Where Did I Hear That Before

I wanted to move Bagging Up to Tuesday, but Wednesday is a better fit. For today’s entry, I will deal with an interesting question; is the Jesus story original?

This is not an attempt to disprove the Jesus story. (We already know it is a myth!) I am simply trying to show that the writers of the gospels were plagiarists. That being said, just because the story was unoriginal does not prove that Jesus didn’t exist, but it does make one think! (Please let me know if you are not thinking!)

I was always under the impression that the story of Christ and his magical virgin birth was an original, until a few years ago; I saw a documentary on the History Channel which revealed, 30 years before Jesus there was a man who made the same claims. I can’t find the film or the information, so it is not applicable. (I will find it one day!)

Luckily, I have a personal library, in my room, which contains some relevant books. There are two major claims. One comes from Egypt and the other comes from the Greco-Roman tradition. I’ll review the material and reveal what I uncover!

We do not have an exact date for the bible, so believers can say, “the bible was written before Greek and Egyptian myths; they are the ones who are guilty of plagiarizing.” This would be a great point, except for the fact that Jesus first appears in the New Testament, which we do have a date for. The other traditions clearly predate the Jesus stories!

I’ll start with Egypt since they provided the world with the original myth. Before we discuss the birth of Horus, we must deal with Isis, his mother. There are those who argue that Isis was not a virgin, but there is enough evidence to show that she was indeed chaste. Isis was a virgin! I don’t think the story of Horus’ birth would make any sense, otherwise.


     According to my source, Egyptian Myths by George Hart, the god Geb and the goddess Nut had four children, Osiris, Isis, Seth, and Nephthys. (Clearly, the followers of the “god of Abraham” copied their practice of incest from the Egyptians!) Osiris married Isis, but he was murdered by his brother Seth. “With Osiris dead…Isis determines to use her immense magical powers to recover the body of Osiris and resurrect it sufficiently to conceive a son to avenge the monstrous usurpation and murder.” (Pg. 32)

Isis, the virgin, gives birth to Horus. He becomes takes revenge and rules Egypt. The ancient historian Plutarch was the first to plagiarize the story; he replaced the Egyptian gods with Greek ones. (That’s sad! The Christians didn’t even steal from Egypt; they stole from the guy who stole from Egypt!)

The next myth comes from the Greco-Roman tradition; the story of the birth of the god Dionysos. For this tale, I used the book The Library of Greek Mythology by Apollodorus. (Translated by Robin Hard) A man named Cadmos founded the city of Thebes. Zeus fell in love with one of his four daughters, Semele, who was the only unmarried virgin. Hera, queen of the gods, grew jealous and killed Semele. Luckily, Zeus saved their offspring Dionysos.

I think I heard this before. A virgin gives birth to a child by a god. The only difference is the fact that the Greeks keep it real. Here is my favorite part of the story.  Written in parenthesis is this sentence, “After Semele’s death, the other daughters of Cadmos spread the tale that Semele had slept with a mortal but falsely laid the blame on Zeus, and that she had been struck down by a thunderbolt because of that.” (Pg. 101)

Greco-Roman myths rule! **Don’t forget to pick up a copy of the bible; those stories are just as entertaining!** I can’t wait for the truth to come out about our beloved Mary! (If you want to read my version of the story, click the link: Virgin Birth)

There is a lot of interesting information on the web, concerning the subject; Google the topics and come to your own conclusions.


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How Quickly People Forget What Is Truly Important

Yesterday, I wrote a silly story about my difficulties with Thanksgiving. (You can read the entry here: No Thanks) The truth of the matter is, Thanksgiving is my second favorite day of the year; no other holiday can compare. Thanksgiving provides us time with family and friends, great food, football, relaxation, and leftovers. (If you never purchased the Thanksgiving Day sandwich from D’Angelo, you my friend have yet to live!)

It seems our culture has a way of removing the essence from each holiday. I hate to say it, but consumerism trumps all else. Arguably, the two most effected events are Christmas and Thanksgiving.

The way I see it, Black Friday is a horrible idea. When I grew up, no one mentioned the term; people only cared about spending time with family and friends; that’s what the holiday is all about. It isn’t about the pilgrims and their dinner with the Native Americans; only school children care about the pilgrims. (If you’re an adult and you thought about the pilgrims during your Thanksgiving Day, you might be insane!)

For those who are not familiar with Black Friday, the day marks the unofficial start of the Christmas shopping season. Traditionally, stores open earlier than the normal business hours and select items are marked down. (This seems like a wonderful concept, but it is a bad idea!)

Looks like a great time!

     Normally, stores open around 7am, but this year has changed everything; stores opened their doors at midnight. Thinking of all the great deals causes people to miss the fact that Black Friday ruins Thanksgiving Day. (There is always a price to pay for greed!)

