Not enough time

Today was another great day. Perfect weather and meeting more wonderful people. I would elaborate, but I have to wakeup at 6am, so it’s definitely bed time!

I may add to this post later on in the day, depending on how things unfold!

Go Broncos!


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What A Way To Spend The Day

Sunday started off pretty normal; except for the fact that the first game began at 10am. We agreed to meet a friend of ours at a bar called Happy Ending, near the heart of Hollywood. Unbeknownst to us, the place was a New York themed establishment. The bartender wore his lucky Giants jersey and Big Apple memorabilia littered the walls. One might expect that a Boston fan might dislike the New York homage, but I spent a great deal of time in New York so I felt right at home. (The environment brought back some great memories!)

The New York Football Giants killed the lowly Falcons and which made the faithful more jubilant. It was a great environment to watch the game and we were well prepped for the main event. To our amazement, there were several other Broncos fans in the building and a healthy number of Steelers fans.

The game started off stupendously and the Great Tim Tebow led his team to an early lead. We had some light banter with the Steel City fandom which created for a more enjoyable experience. With the Broncos leading at the half by a score of 20 to 6, I was disappointed to watch the biggest Steelers fan of them all, walk out in disgust! (This guy needs to get a lesson in “gotta support the team!”)

I don’t have to remind everyone about the details; yesterday’s epic playoff victory will go down in history. We will all remember where we were when we saw Tebow Time enter into the post season. I’m not sure where we will watch next weekend’s games, but two of the waitresses are originally from Green Bay and they both promised to wear their jerseys for the big game against the Giants. It definitely should be a great atmosphere!

After the game which ended around five o’clock, locally, we headed for a cookout! (LA is an amazing place to live!) We ended up meeting some great people through one of @EFifdalgo12’s connections and they welcomed us to their home in East Los Angeles. I’m sure many people have their own thoughts about East Los, but we have nothing but positive things to say about the people and the area; we can’t wait to go back!

There was one major hiccup. We planned on buying some alcohol before arriving; we don’t like to show up empty handed. The first liquor store we entered was an experience we’ll never forget. The woman behind the counter notified us that she no longer sold alcoholic beverages. We were definitely shocked, but there was another liquor store directly across the street, so we assumed the competition got the better of her.

We entered and suffered the same fate; there was absolutely zero alcohol in the store. We called the house and explained our situation. In an effort to welcome us to the city, Leo was understanding and suggested that we bring soda. Showing up to a cookout with a couple bottles of soda is not our style, but we had very little choice in matter.

Apparently, there was a crackdown on liquor stores which operated outside of the law and the host, Carlos, was well aware of the situation. Thankfully, we were saved from embarrassment, and the next time we’ll purchase the liquor prior to arriving in East Los!

Carlos and his family were gracious and welcoming. We truly feel as if we are home! Obviously, no city will be able to replace Boston, but LA is definitely going to be where we plan on living for the foreseeable future.

     I would have to say that the highlight of the night came towards the end of the evening. We explained that we are die hard Broncos fans and the guys listened attentively to our explanations for why we are all about the Mile High Ponies. They also admired our courage to just pick up and move across the country. Carlos shook his head and said the following, “I think it’s great that you guys flew out here and are trying to pursue your dreams; most people would be scared. I understand why you guys are here, but there is one thing that continues to baffle me. I get the whole explanation about being kids and hating the Patriots, but I just can’t understand why you guys like the Broncos. And I don’t think I will ever understand; it just doesn’t make any sense!” (Leo and Carlos are both Raiders fans; a fact that we definitely enjoyed!)

Los Angeles has its challenges, but for the most part, the people are friendly, helpful, and down to earth. I get the whole superficial stereotype, but we simply haven’t come across those types of people. Tomorrow is another day, and I can’t wait to wake up to a completely new experience!

By the way, getting up at 8am Pacific Time is the easiest thing ever. (I hope I am able to stay on Eastern Standard Time, forever!)

**We definitely had the AC on blast in the car, today!**


This Actually Happened – December 24th, 2011

You Betcha

     Although the Denver Broncos lost last week, some good may come out of the game; I made an interesting bet with one of my cousins. At the end of the day, nothing may come out of this, but if one of us wins, it will be epic! Before I reveal the details of the wager, allow me to give some background. My cousin is the executive director of a nonprofit organization. He has an Ivy League degree, and he has never consumed a drop of alcohol. If the Denver Broncos win the Super Bowl, he will be forced to purchase a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label and take three shots. (I hope he doesn’t turn into an alcoholic! *WINK*) If the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl, I will have to attend a mass at St Patrick’s Church in Roxbury, and SING the hymn! (Lucky for me, I have a great singing voice!) I have faith in Tebow! I honestly think the Broncos will come through for me! BELIEVE IT OR NOT!




Humble Pie Tastes Like Chicken

Statistics are wonderful and can be helpful during any sports argument, but there is one guaranteed truth; the winning team is better than the losing team. If you don’t believe me, try telling a Chiefs fan that the Packers are better! Yesterday, I watched my Denver Broncos lose to the Patsies; I was not happy with the results. (Losses are for losers!)

