365 Days Of Blogging

Today is June 28th; day number three hundred and sixty five since I started this blog. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a pretty decent accomplishment. I didn’t blog every day, but that was never a goal; this is post number 346. (Not too shabby!)

Thanks to all the people who continue to take a few minutes out of their day in order to read my words of wisdumb!

That being said, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that my blog is a year old and hasn’t learned how to walk yet. I honestly don’t know what I can do; I guess the blog is naturally lazy and I have to accept that fact. Who knows? Maybe it will never walk. When I think about it, the blog may not have walked but it did fly from Boston to Los Angeles. (I don’t know how many miles that is, but I’m pretty sure the blog out-flew the Wright Brothers by at least a quarter mile to a mile and a half!)

It was another beautiful day in Southern California. In fact, it’s been about two months since the last time it rained. I was told that it barely rains in Los Angeles during the summer, but that seems implausible; I didn’t believe it. Thankfully, I think it’s true!

***This post is just my way of saying thank you to the wonderful people who follow my blog. THANKS!***

Remember that every individual is in control of his or her respective lives. Nothing happens for a reason. That is one of the dumbest sayings ever! Everyone knows that “everything happens for a reason” is a cop-out. You can’t blame fate or the will of some higher power for the negative occurrences in your life, or else, me calling you a dumbass will happen for a reason!

There is also no such thing as karma. It is complete nonsense for anyone to try and keep score of the positive and negative events in his or her life. How the hell do you assign a value to specific each event? If you were asked to help a friend move and you decided to lie about having to work, you can’t blame karma for getting into a car accident a month later. First of all, a month is filled with ups and downs; am I supposed to accept the fact that none of those events are factored into your karma scoring system?

Furthermore, how is lying to a friend about having to work the same as getting into a car accident. Karma is one of those dumb things that people simply accept, blindly. Like faith, and every other nonsensical ways of thinking, once the logic test is applied it is easy to realize how one dumb human can influence future generations! (Are we to blame the Indians for inventing karma, or are we to blame the British East India Company for sharing the Buddhist way of thinking with the rest of the world!)

I find it funny that people often say, “everything happens for a reason,” but they can never figure out the mystical reason! From this day forth, I want to know the reason, or I will start calling out the dumbasses!



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Writing Through Writer’s Block

“There was a time, a long long time ago; Chevys and Levies played on the radio…”

I know when most of you were children, your parents probably sat you down in the living room, poured you a cup of tea and taught you about writer’s block. I’ll never forget the big day, “son, you can’t do anything about writer’s block; sometimes ‘god’ wants writers to slow down and think about what they should write.” My parents were right; writer’s block cannot be stopped, you can only hope to contain it.

Writer’s block is annoying and most likely comes from over-thinking. For no apparent reason, the mind will shut down and stop producing ideas. (There is no scientific explanation for writer’s block, so until one exists, we’ll go with the over-thinking theory!) I struggled with the condition for most of my life, until I finally arrived at a solution. Writing is the only way to cure writer’s block.

I know what you must be thinking; “who the heck is this idiot and what does he know about writer’s block?” I’m no expert, but I am someone who never has to deal with writer’s block. (Seriously!)

Experiencing writer’s block, is like going to the mall with a list of items to purchase and discovering the second store on your list is temporarily closed; you don’t sit there and wait, you move on and return later. Use the same solution when writing. When you get stuck, write down “think of a great idea and add it here,” and then add asterisks to the text; maybe even change the color to red. (The goal is to ensure that you remember to come back and edit!)

Once you have created a reminder for yourself, continue writing as if you came up with the perfect idea. Here is an example:

Dead goat heads look like dinosaurs. I remember the first time I saw one, *Write an example – get creative.*

One time, I buried a dead goat head in the back yard and I allowed it to remain hidden for three weeks. On the day of my big cookout, I shocked the guests by “discovering” a dinosaur fossil! They couldn’t believe that some of the flesh remained! It was great until my uncle pointed out that he *connect my uncle to the first time I saw a dead goat head. Maybe he was the one who made me cut it up.*

Add something about rather being bitten by sharks than dinosaurs! (As the ideas pop into your head, write them on the page and continue to write. Once you find the perfect place to insert each new idea, make your edits!)