Families are forced to cut short their time together so people can rush out to brave the November weather (unless you live in a warm climate!) in long lines. The weather is not the major problem; retailers only place a limited number of items on sale, so it is literally a duel to the death. (I am not exaggerating; people have been trampled to death and fights are commonplace!)

The violence is unfortunate, but the loss of the spirit of the day is the biggest downside. Employees are forced to staff the stores, causing them to miss time with their family and friends. The customers also suffer; I read one story about a mom and her son who arrived at a Best Buy at 7pm on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving Day. (What a horrible way to spend such a great holiday!)

I would do away with Black Friday, entirely. The retailers should come up with a better way to kick off the holiday shopping season. A possible solution may be, moving the event to Saturday night, instead of Thursday. Creating a “Black Sunday” will at least allow people to enjoy their Thanksgiving holiday. (Never mind, I completely forgot that the bible forbids us to work on Sundays. Unless of course, you need to make money to support your family; I believe “god” allows the one exception!)

The day is only part of the difficulty, no one should have to put their safety at risk just to get a great deal; retailers need to go back and hire better marketers. I can’t support the creation of a hostile shopping environment; honestly, it just doesn’t make any sense! Black Friday is a horrible idea!

I am against religion so the fact that Christmas has been stolen from the Christians is great. There is no arguing the fact that Santa is far more popular than Jesus; possibly year round, but definitely on December 25th. I honestly don’t understand how a true Christian can allow Santa to supplant their “lord and savior,” when it comes to importance. Can you honestly say that you ever heard a child being excited about Jesus’ birthday; “the son of god” has actually become an afterthought. As an atheist, this fact brings joy to my heart; religion is losing its influence over the people. (Christians love Jesus, but they love presents a lot more!)

I can remember always being asked, “are you going to mass on Christmas?” It was as if the mass was an option, but no one ever asked, “do you want a Christmas gift this year?” (People can lose relationships with loved ones over forgetting to buy a present!)

No one believes in Santa Claus, but when it comes to the battle of mythical heroes, Jesus gets his ass kicked on Christmas. People may try their best, attempting to explain why they care more about gifts than Jesus, but in the end, religion is nothing but hocus pocus; no one actually cares. People only turn to religion in times of hardship, and that’s it. Each Christian, who loves Jesus, may lie to me, but they must wake up and look themselves in the mirror and admit the fact that Jesus doesn’t really matter on Christmas! (WHO CARES IF IT’S HIS BIRTHDAY?)

Although I only became an atheist earlier this year, I left religion a long time ago; I guess I always saw through the ridiculousness of it all.

To Best Buy, I say, it would be wonderful to purchase a forty two inch HD Flat-screen television for only one hundred and ninety-nine dollars, but it is not worth me losing the second best day of the year! (Everyone knows that April 18th is the greatest day of the year! Don’t be an idiot and argue this fact!)

Please allow me to kick off the holiday season and be the first to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

     I often hear Christians say, “Jesus comes first, then family and money.” Nothing could be further from the truth. I challenge all Christians to take back the day, for their “lord and savior, Jesus Christ.” If you truly love Jesus, skip the gifts and spend Christmas day doing what Jesus would do. Take all of your Christmas cash and help out those who are less fortunate. Once you exhaust your extra funds, spend the rest of your day celebrating with family and friends, worshipping the birthday boy. (I didn’t think so! Santa Rules the day!)

The Grinch didn’t steal Christmas; the true culprit was Santa, and he stole the day from Jesus.


Not Hood Enough

Although I grew up in the inner city, I can now look back on my life and admit that I didn’t get the full experience. There were many wonderful opportunities to fit into a stereotype which I missed out on; here is a list of the reasons I believe I am “not hood enough!”

Each example will be given a value. At the end, add up your total and post your score on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments section! Any score above 100 will be considered hood enough! Congrats to those who are deemed worthy! (Good Luck!)


A …Waking up early in the morning, walking towards the LQ spot with my mom and watching her buy a bottle of malt liquor before dropping me off at school. (25 points)

B …Smoking marijuana. (10 points)

C …Visiting my dad in prison, or at least writing him letters. (25 points)

D …Forbidding my child from watching Barney and Friends because it’s corny. (10 points)

E …Having a baby in my teens. (10 points)

F …Getting my own EBT card. (25 points)

G …Walking around in the latest fashion, and then having to bum a dollar because I don’t have any money. *I chose bum and not borrow for a reason!* (25 points)

H …Slipping-up, impregnating a girl, only seeing my child when it is convenient for me, and then blaming my “crazy BM” for my inability to be responsible! (25 points)

I …Stealing from local businesses and having my mom be proud of me. (25 points)

J …Not trying my best in school, and then blaming “the man” for keeping me down when my life sucks. (25 points)

K …Having a grandmother who smokes marijuana with me. (25 points)

