival locking your keys in the car!)

Luckily, I was able to leave the car in the parking spot and catch a ride with my co-worker to the day’s stops. The few people who learned about my inattention to detail, laughed it up at my expense. It was a humbling day at work, but the fact that I am building solid friendships with some great individuals is wonderful. (I lucked out and found a fantastic job!)

During the day, the account manager who oversees my route learned about my mishap and enjoyed a belly-aching laugh. I am a good sport so I didn’t mind the good natured ribbing. I also adhere to the old adage, “he who laughs last, laughs best,” and I ended up laughing last.

The account manager gave us our last assignment for the day and said that he would meet us at the store, before we clocked out for the day. Fifteen minutes after we arrived, I received a call from the aforementioned account manager; he spoke with a hint of embarrassment in his voice. Here is what he said, verbatim: “Hey bro, you’re not going to believe it; I locked my keys in the car. I’ll be a little late.” It took me a while to stop laughing. (We live in a wonderful world which provides us with little moments that we will always treasure!)

I returned to the location of my unfortunate incident and assessed the situation. I am no criminal, but this mistake has happened to me in the past. I managed to gain entrance into the vehicle, previously. Unfortunately, it wasn’t going to happen this time; I had to search Google for a good locksmith. I called and made an appointment. The damage was estimated to run me about seventy-five bucks, but my other boss showed up and saved the day. (After enjoying a good laugh, of course!)

I cancelled the locksmith and the big guy (Not the fake one in the sky!) called his AAA; they came to my rescue. The technician opened the door in less than two minutes, free of charge. (My favorite price!) While waiting for AAA to arrive, I spoke with the big guy and the future looks promising!

Thankfully, I don’t have to wear a suit in this scorching weather!

     That goes to show, sometimes, being a dumbass can work to your advantage!

I want to send out a big THANK YOU to the big guy!