This Actually Happened – February 11th, 2011

The World Is Truly A Small Place

Prior to our move to Los Angeles, my cousin told us about another cousin of ours who she met through Facebook. She contacted him and informed him of our big move. This new cousin lives in the Los Angeles area and I immediately friended him on Facebook. During our second day in LA, I received a phone call from Guenny Pires who, it turns out, is an award-winning documentarian. He was happy to learn that we moved to his neck of the woods and welcomed us to the West Side. I later learned about his documentary, CONTRACT, which deals with the Cape Verdean laborers who moved to St. Tome in search of employment opportunities, and their struggles. (Do yourself a favor and get a copy of the film. Guenny won for best documentary at the Roxbury film festival!) We are scheduled to attend a showing of his latest documentary which was filmed in Brazil. I find it amazing to fly across the country and discover that we have a family member who can serve as a mentor to us. I know a lot of people believe in guardian angels and such fantasies, but I just think we are positive individuals who work hard and take chances. I guess in the end, the truth will be revealed! BELIEVE IT OR NOT!


Be sure to check back tomorrow for a preview of next week’s posts!



***I promised to write the post about a future rap star and I did. The post includes an interview so the process was a little longer than I anticipated. I will post the entry on Monday!***


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Thank You

Thanks to everyone who helped send us off yesterday; it was a fun event. I would also like to thank everyone who was there in spirit.

Great drinks, great people, great food, and it was a pleasure to get the chance to watch an audience, while they watched a film that we created! (I will definitely miss the food!)

We have less than 24 hours in Boston and then we’ll officially be West Siders! The assimilation process should go smoothly since I’ve been listening to West Coast music for most of my life. (Yay Yayee!)

I’ll probably prepare for the trip by listening to all of my West Coast CDs. Yes people, I don’t download music; I listen to actual CDs that I purchased from the actual store racks. (I am single handedly keeping the music industry alive!)

It’s early and I am exhausted with plenty to do; Thanks for all the support!!!

“Throw it up, hold it up, guns bust fo’ fingas up

Two twisted in the middle with the thumb cuffed” – W.C.


I Don’t Think I Saw That

I spend a great deal of my free time watching movies. I love all types of films, especially independent ones. The big multimillion dollar Hollywood blockbusters are fine, but I think the studios spend too much money on special effects and creative cinematography, forgetting to generate interesting characters. I’d much rather watch The Pursuit of Happiness than Transformers. (I get it; you have wonderful CGI guys!)

Two of my favorite channels are the Independent Film Channel (IFC) and the Sundance Channel. I can’t get enough of the foreign films. There are great productions which come from the United States, but there is an indescribable realness that comes from an independent film; you can feel each writer and director pouring everything they have into telling their stories.

My Dinner With Andre is an interesting film, and it’s just two guys sitting at a restaurant table and talking; a great story will always capture an audience. If you’ve seen one car blowup; you’ve seen a million. (All that other nonsense is for the people who don’t care to think!)

I own an unusually large amount of movies. Why? Because I like movies! (I am always quick to point out my fairly large book collection whenever people assume I don’t read!) Friends often wonder why anyone would purchase movies, but I am built differently. I have diagnosed myself with a perplexing condition; Movie Memory Defect. (MMD is more commonly known as Pete’s Disease!)

**Don’t worry; Pete’s Disease is not contagious!**

     “What the heck is that?” Don’t feel bad if you never heard of the disorder; mine is the only documented case. (I am currently searching for others!) If you have been living with MMD, don’t be ashamed; we can support each other.

Pete’s Disease is a weird disorder. From what is known, the affected individual will begin to notice changes after their twenty-first birthday.

Here is my story:

I’ve always loved watching movies. My favorites included Jaws, First Blood, the Rocky series, The Godfather, Scarface, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, among others. I like the original movie; not that Johnny Depp nonsense with the same oompa loompa! (From this day forth, Willy Wonka will be known as “Two Dubs,” so I can retain my street credit!)