L …Asking my mom for a bag of chips and having her yell at me, “didn’t I tell your ass that I wasn’t buying you shit?” (25 points)

M …Being able to sing along to explicit rap lyrics and having the adults in my life become filled with joy because they think it’s cute. *Why couldn’t my parents have been cool?* (25 points)

N …Having no sense of reality and believing that I beat the system because I get free food and public housing. (25 points)

O …Hating others who are successful because they decided to work hard, and then realizing that my plans to retire as a drug lord probably won’t come to fruition. (25 points)

P …Giving my mom money so she can buy me some blunts and beer, because I am not old enough.  (25 points)

Q …Hating police officers because I am breaking the law and they are doing their jobs. I would have loved to say, “don’t they have anything better to do!” (25 points)

R …Joining a gang and shooting up my rivals. (25 points)

S …Listening to rap music and structuring my life after what the artists suggest. (25 points)

T …Being forty and living like a teenager. (I still can make this one a reality!) *Fingers Crossed* (25 points)

U …Being fired from every single job because, although I am always late, my boss has an attitude problem. (25 points)

V …Borrowing a large amount of money and saying, “I’ll pay you back when I get my tax return!” *Knowing I plan on buying a flat screen with my tax money* (25 points)

W …Complaining that my father was never in my life, and then producing offspring and not being in their lives. (25 points)

X …Being unemployed, and LOVING IT! *Working is for suckers!* (25 points)

Y …Being arrested so many times that the prison feels like a second home to me. And having the guards hook up the “crispest” jump suits! (25 points)

Z …Being a guest on Maury in order to determine if the four mothers are telling the truth about me having seven children. (25 points+ 15 extra points for minutes of fame!)

Obviously, I can’t include all of the characteristics which encompass being “hood enough,” but if the reason for me ending the list at “Z” is not clear to you, you have earned yourself some bonus points, my friend! (100 points)

If you did not qualify to be “hood enough,” don’t worry; you can always raise your child to be hood enough! Being the cool parent is better than being a square!

With a tallied score of zero, I am clearly not “hood enough!” If I had a chance to go back and do it all over again, I would keep it real!


Is Pimping Wrong

Studying history will help us to understand the world we live in. There have been many evil people who walked the earth, but the pimp is the worst form of human life known to man.

Sadly, there are some “prostitutes” who follow a pimp simply because it is what they were taught to do. The pimp doesn’t even have to convince the youngsters to join his flock, and once the victim is introduced into the pimps world, it becomes difficult to escape. The game is changing more than ever. Males have also decided to sell their souls in order to provide for the pimps; it’s quite insane. I am talking about “straight” men who work for pimps. How the hell does that happen?

Watching the prostitutes stroll into the pimp’s palace and give him their hard earned money is always difficult for me. I do my best to try and turn a blind-eye, but I am realistic enough to know what the ways of a pimp. It’s the sadness felt by a Jewish kid who is sitting on the front stoop, playing with a top while peering into the neighbor’s massive front window and watching little Christian Ricky opening his wonderful gifts as he sits under the shadow of the large Christmas tree.

In previous posts, I joked about wanting to be a pimp, but I just don’t have the heart to do it. I think I would be extremely successful because the game is pretty simple. First, you find a young person who is impressionable and you persuade him or her to do as you command; the key is to sell them the idea of a prosperous future. I come across these feeble minded young citizens of the world on a daily basis and I always feel like the anti-Tin Man; I think to myself, “If I only (didn’t have) a heart,” I could make millions. (Mentioning the Wizard of Oz reminds me of the rumor of the hanging munchkin; who knows if it is true? YouTube it!)

Preying on the young will ensure that the pimp’s empire will continue to thrive; the young ones with father issues are a pimp’s golden ticket. The pimp will also use the elder and more seasoned prostitutes to show the newcomers the ropes. The guidance of a veteran is the best way to ensure that a novice will remain loyal. They say, “pimpin’ ain’t easy, and they are not lying.” (The competition for Johns is a fierce one!)

A pimp spends a great deal of time preparing a new prostitute to be a successful earner, but there is no honor among these “gentlemen.” Pimps wear distinctive clothing because they want to be identifiable to other “prostitutes,” and the best new additions for any pimp are those who are well versed in the game. Pimps desperately attempt to increase their stable by depleting the number of a competitor’s flock. (The pimps call this swap, “checking a ho!”)

Pimps are the scum of the earth! This is not my opinion; it is a known fact. No offense to anyone who has a pimp for a father. I’m sure he is a great guy once you get to know him. Plus, there are those in his “flock“ who deserve to be “corrected” every so often when they step out of line, if you get my drift. I have no problem with anyone who chooses to give away their souls by joining such a “business;” people are free to choose their own destinies. To me, the “prostitutes” are not to blame; they simply don’t know any better. (I place the word prostitute in quotations because I don’t like the title. I prefer to call those who seek a pimp’s instruction, the misguided!)