[The End]

This is an example of how I am able to write without stopping because of writer’s block. Once you continue to write, the ideas will start to flow and you can go back and fill in the empty spaces. Attempting to force out creative content will only exacerbate the situation. (Writer’s block grows stronger when people try to force the issue!)

This approach can also work for someone who is having trouble coming up with a new idea. I believe anyone who wants to write should keep a stockpile of ideas with them at all times. Thankfully, we live in the era of “Technological Revolution.” My smart phone has a memo application which I constantly use to jot down ideas. (I currently have exactly 130 memos in my phone!)

** Those of you who do not keep up with the basic gadgets can carry around a small note pad!**

The ideas are great to have, but you may rifle through your collection and find that nothing sparks your interest. That’s not a problem; all you have to do is pick a random idea and start writing. Once the creative juices begin to flow, you will find the great idea you were looking for. (Reading can also help to get the creativity going!)

Music is another great way to prevent writer’s block. Life is filled with all types of distractions. Playing music in the background will control your surrounding area. Music can also be a great idea generator; you may hear some lyrics which can spark a topic.

These are the methods I use and I hope others can find them to be useful!

Although I love listening to Cash Money Records, I don’t play any rap while writing. (Except for Three Six Mafia’s, Doe Boy Fresh.) **If I could explain it, I would!**

My playlists consists of ‘80s rock classics and Magic 106.7 soft rock greats. Thanks to my cousin @Dtexboston, I now have Spotify. (I suggest you check it out!)

Here are thirty random songs from the playlist of over one hundred:

  1. Slice – Five For Fighting
  2. Carry You Home – James Blunt
  3. Faithfully – Journey
  4. World – Five for Fighting
  5. Daughters – John Mayer
  6. Collide – Howie Day
  7. She Will Be Loved – Maroon Five
  8. Here Comes The Sun – Beatles
  9. Copperline – James Taylor
  10. Who’s Crying Now – Journey
  11. Open Arms – Journey
  12. Billie jean – Michael Jackson
  13. Your Love – The Outfield
  14. Walking In Memphis – Marc Cohn
  15. Hotel California – The Eagles
  16. Superman – Five For Fighting
  17. 100 Years – Five For Fighting
  18. Chances – Five For Fighting
  19. High – James Blunt
  20. Carolina In My Mind – James Taylor
  21. It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday – Boyz II Men
  22. Losing My Religion – R.E.M.
  23. American Pie – John McLean
  24. I Ran – A Flock Of Seagulls
  25. Redemption Song – Bob Marley and The Wailers
  26. With Or Without You – U2
  27. I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing — Aerosmith
  28. Say – John Mayer
  29. This Romeo Ain’t Got Julie Yet – Diamond Rio
  30. This Is How We Do IT – Montell Jordan

<BONUS> Don’t Stop Believing — Journey

Judge me if you must, but I like good music! (I usually listen to Five For Fighting and Journey, for the most part!)

Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t have any of the songs from the movie Scarface!

**No Livity -- Rapaz Novo, either!**

If I had the time, I would definitely send a letter: “To whom it may concern!”

     ***Be advised, my solution for preventing writer’s block may only work for people with an extreme case of undiagnosed Attention Deficit Disorder. (I truly hope it works for everyone!)***

Good Luck!


A Promise To Azfal

If you like books about Dragons being chased by the awkward kid turned hero, you are in store for a monumental let down. A Promise To Azfal has no such fantasy story line. (Sorry) What you can expect to read is the “GREATEST NOVEL EVER WRITTEN.” (This is my humble and biased opinion!)

I planned on posting my latest query letter, but I realized that there are too many spoilers, so I will post a blurb instead.

“What the hell is a blurb or a query letter? Is that a gay letter?” No you imbecile. A query letter is a professional letter, written to literary agents, in which an author pitches a finished novel. It may seem easy, but query letters are quite challenging; the goal is to summarize my 391 page novel, in only one page. (It’s basically like using a blender to mix Mountain Dew, Coke, chocolate ice cream, a cherry, a kiwi, a strawberry, and one cashew nut—then asking someone to separate all of the ingredients into individual cups. Ok, it’s nothing like that, but it is a daunting task!)