I was a movie buff; I could recall any line from any film. Still to this day, I know Scarface and Two Dubs by heart. When I turned twenty-one, I began to lose my ability to recollect movies. Three months after watching a film, I would completely forget the entire plot and, in most cases, the title. Over the years, the condition has gotten worse. Before, a few pivotal scenes could jog my memory, but now, I simply can’t remember viewing some films. (It’s a little crazy!)

I often search through the movie channels and pick the most interesting film. More often than not, I will end up picking a movie that I previously watched. Sometimes, it can take me about ten minutes to remember, but I won’t recall anything about the plot. If the film seems intriguing, I’ll watch it again; it’ll be as if I am watching the movie for the first time. After six months or so, I will not be able to remember anything about a movie, unless it was amazing.

Memento was a great movie. I can remember the fact that the scenes unfolded backwards, but I have no idea what the movie is about. I know The Pursuit of Happiness was a great film, but all I remember is the fact that Will Smith went through some struggles, and then he did something great with mathematics, I think! I remember the beginning of Avatar because I re-watched the first hour, a month ago, but I’m not sure, exactly, how it ends. (I just know the good guys win!)

I buy movies because I know that I can always watch them over and over again, and the experience will always be a new one. The weird thing about MMD is the fact that I can remember everything about the classic movies. If I saw a film, prior to my twenty-first birthday, I am able to recall everything.

Thankfully, I can remember if a movie was good or bad, unless the movie is ok. In those instances, I won’t recollect the film, but at least I will know that it wasn’t horrible. The weird thing is the fact that Pete’s Disease only affects movies; I have no problem remembering books. (One day, scientists will be able to find a cure!)

I actually enjoy having MMD; watching a great movie, again, for the first time, is an indescribable feeling. That being said, I do hope a cure is discovered one day; in the future, others may not appreciate the side effects as much as I do.

I know this may seem like a completely made up disorder, but those who know me well, will be able to corroborate my story.

Here are a few lists of notable movies:

Top Five movies I am proud to say, I never watched!

  1. Gigli – Part of me wants to see the movie so I can actually experience the monumental “suckiness” for myself, but I don’t plan on ever viewing this flop.
  2. Soul Plane – Do I even have to explain why I never want to watch this crap? Honestly!
  3. Sex and the City – I’m an atheist, but I was raised as a Christian. I just don’t want to support such whorishness. You can call the ladies independent if you want, but I’ll pass on watching a movie which requires a condom for protection from STDs.
  4.  Son of Mask – I loved the original film. The world was introduced to Cameron Diaz, at the height of her hotness. (She will never be as hot again. Not even if you watch the movie again!) I’ll definitely pass on this garbage.
  5. This one is a three-way tie. Glitter/From Justin to Kelly/ Crossroads – Decent singers don’t necessarily make decent actors. STOP IT!!! If you are a fan of one of these stars, please save them from humiliation and boycott their future endeavors into the acting business. (For every Will Smith, there are at least ten Crossroads!)

Top Five movies I wish I never saw!

  1. Straight Out of Brooklyn – Not only did this film suck, but I joined my cousin on a walk to the video store and we selected this failure. The walk was pretty bad, but the letdown was worse; we actually thought we discovered a diamond in the rough!
  2. Pi – I read the back cover and figured I stumbled upon a sure fire hit; boy was I wrong! This film sucked! (I actually purchased this “piece of bread!”) **Anyone is welcome to borrow it!**
  3. Wolf Creek – This was truly a suspense-less suspense film! I had the misfortune of watching this one in a theatre! Woe was me! (Don’t watch it!)
  4. Barb Wire – If you want to see Pam Anderson naked, Google her; don’t waste your time watching this trash! (In my defense, the internet was fairly new when I saw this “movie!”)
  5. I Know Who Killed Me – I didn’t watch the entire film. It was on while I was writing yesterday’s post; from what I saw, I had absolutely zero interest in paying attention!

Top Five movies of all time!

  1. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Two Dubs) – This is the most enjoyable movie to watch!
  2. Scarface – This is honestly the proverbial “1b,” but it has become cliché to put this movie at the top!
  3. Dumb and Dumber – This is, hands down, the funniest film of all time!
  4. Coming to America – Hilarious movie; I love watching it! (If it’s on television, I can’t turn it off!)
  5. Jaws – Truly a classic! “Here’s to swimming with bowlegged women!” (To read about my fascination with sharks, click the link: My Obsession With Sharks.)