Pimps are the lowest humans on the totem pole. They lack the ability to care for others and only worry about themselves. They provide absolutely nothing for the many hard workers who have been brainwashed by their game, and only promise future happiness. It is truly sad to watch a misguided person suffer through unimaginable pains, with the unrealistic goal of things getting better at a later date. I’ve heard about the wonderful super hero who flies around the world saving all the prostitutes who are under the spell of pimps. When is Captain Save-A-Ho going to make his way to Boston? (We need him desperately!)

I once spoke to a former misguided prostitute. She admitted that she was brainwashed by the persuasive pimp. She actually believed the pimp cared for her and loved her. No matter how many times she was abused she continued to work for the pimp. In fact, she worked harder the more she suffered.  She believed every word her pimp spoke, regardless of how ridiculous he sounded. She worked her ass off to provide him with a better life, but she had nothing to show for her loyalty. Luckily for her, she had a sobering moment and removed herself from the horrible situation. I was filled with joy to hear her survival story, but those who remained under the pimp’s spell hated her for turning her back on their master!

Pimps basically capture the misguided. Even though the victims know they are free to leave, they remain; I think it has something to do with the Stockholm Syndrome. A pimp always talks about love, but they don’t understand what the word means. You would think the misguided prostitute will eventually figure out that she is not welcome in the house of the pimp unless money is collected. The sad part is the competition that exists between the misguided. Those who fail to “keep up with the payments,” will be chastised by the group. It’s bad enough the pimp will feels the need to punish the “slacker,” but the others should try to support one another. (It seems pretty obvious to me, but the prostitutes can’t figure out that the pimps love is based on the money!)

I wish pimps would admit their chosen “profession,” but they hate to be called a pimp. A pimp will be quick to say, “there is no shame in my game,” but the truth is, he has great shame. The misguided follow orders and never use the term pimp; they prefer more affectionate terms such as “father.” I guess the pimp replaces the daddy who abandoned them. (Listen to John Mayer; the guy is a great singer and he knows what he is talking about. “Fathers, be good to your daughters; daughters will love like you do!)

I once asked a pimp about his aspirations and he mentioned Benedict. At first, I thought of Benedict Arnold, but he was talking about the Pope.  (It’s true; the Pope is the biggest pimp in the world. Too bad there isn’t a “god” to make him pay for his earthly sins!)

I don’t give pimps the satisfaction of allowing them their hidden identities. I refuse to use their chosen misnomers. You are not a priest, deacon, preacher, pastor, or minister; you are a pimp. Do me a favor and stop preying on the weak; people work hard for their money. They call your business the oldest profession. I haven’t seen you work a day in your life; you cold-hearted snake. (Are those Custom Gators on your feet under your priestly vestments? Must be nice; pimps make me sick!)

When I think about the voluntary church “donations,” I am always reminded by Ice Cube’s song When I Get To Heaven. Here are some of the lines which have always stuck with me:

  1. “The devil made you a slave, and he gave you a bible.”
  2. “Cause I see, cause I know, the church ain’t nothing but a fashion show.”
  3. “You’re waiting for the devil to come from the ground, clown, take a look around.”
  4. “’god’ is a killer from the start, why you think Noah had to build his Ark.”
  5. “So Mr. Preacher, if I couldn’t pay my tides, do I have to…wait outside?”

Yes, Mr. Preacher, do we have to wait outside if we don’t have our mandatory donations. I honestly never understood how people could give a church ten percent of their earnings, watch the pastor wear expensive clothing and drive expensive cars to his large manse, while they continue to struggle to remain above the poverty line. Yes Mr. Preacher, your “god” has provided a great deal for you. What about the people in the pews? Does your “god” not see them? (Maybe I’m wrong, but the whole concept seems a little “pimpy” to me!)

I guess the pimp’s hand is very strong. Who am I to help the pimp’s followers see the truth? To those who continue to follow blindly, it’s pretty simple; kneel obediently before your pimp and service his lord!

By the grace of “god,” I have been pimp free since ’93! I chose that year because it rhymes!


No Homo

**I planned on writing this post in August, but I completely forgot. I often say, the readers are the ones who help to shape the content of the blog. Recently, I was reminded to tackle this subject.**

     I honestly don’t know why people care about things that have nothing to do with them. If two people of the same sex decided to be intimate with one another, let them. Their lifestyle does not interfere with anyone else’s life.

I will be the first to admit, gay jokes are funny. Straight men call each other “gay” all the time, and it is done in jest. (Please don’t tell me that I am wrong, and that gay jokes are hurtful to gay people. I am not politically correct. Stop being so sensitive and tell straight jokes! For more about the jokes, read my previous entry, titled Six Flags, posted on August 10th.)

