Why Are They Talking Again

Relationships are like a box of chocolates; great at the beginning, but eventually you get sick to your stomach! (Just kidding; I think!)

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Relationships are complicated. They’re actually like snowflakes; no two are alike. It’s great to have friends and family members to share advice, but the truth of the matter is, people have to figure things out for themselves.  We will all make dumb decisions and mistakes will happen more often than not, but life is about experiences; most people will find their way, unless the individual is a dumbass.

Since I covered the topic in the previous two posts, this entry will only deal with past relationships. I touched upon the subject before, but I will expand. It is important for people to free themselves from bad relationships as soon as possible; there is no need to spend a second being unhappy. Do not be afraid to be single.

That being said, I believe people can rekindle a past relationship. The key is to avoid thinking that some unseen force, “god,” cupid, or astrology, has anything to do with the two people giving the relationship the old college try.

Just because a relationship didn’t work in the past doesn’t mean that it can’t be successful. First, each person must take a hard look within themselves in order to figure out why the first attempt failed. Once this first step is completed, the couple should sit down and have a candid discussion. The two people will have gone through new experiences and each person will be different then they previously were. There will be a period of getting to know each other.

It is important to let go of the old problems; they no longer exists and more importantly, they don’t matter. The couple can look back and laugh at their arguments, but a second relationship will not last if either person hasn’t moved on from the past nonsense.

Do yourselves a favor and ignore the negative comments. There will be people who give advice but they won’t know the entire story so thank them and forget what they say. This is your life and you have to live it the way you see fit. Even if the advice ends up being true and the second attempt fails miserably, you took a chance and that’s never a bad thing.

Remember that this new relationship is a NEW RELATIONSHIP. Although the two people dated previously, they will have a new perspective on life. Take the time to get to know one another. (There may even be some new moves in the bedroom!)

***Don’t ask how the person learned the moves, just enjoy yourself!***

     Second chance relationships are no different than all other relationships; it may work out, but most likely it won’t. The failure of such a union has nothing to do with the past; relationships are hard and most people are selfish. Advice is worth the money you paid for it; you are intelligent and the advice that you give to yourself is probably better than the words of an idiot. (I apologize if the last sentence gave the perception that every person is intelligent!)

People will spread their negativity regardless of the path you take. Do your best to please yourself and the rest will fall into place. Don’t ever base your decisions on what has been done before. You may be better than anyone who has ever walked the earth. Set trends and go after what you want.

If you’re happy, nothing else matters!


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Valentine’s Day

When I think of Saint Valentine’s Day, one incident immediately comes to memory; the Valentine’s Day massacre of 1929. I’m sure Al Capone’s famous order doesn’t resonate with everyone, but I’m a little different. (I would go into details, but that’s what Google is for!)

Valentine’s Day is short and sweet. (Kind of like this post!)

If you have someone, make their day special. If you don’t have someone, don’t hate on those who are happy*. (*In this incident, happy denotes the appearance of being happy even though you may be going through some tough times!)

Obviously, Valentine’s Day is a marketing ploy, but it is what it is. We live in a society which forces people to celebrate their “love” on this particular day. For those of you who feel bitter because you do not have a special someone in your life, August 13 will now be known as Miserable Day! (You can celebrate your negative energy!)

I’m sure there will be people who wonder, “how the heck did he come up with August 13th?” It’s simple really; August doesn’t have a major holiday, so it’s the perfect month, and 13is a so called unlucky number!

I hope everyone has a great day! I’m off to bed! (For a short 2-hour nap before work!)


Good Job Equals Good Health

The right occupation doesn’t necessarily mean the highest paying job. Regardless of how much money you earn, a bad work environment will cause you to be miserable. There is no better feeling than getting up and looking forward to the workday. (In the perfect situation, you may even stay a little longer to finish up some work!)

If you find yourself watching the clock for quitting time, or thanking your imaginary friend in the sky because it’s Friday, you are probably working for the wrong company. Mondays should not be a dreaded day. (I wonder if employers follow their employees on social media sites in order to see how miserable some people truly are!)

Our society causes people to think that money is everything, but happiness can only come from enjoying what you do. I’m sure it’s great to receive a large check at the end of the week, but if the weekend is not long enough because you hate returning to work on Monday, you should look for employment, elsewhere!

I wish I could describe how it feels to look forward to the workday. I guess it’s something that people have to experience for themselves. You know you have a fun job when it’s time to clock out and you before you even realize it. (Where does the time go?)

Obviously, there a many factors that go into making a job fun. The people you work with and the customers play a major role, but if you keep a positive outlook and disregard the small inconveniences, you will find that life is more enjoyable.

The weather is another major factor. If you live in a great city, with wonderful weather, you will probably be more adept at keeping a positive outlook. Living in a city like Seattle, where it rains all the time probably fills people with gloom, unless you love the rain. Cold weather can also ruin a person’s workday. Conversely, hot weather can also cause people to become negative, unless you work in an air-conditioned environment.

To all of the people who love going to work, congrats; you won the employment lottery. For those who dislike their jobs, take a chance and make a change. The reward of loving what you do, will outweigh the risk. It’s probably best to find a new job before quitting an old one, but the most confident people have the guts to chase take control of their happiness. (It’s scary, but well worth it in the end!)

Take chances and enjoy your life!