Honorable mentionsThe Rocky series, First Blood, City of God, Braveheart, The Karate Kid (Daniel son),The Indiana Jones series, and Gladiator. (I began looking over the collection and there are too many great films to mention them all!)

The Top movie which no longer scares the crap out of me, since I became an atheist!

  1. The Exorcist – This was undoubtedly the scariest movie of all time, but now that I know there is no devil, it’s not scary at all! Do your children a favor and protect them from such unnecessary sleepless nights! (I recently watched a great documentary which provided scientific explanations for “exorcisms!”)


The Top craziest movie I watched!

  1. Sleeping Dogs Lie – If you haven’t seen this movie, this is your warning; watch with caution. I hope I never experience this type of craziness! (Yuck!) For those who have watched the movie, our lives will never be the same!

The great thing about opinions is the fact that everyone has one. If you enjoyed such classic crap as Soul Plane, speak up and support your favorites. (The enjoyment of Soul Plane may affect your future employment opportunities!)

These lists are a not set in stone. Due to my MMD, I may have forgotten some movies!



It all started in the Summer of 1995. My cousin “Zep” purchased the new ‘Dumb and Dumber’ VHS. “It’s the funniest movie I have ever seen!” (EVER!!!) The way he talked about the comedy, I just had to view the tape. (Yeah, I said tape, it was ’95!) Long story short, I fell in love with the movie. From that day forth, I always wanted to make my own movie…but how the hell was that going to happen?

Fast forward to the Fall of 2009; it was the middle of September. My cousin “Ema” discovered a script writing contest and we decided to create a story for submission. The script had to be for a short film, which meant no longer than 29 minutes. The deadline was November 22nd, so we figured there was plenty of time. Two weeks later, we finally decided to stop lollygagging. (Procrastination is a hell of a drug!) [Doesn’t lollygagging sound like it should mean “choking,” how the hell does it mean pussy-footing? Pussy-footing? How the hell does that word mean “procrastinating?” Sounds like it should be the title of some fetish porno!] During the forced brainstorming session, we each came up with decent ideas but nothing really concrete. After several minutes, I said, “What if we did a movie about two friends who fight with water?” Great idea I thought. “That’s the fucking dumbest thing I ever heard!” E replied. (This is how we talk to each other. There is a mutual respect, so nothing is personal.) “That’s cause you’re a fucking idiot; let me explain!” I shot back.

I clarified the concept and he added his spin to the plot. The night ended with a solid idea. The following day, he sent me a text with an idea for the name; Water Cycle! “Perfect!” That was easy!

Fast forward to November 20th. “Yo, we have to write that script today; the deadline is in two days!” Ema stated. “Yeah, I’ve been here, you’ve been bullshitting!” I reasoned. (I’m not blaming the procrastination on E; I am stating a fact. At the time, I was stuck in the house in a Halo brace, while this guy was out, at all hours of the night, performing community service and helping immigrants learn English! What a great kid! Well, at least that’s what I was told he was doing!)

As much as we hate to procrastinate, we have always managed to perform in the clutch. Needless to say, the script was completed and ready to be submitted the following day. E left for Cape Verde at the end of the month and we used the Internet to keep in contact. In a way, I was living vicariously through his tales. (Don’t get the wrong idea; nothing exciting. All I heard about were stories of clean-up efforts and missionary work. I’m stuck in the house and I can’t get one tale about a drunken-condom-less mistake? C’mon Bro! You’re overseas for Pete’s sake!) ***Clearly, I will neither confirm nor deny what actually happened during his trip to CV! If you want the truth, “pick ‘em up!” (I meant to say “hit him up,” but Dumb and Dumber is in my head.)***

On a rainy day in May, I received an e-mail containing wonderful news; We won the competition. (It wasn’t really raining, but I was born in April and I’m tired of people exaggerating how much it rains!!! ALL OTHER MONTHS SUCK!!!) [“Oh, I get it. He was born in April; no wonder he’s a fool!” I’m no fool; no siree!] Let me mention the prize. The first place was all the necessary equipment to film the script, and the movie was to be shown at the Boston Film Festival. (We didn’t really believe any of this, but we remained cautiously optimistic!)