The problem with these types of jokes is when people use gay slurs to put down homosexuals. Homophobia is unacceptable. People who say homosexuality is unnatural are under-informed. There are many species which practice gay sex; it is natural. (This is an irrefutable fact!)

That being said, there is a dumb quote being floated around Twitter. Allow me to paraphrase, “Homosexuality exists in over 1500 species, homophobia only exists in one.” Like any other genius Twitter quote, this one is unfounded. Yes, homosexuality is natural, but how can we possibly know whether or not homophobia exists in other species? For all we know, straight lions give gay lions a hard time! (I believe straight lions are homophobic creatures, and their behavior has to be stopped!)

Homophobia is something that doesn’t make any sense to me, especially when blacks and Jews are homophobes. How can you know the history of the struggle to overcome the slave trade and the Holocaust, and allow yourself to support any form of discrimination? (As a History Major, these are the people who truly baffle me. And I consider myself “un-baffle-able!”)

Sometimes, the biggest homophobes are people who are desperately trying to remain in the closet. Comedian Ron White tells a great joke about homophobia. Ron’s brother is anti-gay and an outspoken homophobe.

Ron: “All men are gay to some degree.”

Brother: “Bullshit!”

Ron: “Ok, I’ll prove it to you. Do you watch porn?”

Brother: “Hell yeah!”

Ron: “Do you only watch lesbian porn?”

Brother: “No. I like to watch a guy bang the crap out of a slut.”

Ron: “When you watch porn, do you like to see a guy bang a chick with a limp dick?”

Brother: “No, I like a hard cock!” [The brother realizes what he just said. Ron White is hilarious!]

I grew up a Catholic and my upbringing taught me to believe that gay people were sinners. Part of my road to atheism was paved by the realization that gay people are simply people; an individual’s sexual preference has nothing to do with who they are. History has taught me that homophobia is a fairly recent phenomenon. The Greeks and Romans practiced homosexuality on a regular basis. I am not going to get into the historical record, but basically the ancients were mostly bisexual. Even the leader of the Olympian gods, Zeus, slept with men. Are you not familiar with the story of Zeus and Ganymede, the Trojan boy? (Feel free to research the information if you have an interest in the topic!)

It was difficult for me to consider someone unmanly, when history’s greatest conqueror was gay. Of course, I am referring to the Macedonian leader, Alexander the Great. One of my favorite professors at UMass Boston is named William A Percy; he is openly gay and in his seventies. His classes were always interesting because Professor Percy spoke his mind and refused to be politically correct. As you can imagine, there were some students who complained, but his tenured status made him untouchable. (The guy needs his own reality show!)

Another former professor, Michael B. Chesson, endorsed a book called The intimate world of Abraham Lincoln. The book was written by C. A. Tripp, who concluded that Abraham Lincoln was a homosexual. (That’s something that the conservatives would probably kill over!)

My time at Seton Hall University also opened my eyes to the realities of the world. One of my good friends shared a suite with “Gay Dan.” At first, I was uncomfortable with Dan, but I quickly realized that he was just a student like any other. Getting to know people is the best way to break down ignorant stereotypes. At the gym, there was a gay guy who was a pretty good basketball player. Some of the people gave him a hard time and refused to pick him, but I always welcomed him on my five and we won most of the games. It’s a shame what ignorance can do to people. (The old adage, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” has been around for ages because it’s true. Get to know people and you’ll gain a better perspective on life!)

That being said, there was one incident at the park here in Roxbury. A guy showed up with no shirt on and cyclist tights. Let’s just say, he scored every time he touched the ball; there is such a thing as tolerance, but wrong is wrong. (Wearing nothing but tights to play basketball is plain old wrong!)

The bible is very clear when it comes to the subject of homosexuality. In the book of Leviticus, chapter 20 verse 13, it is stated clearly, “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them shall be put to death for their abominable deed; they have forfeited their lives.” The problem is the fact that the bible was written by man. If you understand the history of the people who wrote the “holy book,” you would understand why homosexuality is banned. The Hebrew cities were often ransacked by the ancient Greeks. The women and children were captured as slaves, while the men were raped in order to emasculate them. (If the men in your tribe were raped, you would probably be against homosexuality as well!)

Religion is the great separator of man. Believers are taught to hate anyone who is different. There are too many parents who disown their children once they announce their true sexuality. I could never be a part of a faith that teaches me to hate my child; hate speech is wrong, even if the guy spewing the venomous talk is wearing a cross on his fancy robe. (Don’t ever forget; he is just a guy!)

At the end of the day, most of the people who are against homosexuality do it out of fear. I am not talking about the fear of gays; I mean the fear of their own hidden desires. Ask the disgraced former Evangelical pastor, Ted haggard. He hated gays from the pulpit, but was caught paying a man for sex while using methamphetamines. (Do you ever wonder what secrets are in your pastor’s closet?)