The blurb is what you will find on the back cover of most books; it’s the reason most people purchase a novel. Blurbs can be one, two, or three paragraphs. For this post, I decided to write a short, one paragraph blurb in order to keep from revealing too much of the plot. (I will mention one spoiler…EVERYONE DIES IN THE END! By “the end,” I mean the end of each individual’s respective lives. No Weapons of Mass Destructions will be found here either!)

The history of the conflict between Christians and Muslims has always intrigued me. When I originally came up with the idea for the story, I wanted to write about a hero who discovers all of the damaging secrets hidden in the Vatican Secret Archives. My goal was to expose the fact that the Catholic Church is corrupt and unnecessary. As I researched the story, I went through a transformation. I no longer believed that the Catholic Church was unnecessary. At the time, I believed in “god” and I understood that attending Mass didn’t guarantee salvation; it simply allowed people to celebrate the “goodness of the lord” in a group setting.

My novel evolved as well. I no longer had the desire to bring down the Catholic Church; I wanted to show that the Church was a great and useful institution, which could serve to help people persevere through difficult challenges. (This is all pre-atheist thinking. Click on the religion tab in the categories section to read my thoughts regarding the Church.) The novel became more about distancing the true Catholic faith from the evil corruption.

Luckily for me, my good friend President George W. Bush made an egregious error. Before the invasion of Iraq, he said, “This will be a modern day crusade.” The guy has said some dumb things during his Presidency, but this was his defining moment. It’s almost as if he wanted to give Muslim extremists a reason to unite in a religious war against the West; Osama Bin Laden couldn’t have dreamed of a better recruiting tool.

I decided to use Bush’s quote as the turning point in the title character’s life. Azfal is an Egyptologist and devout Muslim from Iraq. He believed in using diplomacy to bring peace to the world and didn’t support Saddam Hussein. The former U.S. President’s misguided proclamation causes Azfal to blame the Catholic Church and the Pope for the unnecessary invasion. The story follows the main character Jassim, Azfal’s grandson, who is on a mission to fulfill the promise that he made to his vengeful grandfather.

A lot of research went into the novel. I found some interesting Catholic Church facts which the average churchgoer won’t hear during Sunday Mass. Obviously, my goal is to publish the novel, but a second, less important, goal is to have the Pope place my book on the Church’s banned list. I would also love to be excommunicated from the Catholic Church. (That would be amazing!)


     The escalating tension between America and Iraq is the back drop for this compelling tale about an unbreakable family bond. The main character, a native Iraqi named JASSIM, and his grandfather AZFAL witness the traumatic invasion of Iraq; the suffering the pair experience is unimaginable. A resentful Azfal masterminds an outlandish plot for Jassim to convert from Islam to Catholicism, join the priesthood, and uncover damaging Church secrets in order to reveal them to the world. The boy, a phenomenal soccer star whose best friend Sabatina is secretly in love with him, has to choose between keeping the promise that he made to his grandfather and chasing his own destiny.


If the story seems interesting, you’ll have to wait for the release date in order to learn how the tale unfolds. The rest of the novel is filled with betrayal, love, hate, a secret society, twists and shocking revelations. I can’t explain the satisfaction of completing a full length novel. Hopefully, I will be able to find a literary agent to help me with the publishing process.

“Why the heck do you need a literary agent? You can self-publish the book.” Yes, I am aware of the self-publishing route, but I want the satisfaction of taking the traditional path. (I’m old school!) I can also publish an e-book, but I want to find an agent who will believe in the story and help me with future projects, as well. (I already wrote the outline for a second novel and I completed the first two chapters. I also have several book ideas in various stages of the creation process.)

In the publishing world, literary agents are necessary because most major publishers will not deal with authors, directly. The agents act as a middleman during the negotiation process. The agents will also help to ensure that the story is properly edited for submission.

Feel free to comment on the novel. (Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!)