Towards the end of March, E returned from CV. About a month later, we received an e-mail asking for the equipment list. “What? How the hell are we going to figure that out?” I wondered. “I know how!” Ema declared confidently. “My friend ‘Ant’ is in the business and I’ll ask him what we need.” He continued.

Ant sent a detailed list, complete with first and second options. It was pretty impressive. (Good looks Ant!) The list might as well have been written in Chinese because we had no idea what most of the words meant. Here is a small glimpse into the conversation while we reviewed the e-mail. “AG-HPX300; that has to be the lighting equipment.” I guessed. “8 foot straight track; must be the sound equipment!” E assumed. (WAY OFF! The AG-HPX300 is the camera we used, and 8 foot straight track, is an actual track, used for rolling the camera back and forth.) [My mind is ridiculous; the lyrics “Back, back, forth, and forth” from Aaliyah’s ‘Back and Forth’ just popped into my head.] We forwarded the list to Michelle, who represented the competition and she agreed to most of the equipment.

Next phase, how do we find actors. The first step, send an E-mail to P. Barros and ask him to forward it to his contacts. Check! Little did we know, P did us one better. “I called my boy Ted, who is in the industry, and he said to hit him up and he’ll help out.” (Good Looking out fam!) We made the connection, and agreed to meet Ted at Cesaria for a business dinner. (If you’re looking for great food in the Boston area, look no further than Restaurante Cesaria! I highly recommend the place!) What a great guy. Ted was amazing. He used his connections with SAG and helped us set up the auditions. (Screen Actors Guild)

Although Ted wowed us, we had to have a back up plan. That’s when “T” got involved. We created a flyer and T arranged for his mom to print out free copies for us. (Thank you for that!!! Having a great family is amazing!) When the prints arrived, I jumped in the car with E and T, (Almost makes me want to phone home!) and we hit the campuses; Harvard, BU, BC, UMass Boston, etc. We asked for permission to place the flyers on campus, and usually didn’t have a problem. When we did encounter some resistance, we put them up anyway! (We are from Boston!)

Thanks to Jason and John from DSNI, we were able to use the conference room for the auditions. (We truly milked every family connection!) Thanks to “Nira” for stepping up and helping out with the auditions. We truly didn’t know what to expect. Were actors going to show up? There were five characters in the script, so we at least hoped three males and two females would tryout.

I was joined by E, T, “TC,” “Josh,” “T-Water,” and Ted. We couldn’t believe the turnout. Actors from as far as Connecticut and Maine showed up. Nira handled the sign-up sheet and T read with each candidate. It was one of the most enjoyable days of my life. (During our first meeting with the selected actors, we asked for feedback on the audition process, and the consensus was, “professional!”) **Thank you to all the talented people who came out to audition!**

An interesting occurrence happened during one of our meetings with T-Water, who helped out as the PA, fulfilling some ridiculous Roxbury Latin ritual. (One of the Fake Latin Schools!) I was reviewing the script with Ema, adding some final touches, and T-Water said, “Damn, you guys always fight.” We had no clue what he was talking about. We were having a normal conversation, trying to figure out the best dialogue. (Or so we thought!)

Who to choose? There is nothing better for a movie than the problem of having too much talent. We gathered on a Sunday and watched the videos. (Of course we filmed the auditions.) We even filmed the selection process. (Thanks to TC for coming through with the camera!) It was a fight to the finish, but we managed to agree on five actors. Everything was coming together perfectly. (We selected Rito Andrade, Katherine Sao, Chris Johnson, Alessia Novak, Bill Mootos, and Kyrell Depina. We added a new scene!) Great Cast!

One evening, I sat in the living room with Ema and we decided to view the tape of the cast selection process. That’s when we were faced with reality. WE ARGUE A LOT! It’s been happening for so many years that we don’t even notice. (Sometimes people probably think we hate each other, but I guess that’s what happens when two jerks collide.) [Not collide like in the Howie Day song though!]