There is much debate over the “gay gene.” I don’t believe there is a gay gene, but scientists will eventually solve the mystery. I just don’t think that people are born gay. Humans will adapt to their environment. People who live in Japan love eating raw fish because they grew up in an environment which accepted the practice. Someone who lives in a rural town in Mexico may be repulsed by raw fish. The difference is the fact that the “good book” doesn’t speak negatively about eating raw fish, so sushi may seem foreign and weird to some, but it doesn’t get the Jesus-folk riled up. If the bible had a verse which disallows the eating of uncooked fish, sushi restaurants would be targeted by most Christians. (I haven’t looked into it, but there probably is some verse about not eating raw fish, or at least there is a verse which can be translated to mean such!)

Intolerance comes from ignorance. I am talking about the Lack of knowledge. People often use the word ignorant to mean, asshole or jerk, but that is a misuse of the word. Gays often say, “I didn’t choose to be gay.” That may be true, but I never understood the reasoning for such a claim. Choosing who you want to be intimate with does not give people the right to be hateful. Just because you don’t like something, doesn’t make it wrong. (Isn’t it funny how most religious people will hate gays because of the bible, but will have unprotected sex without blinking an eye?)

As far as gay marriage is concerned, I don’t have a problem with two people of the same sex getting hitched. The reason most people are against gay marriage is due to religious beliefs; I guess I just don’t have that problem. If two people fall in love and want to spend their lives together, who cares if they are homosexuals? “But ‘god’ created Adam and eve, not Adam and Steve.” That would be great if “god” existed! Most of the anti-gay marriage talk comes from people who are unhappy with their own love-lives so they try to prevent others from being happy. (I thought marriage was about falling in love; I guess I was wrong!)

Furthermore, when it comes to a gay couple adopting a child, I’m all for it. There are too many children in this world who lack the necessary unconditional love and parental guidance. Why not allow gay couples to adopt? What’s the worst that could happen; the child grows up to be gay? The only problem with being gay is the fact that most straight people are hateful. A child will be better off with gay parents, than some of the children who are born to a straight couple. I would personally prefer two gay dads, to a drug addicted/prostitute mother and a drug dealer/pimp father. (I’m weird that way!)

Being tolerant doesn’t make you gay; it makes you a decent human being. Allow people to be themselves and treat everyone with respect–unless you’re a god-fearing person. It’s perfectly fine to hate others as long as it’s done in the name of the “almighty!” (There’s a reason the last statement sounds ridiculous!)

My favorite Christian anti-gay slogan is, “I don’t hate gays; ‘god’ does.” What a wonderful and peaceful ideology. Another great quote from the book of Leviticus is, chapter 19 verse 18, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord.” (I guess the part about, “unless he or she is gay,” is understood!)

I’ll leave you with a joke for all of the homosexual citizens of the world. It goes like this, “god” is good; all the time!


But I Heard It On The News

The media is great for keeping up with current events. If there is a war in some foreign land, the news will be reported throughout the various outlets. (Twitter seems to be the fastest source these days.) I feel it is important to pay attention to current events, but don’t believe everything that is reported. (You will only be given the information that they want you to have!)

If you hear about some hateful dictator who is on the verge of being overthrown by freedom seekers, don’t accept what you are being fed; always research the information for yourselves. People who put their faith in media reports are out of touch with reality. Another important piece of advice is, never believe the poll numbers given. Polls are always manipulated to support the biased opinion of the media outlet which formulates the report. Even if the numbers are not manipulated, polls are only a sample of reality. (According to my latest Pete-index poll, four out of five people who read my blog think I am funny. *I only asked 5 people and the only dissenter was my nephew, who is a hater!)

Be extremely careful when receiving information. The latest ridiculous report is the recent claim that an American citizen and Massachusetts’ resident “almost” carried out a deadly plot to attack the Pentagon. There were wild claims by “experts” who said Rezwan Ferdaus plotted “to fly explosive-packed remote controlled planes into the Pentagon and the US Capitol building in Washington DC.” It was also reported that he was connected to al-Qaeda! (Oh NO!)

One news report admitted that the model plane, IF “the great terror wizard” were able to guide it to the building, in all likelihood would have hit the exterior and fall to the ground; causing minor damage to the affected area. The report was fine until the fear aspect was added. The “expert” included the outlandish claim that there was a chance that the plane could crash through a window and cause unimaginable damage. (We all know how flimsy those Pentagon windows are!)

It’s amazing how the media thinks Americans are idiotic simpletons who will automatically accept that every person suspected of terror has ties to al-Qaeda. The jig is up! Al-Qaeda is no longer a major threat to the U.S. Yes, the members of the organization are out there and they want to cause harm to our country, but they are scrambling to stay alive and are spread thin, with no leadership. instead of telling us the truth, the government continues to try and promote the thought that al-Qaeda is a viable enemy. By keeping the organization relevant, the politicians can wage war on whichever nation they see fit, by simply claiming that they are chasing al-Qaeda. (We no longer believe you!)

