This Actually Happened – February 11th, 2011

The World Is Truly A Small Place

Prior to our move to Los Angeles, my cousin told us about another cousin of ours who she met through Facebook. She contacted him and informed him of our big move. This new cousin lives in the Los Angeles area and I immediately friended him on Facebook. During our second day in LA, I received a phone call from Guenny Pires who, it turns out, is an award-winning documentarian. He was happy to learn that we moved to his neck of the woods and welcomed us to the West Side. I later learned about his documentary, CONTRACT, which deals with the Cape Verdean laborers who moved to St. Tome in search of employment opportunities, and their struggles. (Do yourself a favor and get a copy of the film. Guenny won for best documentary at the Roxbury film festival!) We are scheduled to attend a showing of his latest documentary which was filmed in Brazil. I find it amazing to fly across the country and discover that we have a family member who can serve as a mentor to us. I know a lot of people believe in guardian angels and such fantasies, but I just think we are positive individuals who work hard and take chances. I guess in the end, the truth will be revealed! BELIEVE IT OR NOT!


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***I promised to write the post about a future rap star and I did. The post includes an interview so the process was a little longer than I anticipated. I will post the entry on Monday!***


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OOPS They Did It Again

I honestly cannot express how much I enjoy watching the Patsies lose a big game. There is nothing more pathetic than watching a washed-up group of veterans attempting to hold onto skills which they no longer possess. Watching Tom Brady and the offense trying to keep up with the young Giants, was like watching Michael Jordan play for the Wizards; it’s time for number 12 to hang-up the cleats. (I believe he’ll be more comfortable wearing UGG boots, anyway!)

I didn’t really care about the game; I just didn’t want to be forced to attend a mass and I definitely didn’t want to participate. This was the most nerve racking Super Bowl that I ever watched. I was nervous the entire time. I think the only reason I didn’t have a nervous breakdown, is the fact that I was surrounded by great people and picturesque scenery; for a view from the patio atop a hill, check out my Facebook page.

This season was a blast. The great Tim Tebow established himself as the future of the league, and the lowly Patsies and their steal of an acquisition, “Ocho-Stinko” sucked the big one and blew another Super Bowl. (Watching the Elvis helmet boys lose Super Bowls never gets old!)

I am not a Giants fan, but I would like to thank Eli and the gang for dominating the Brady Bunch!

***I will end this post in observance of the day of mourning in New England!***

Another great regular season and nothing to show for it!

Interesting fact: I just noticed that today’s date is 2-6-12. Today is a math problem. 2 times 6 is equal to 12! (That probably doesn’t happen often!)

It’s Tebow Time!!!


This Actually Happened – February 4th, 2012

It’s Curtain Time

The other day, we were at Target picking up some essential items for the apartment when @EFidalgo12 demanded that we purchase new shower curtains. “We definitely need to grab new curtains; we should even get new rings that hold up the curtains!” He said. I was completely in agreement; there is no telling what bodily fluids have been discarded on the old shower curtain. Not only was this a cleanliness issue, but we were preventing the possible spread of STDs! (There is a good chance that the previous tenant was a prostitute!) We found the items with little effort and picked out a basic shade. (In an effort to enhance the tale, @EFidalgo12 was peeved because Target didn’t have fuchsia colored curtains!) Later in the evening, after gathering the most necessary items, we returned to our sanitized apartment. I had been drinking beverages (non-alcoholic in this instance!) and nature called. After relieving my liver of some waste-filled fluids, I asked @EFidalgo12 to walk into the bathroom and tell me if he noticed anything wrong. He obliged and carefully looked over every nook and cranny of our lavatory. He couldn’t find any problem. I carefully pointed to the shower and asked, “where the hell are you planning to hang the shower curtains?” It turns out that we have glass doors in the shower. (Yes, we are, indeed, idiots!) The curtains and rings were returned for a lamp. We are both college educated! BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

Tomorrow’s game is arguably the scariest sporting event of my life. I do not want to be forced to go to church!

On this Super Bowl Sunday, I hope to read from the Book of Eli!



This Actually happened – September 24th, 2011

Only In New York New Jersey

On Monday, I traveled to New Jersey for Monday Night Football. The New York Giants were hosting the St. Louis Rams. (Yes, the New York football teams play in New Jersey!) No, I haven’t switched my allegiance; I am still a loyal Broncos fan. My cousin‘s boyfriend plays for the Rams and he provided us with tickets; big THANKS to the two of them! It was a great experience! Due to the fact that the Rams were the visiting team, the seats were literally at the top of the stadium. MetLife Stadium is unbelievable so any seat would have been great. The seats turned out to be perfect. There were several Rams’ fans in the area so we didn’t have to be surrounded by annoying Giants’ fans! GO BOSTON! The reason I’ll never forget the experience is what happened a few rows in front of us. One of New York’s proud citizens had a bit too much to drink. He couldn’t hold his liquor and puked all over the guy who was seated in front of him. (It was hilarious. Well, for everyone except the recipient!) The victim quickly stood up and yelled, “What the Fuck!” The culprit, who was too drunk to grasp the severity of the situation, simply shrugged his shoulders and gave the sorry-I’m-a-douche face. I was expecting the guy to get pummeled, but he was clearly already destroyed. Cooler heads prevailed and nothing happened. At the end of the game, there was an empty seat with a red, vomit-soaked, Giants’ jersey underneath. BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

 Objects in the picture were closer than they appear!

Tune in to ESPN at 7pm (Eastern Standard Time) and watch the Gators destroy Kentucky for their fourth win of the season!

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I will also give a brief update of Shamu! (Read the post from August 20th if you have no idea what I am talking about!)