I love the passion that comes from true sports fans. There is nothing that I enjoy more than great trash talking. I can dish it out and I have no problem listening to someone else gloat as their team beats my team. I am a diehard fan who believes that my team is better than your team. Unfortunately, we can’t win every game. It seems that the Broncos winning streak ends at six. In the next few weeks, I will hear a bunch of nonsense about how bad the team is, but we all know the truth; the Broncos are Super Bowl contenders!

As much as I hate to say it, the Patsies were the better team. Nothing matters other than the final score. Although I am extremely upset with the way the Broncos played, I believe the team will continue to improve. At the end of the day, win or lose, the Broncos were locked into the 4th playoff spot; the loss wasn’t really a big deal, except for the fact that it was a BIG deal. (There is nothing worse than losing to the Patsies!)

Great words, except for the nonsense at the end!

     These famous words come from the great Tim Tebow. In 2008, the Gators lost to Ole Miss, and Tebow promised to perform at a higher level; the team won the National Title at the end if the season! I believe in Tim Tebow!

Yesterday’s loss reminds me of an incident which happened 2001. The New England Patsies started the season at 1-3. We tortured the fans and looked forward to another horrible season for the hometown scrubs. If you have a decent memory, you will remember that the Patsies turned their season around and won the Super Bowl. (Tebow will lead the Broncos to the promise land!)

I have nothing more to say about the game. Congrats to the Patsies; we will play better in the future! To the victor, go the spoils!

Go Broncos!

 It’s still TEBOW TIME!!!

P.S. If you are wondering, I did not enjoy writing this post!


Coming this week (21)

I will write a post about Thanksgiving Day. It will be my 150th!

My review of Lee Strobel’s book will also be posted. Did I become a believer? (My review of Penn Jillette’s book can be read here: I Read A Book And I Liked It.)


Due to the fact that Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos destroyed the Jets on Thursday, tomorrow will be a boring Sunday! (Do your best to make it through the day!)


For those of you who have yet to view the Lee Corso video, here is a link. ENJOY!!!





Coming this week (18)

For Halloween, the site will have a costume, and the blog post will be written accordingly.  (In order to view the costume, you must visit the site from a computer, or leave the mobile site and click on the full site!)

Tuesday’s post will contain the laws, unless my idea is rejected, or Joan decides not to show up.

I will also write about a great television program, Family Feud.

As always, a new episode of Bagging Up will be up on Friday.

If you want a laugh, read this short poem from a blog I follow! *Across the road from me…*

Enjoy your Sunday and be sure to watch the great Tim Tebow destroy the Detroit Lionesses!

Thanks for continuing to read!



Most people get confused when it comes to the topic of sportsmanship. The term has nothing to do with the score. Sportsmanship is about how you treat the opponent; competitors should always shake hands after the contest and say, “good game.” You can even help an opponent get up after a play is over, during a football game. That is all that sportsmanship encompasses.

For this post, I will focus on football. I can only enjoy a really close game with a great finish, or a big embarrassing blowout; running up the score is not unsportsmanlike. The only place where running up the score should be frowned upon is in Pop Warner football. Even then, running up the score should be the option of the coach. Personally, I would run up the score every chance I got. (Don’t tell me the kids don’t want to run up the score. My nephew was extremely proud when his team blew out the opponent 46-0!)

I support running up the score because there are many players on each team who put in a lot of hard work during the week and they deserve to get in during “garbage time.” These backups also deserve to run the same plays as the starters; they want to score too! Running up the score can also be a great way to send a message to the next opponent. No one wants to play against the team that scored 70 in their previous game; the psychological effects are immeasurable. The losing team will understand that they do not belong on the field and the next opponent will have some fear. Plus, recruits want to play for a coach who will put up the big numbers. (Chicks dig touchdowns!)

NFL players are paid way too much money to cry about an opponent running up the score; man up and play some defense.  In college, running up the score is a necessity. The entire season is contingent on each teams ranking. The best way to impress voters is to have as many blow out victories as possible. (Any coach who avoids running up the score is placing his team at a disadvantage.)

Last year, former Florida Gators coach Urban Meyer allowed a walk-on senior defensive lineman to carry the ball three times while the team was on the goal line. The kid, a hard worker, was rewarded on senior day, and Meyer didn’t care about running up the score. (It doesn’t get classier than that.)

Meyer also had a great way of answering any disrespectful behavior. During a rivalry game against Georgia, the Gators were embarrassed. After scoring the first touchdown of the game, the entire Georgia bench ran into the end zone and celebrated. The following year, the Gators were up big against Georgia and instead of allowing the clock to run out, Meyer called timeouts to prolong the game.

Also, it is important to remember that the games are sixty minutes long. Players should give it their best until the final whistle blows. If you don’t want the other team to run up the score, play better defense. There are too many instances in which one team amounts a big lead, then they decide to shut it down and are forced to work hard to avoid an epic comeback. (RUN IT UP!)