The sad thing is the fact that there are many uninformed citizens who believe everything that they are fed. There were actually people who became terrified once the news of Ferdaus’ plot was announced. It’s truly scary that these people have a right to vote! (I’m all for the Fifteenth Amendment to Constitution but it’s time to make some adjustments; people need to earn their voting privileges!)

Honestly, if you believe that an idiot, with a model airplane, loaded with explosives can carry-out a successful attack on the United States Pentagon, your level of dumbassity is Bushian. For Pete’s sake, they flew a fucking freaking jumbo jet into the building and caused minimal damage. (Put on your thinking logic caps, people!)

One of the shop owners who Ferdaus attempted to buy a plane from admitted that he felt the guy was over his head; the $4000 plane was too much for a novice to control. Ferdaus didn’t even have any experience with model planes and we’re supposed to believe that America was on the verge of being attacked. In the words of the immortal Frank Lopes, from the greatest movie of all-time, Scarface, “You bought that lie!” (Don’t argue with me about Scarface being the greatest movie of all-time; that would be dumber than believing what the media tells you!)

One of the scariest scenes in the history of film happened in Religulous, a documentary by comedian Bill Maher. (Great movie for both believers and non-believers! It’s scary how many people are brainwashed!) In the scene, Maher interviews Mark Pryor, an Evangelical Christian Democratic State Senator from Arkansas, and the two men were discussing Evolution. When challenged about his belief in the story of Adam and Eve, the Senator defends his stance by saying, “You don’t have to pass an IQ test to be in the Senate, though!” It is an unbelievably frightening scene. Here is the link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjR7AWSmI6o&feature=fvsr (We are in big trouble!)

Everyone is worried about al-Qaeda, but no one seems to be paying attention to the idiots who are being elected to represent our nation. Backing a candidate because he is religious is the quintessence of dumbassness. I think we should take Senator Pryor’s words into consideration and implement a new policy in which candidates for public office are forced to pass an IQ test. (It’s the very least we can do to protect our future!)

One of First Lady Michelle Obama’s initiatives is children’s literacy and the promotion of education. It seems like she should begin to concern herself with adult literacy and the education of State Senators. How are we supposed to believe the information being fed to us, if there is a leader who proudly states that he would probably fail an IQ test? I was taught to research all information for myself; never in my life has that guidance been more important. (God Bless Good Fucking Luck, America!)

I can’t wait until they announce the new National Security Policy.  Americans will be forced to apply for a permit, and get a background check in order to purchase a freaking model airplane. We lost our freedom at airports; we can no longer fly comfortably due to the mandatory cavity searches performed by big-handed TSA agents. Now we will lose the ability to fly model planes; we are on the precipice of losing a great American hobby. Get your model airplanes while you still can. (I hate to say it, but in the future, America will be a flightless country! What will happen to the birds?)


AIDS Is Not For Everyone

****I will only use the word AIDS. For the purpose of this post, everyone who has HIV will eventually move on to full-blown AIDS!****

     Sex is great! Well, at least that’s what the consensus seems to be. I can neither confirm nor deny the statement. Unwanted pregnancies can result from unprotected sexual experiences, but I would say that the most negative aspect of sex has to be AIDS. (I said unwanted pregnancies, not all pregnancies!)

Some people don’t deserve to contract AIDS. “What are you talking about? No one deserves to get AIDS.” BULLSHIT! There are a lot of people in this world who need AIDS. (I am not joking!)

The people who contract AIDS from blood transfusions, children born with AIDS, and people who contract the disease from a cheating partner are the only ones who don’t deserve to have AIDS; everyone else…these things happen. (I don’t feel bad for the rest!)

That being said, there are some people who contract the disease from a cheating partner who only have themselves to blame. If you know that your partner is cheating and you stay in the relationship, you are putting yourself at risk of contracting any and all sexually transmitted diseases. (People love to act surprised when they learn that they have been cheated on, but the truth of the matter is that most “victims” know what is going on and decide to turn a blind eye.)

People who stay in dead-end relationships, in which their partner knowingly cheats, often say, “it could be worse; the next person may come with more problems.” That’s a nonsensical view of the world. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. A relationship with a cheater is not healthy; it can add unnecessary stress to your life. Yelling, fighting, and acting like a private detective is no way to live. Let the cheater go and save yourself from the diseases which will inevitably appear. (Breaking up may be painful, but living in a stressful relationship with someone who does nothing but tear you down and show you disrespect, is far more agonizing!)

Breaking-up because of an abusive partner is a great reason. (Yes, people who cheat are abusive!) But the best reason to leave is for your own safety. Any adult with an IQ above the retardation level understands that having unprotected sex with anyone, can lead to AIDS. It is fine for someone to put themselves at risk, but people who are in relationships have a responsibility to keep one another safe. If you feel that your partner is involved in risky behavior, protect yourself and leave the relationship.