The equipment came from Rule Boston Camera. Bryan, who was extremely encouraging and helpful, suggested we choose a long weekend in order to keep the equipment for an extra day. Memorial Day it was! Thankfully, Ant and his friend Joe made the drive from New York and walked us through the filming process.

We walked into Rule and Bryan led us to the equipment. (Thousands of dollars.) Joe and Ant checked all of the gear and we carried the lot into two vehicles. The filming process was an experience.

On Thursday, Ant and Joe arrived from New York. We had a fridge full of beer and the plan was to order some food and set up the schedule. (I don’t know the exact number, but there were over fifty beers in the fridge.) Around two in the AM, Ant went to the fridge and Ema yelled, “Grab me one too!” I also yelled for a cold one and so did Joe. “Oh shit! That’s it, the final four!” Ant yelled. We couldn’t believe it. March Madness? No! Not that final four. It was time to call it a night.

The cast was scheduled to arrive at noon, allowing us time to set up the equipment. The first day of filming was amazing. We had many great people who came and helped out. “Liz,” did the Makeup, Jess helped with the props, and my brother Justin was the jack-of-all-trades. I can’t forget Brett. He responded to the SAG e-mail and asked to be a part of the filming process. “Of Course! C’mon down.” (The price was right…FREE! Making independent movies is about the experience, not the money.) Brett was great with the sound. My cousin G helped out on-set as well. The first day of shooting ended at the Beach. (What do you think is going to happen when you have two beautiful women and a bunch of guys running the set; WE DECIDED TO ADD SOME BEACH SCENES WITH BIKINIS!!!) The group shared some food and called it a day. What a success.

Day two. This was the longest day. (Before I forget. There is a scene in the movie which required a little guerrilla film tactics. We all agreed to meet at 5am on day two, to film the shot we needed. As day one came to a close, we agreed to shoot the scene on Sunday, instead. Everyone was briefed. Day one was another long night of preparation. We didn’t sleep until 3:30am. Two hours later, Ema was awakened by a phone call. It was Chris. “Hey what’s going on?” E asked. “I’m outside.” Chris replied. “FUCK!” E thought. WE FORGOT TO TELL CHRIS ABOUT THE CHANGE! I still feel bad about that one.) The crew reassembled at 9am, and we filmed scene after scene after scene. Bill, who was only available on Saturday, arrived, learned his new lines in ten minutes, banged out the scene like the pro he is, and left. It was unbelievable. (He did slam down G’s snowboards pretty hard, SORRY ABOUT THAT! No harm, no foul.) After Bill departed, we continued to film scene after scene after scene; I thought the day would never end.

10pm, “One more scene and we can call it a day.” The most challenging scene to shoot, because we all wanted to kill each other. I think there were seven different heated arguments. The scene, which was fairly simple, wrapped up after a couple hours. Finally, we called it a night. Tempers were high; no planning for the Sunday’s shoot—straight to bed!

Day Three was about reconciliation. We commenced at 6am, but the previous day was in the past. (Obviously!) The guerrilla scene was perfect. The final scenes were easy. Kyrell arrived and did an amazing job. (What a natural.) FINISHED!!! Truly a grueling three days, but it was all worth it in the end. Phenomenal experience!

The editing process was aided by TC and “D.” Talk about a long tedious procedure. Watching every cut of every scene and splicing the movie together frame by frame. Adding audio, adding the score; I wanted to kill myself. (Thanks to TC for providing the editing equipment, thanks to your girl…the food was delicious. WE ATE LIKE KINGS!) I can’t forget Grand Larceny for providing a track, and lending technical support.

Overall, co-producing the movie with my man E was an unforgettable experience! We plan on having a screening in the Fall! We didn’t forget the actors; we still have some mastering to finish up with a true sound wizard, Timmy. The finished copies are coming!!!

How could I forget, the Boston Film Festival thing didn’t happen. No worries, we have an opportunity to improve the final copy. 2012 film festival circuit—RISUS PRODUCTIONS IS COMING!