My favorite coach of all time is Steve Spurrier. While he was at Florida, he constantly ran up the score. He is known as “the old ball coach.” I believe the moniker was given to him because his teams scored more than basketball squads. Not only did Spurrier constantly run up the score, but he did a little trash talking at the press conferences. Here are a couple of his best lines:

“You can’t spell Citrus without U-T.” UT stands for Tennessee, one of Florida’s rivals. The second place team in the SEC East usually went to the Citrus bowl.

“But the real tragedy was that 15 hadn’t been colored yet.” There was a fire at Auburn’s football dorm which destroyed 20 books.

Spurrier was notorious for running up the score. Whenever the Gators failed to score at least 60 points, I felt as if we didn’t play well. (Yes, I said we. I am “one of those fans”!) The best Steve Spurrier story came in the Sugar bowl against FSU for the national title in 1996. The Gators were ranked number one in the country but lost to number four Florida State in the regular season. During the FSU celebration, one of the Florida student assistants was trampled. The Gators moved back to the top of the rankings after winning the conference championship the following week.  The two teams played a rematch in the National Title game in the Sugar Bowl.

Spurrier promised the assistant that he would do his best to get revenge. True to his word, the Gators blew out the Seminoles by a score of 52-20. Spurrier was shown on the sidelines urging his players to run up the score. (He literally gave the run-it-up signal.) At one point, the assistant asked Spurrier to score more and he replied, “I’m trying son!” (Greatest coach ever!)

The Old Ball Coach & Gator Great Danny Wuerffel

     I feel the scoring was justified, especially since the Gators lost by a score of 62-24 in the previous season’s Championship game against Nebraska. I had to endure every single excruciating moment. Sometimes every team is on the business end of an ass-whooping. (For me, the Nebraska game was “good times!” As you can probably imagine, my phone didn’t stop ringing during that blowout.)

One of my favorite stories concerning running up the score happened on ESPN Sunday Night Football. The Vikings were playing the Seahawks and everything went wrong for Minnesota. The Vikings were down 35 points in the first half and commentator Mike Patrick said, “if you are just tuning in, the game recap is simple, the Seahawks won the toss and elected to kick the bejesus out of the Vikings!” (It was classic!)

Another favorite blow out game happened last year in the PAC 10 conference; USC was playing Stanford. For those who don’t know, USC has a history of dominating the conference and blowing teams out. Last year, Stanford was the better team and coach Jim Harbaugh decided to go for a two point conversion at the end of the game. No big deal except for the fact that Stanford won 55-21. USC coach Pete Carroll approached Harbaugh after the game and asked, “What’s your deal?”

Honestly, I have no idea why Carroll was angry. USC destroyed Stanford by a score of 66-19 in 2005. Harbaugh had the best possible response to Carroll’s question. He simply said, “What’s your deal?” (One of the best endings ever!)

Hands down, my favorite football moment of all time is not only funny, but a little racist. (OK, maybe it’s a lot racist!) The incident happened during a game on ESPN. I can’t remember the game but one team’s running backs were gaining a lot of yards and a commentator said, ‘’These guys are running like they’re the Denver Broncos.” This game happened in the early 2000’s when the Broncos had the league’s best run attack. Every year, no matter who the running back was, Denver put up big numbers. (I truly miss the good Old days!)

The other commentator replied, “No one runs like Denver. You can put a Puerto Rican back there and he’ll gain a thousand yards!” This was before DVR and I have searched high and low to find the footage, to no avail. (One day, I will find the tape!)

For those of you who are fans of running up the score, be sure to tune-in to the last game of the season between Florida and Florida State. The Gators were on a seven game win streak in the “rivalry”, before finally losing last year. To celebrate their victory, the Seminoles fans decided it was a good idea to pay for a banner to be flown above the stadium during the Gators’ spring game. The banner featured the score of last year’s game, 31-7, and the plane circled the stadium for an hour. (The Seminoles are idiots. Payback will be a bitch on her period!)


Coming this week (11)

This week I will write an entry about my novel. I added a snippet from the book to a new page on the blog, but I will give details about the story and explain how the tale evolved. I will also include a new query letter which I plan to send out to agents in hopes of gaining representation.

In another post, I’ll discuss Freshly Pressed. My goal is to create a worthy enough post to be selected. This will be my only attempt, since my usual entries contain material which is inappropriate! Wish me luck! (I’ll ONLY be competing against 380,000 bloggers!)

Enjoy your Sunday…remember the victims of 9-11!


P.S. The Notre Dame – Michigan game was UNBELIEVABLE! (Nothing beats college football!)

Congrats to the Gators for winning another game without allowing a touchdown!


I can’t wait to watch the Broncos in Monday Night’s Main Event. (The Patsies are on the undercard!)

Thanks for the continued support!

***Oh yeah, before I forget…Notre dame SUCKS! (Hopefully Kevin can read this!)***