That being said, anyone can have a weak moment and sleep with a person who is infected. Good luck having unprotected sex with your “trusted” partner! Recently, #ThingsIThinkAboutSoIDontBust was a trending topic on twitter, but I didn’t add any tweets due to my inexperience. I guess if I did have sex and I wanted to think about something which would keep me from “busting,” I would probably go with AIDS! (To the men who read this entry, try it out and let me know if this works!)

I believe that AIDS is necessary. I honestly miss the old days of AIDS, when the disease killed most of the people who contracted it. It seems as if the discovery of new medicine has lowered the fear that people once had concerning the disease. I don’t say this because I am a sadistic person who enjoys hearing about infected patients and their suffering. I just wish people feared the disease as they did in the past; AIDS is real and for some crazy reason, people don’t respect how horrible a positive test result can be.

To me, AIDS is part of the natural selection process. The promiscuous people, who are not wise enough to take the proper safety precautions when enjoying sex, will die out. Natural selection will leave us with a society of the best people. My advice is, people should care about their future and stop fucking everyone sleeping around. The least a man can do is start wrapping it up. Women should never allow a casual partner to enter their “holy lands” without using a condom. From what I hear, the sex isn’t as good, but AIDS is probably worse. Of course, I’m just guessing. (That has to be the first time anyone called a vagina, Jerusalem; the holiest of holy lands!)

As far as AIDS is concerned, the worst stories are the horrific tales about the men and women who purposely try to spread the disease. I understand that these individuals assholes may be mad at the world, but what they are doing is nothing less than murder. These are the people who need to be publicly stoned! Although anyone who makes the decision to knowingly spread AIDS to others is a piece-of-shit, it is the responsibility of every consenting adult to find out who they are sleeping with. (Again, good luck out there people!)

Don’t envy or concern yourself with those who brag about their wonderful dangerous sex lives. They will eventually pay a king’s ransom for their promiscuity. The more people you sleep with, the greater your chances are of contracting the big STD. Not to mention the fact that people who will sleep with perfect strangers for nothing more than sexual gratification, will most likely be carriers. (Never believe anyone who says, “I never do this,” when they are talking about having unprotected sex!)

AIDS is a weird disease. We hear so much about it, but there aren’t many people who are positive, at least not in my circle. We all know that one person who we can say, “how the hell does that person not have AIDS?” The answer is simple. For the most part, positive people don’t go around announcing their conditions. There are many silent “positivians” out there; AIDS is a hidden disease. Live your life according to your own morals and ignore what others are doing. Men will be laughed at and “clowned” for turning down sex with a disease-ridden slut, but jokes get old; AIDS is for life! When it comes to receiving advice, it is important to consider whose guidance you are seeking; especially women. Don’t sleep with people because your friends say, “it’s ok!”  A whore can only teach you how to be a whore. A whore knows not, how to be a woman!

“How can you talk so casually about AIDS? If you had the disease, you would think differently.” Not a chance. If I ever contract AIDS, I will have only myself to blame. Unless I get it through a blood transfusion, but in that case, I’ll blame “god!” I know “god” doesn’t exist, but I will blame him nonetheless for a positive result due to a transfusion. (Who knows? Maybe I’ll be able to take legal action against the Church!)

I would also be honest about the disease if I ever became positive; I don’t feel the need to hide my life experiences from anyone. Let this be a warning to any disease-carrying woman out there. If you give me AIDS, I’ll tell people that it came from you; it won’t be our little secret! (There is no shame in anything I do!)

It’s a crazy and dangerous world out there! In the immortal words of the wise former Mayor of great city of Cincinnati, Ohio, Jerry Springer, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES AND EACHOTHER!



Bullying & Suicide

Let me preface this post by stating a fact. Bullying is wrong and has no place in society.

That being said, bullies will always be present. The key is to teach children how to react to a bully. As long as parents continue to plop their children in front of the boob-tube, kids will learn to become bullies. We live in a cruel society and children are aware of everything that goes on around them. (Note to parents: Stop allowing the TV to raise your children!)

I attended Boston Latin and it seemed as if the school was full of bullies. People just found a way to get with the program. Obviously, bullying shouldn’t exist, but anyone who can make it through adverse situations will be better prepared for the real world. After all, isn’t that what school is all about! (You can’t prevent other children from being bullies, but you can teach your children how to deal with bullying; that’s part of being a parent!)

I honestly consider the “bullying” that occurred in high school as good-natured ribbing, but I can understand the opposing view. At BLS, every class has a will. There are designated pages in the yearbook in which students write random comments. Our will was so bad that it was disallowed. (There were comments about a girl who everyone voted ‘Most likely to become a head master;” nothing unusual about that. Until the faculty learned that she was elected because she performed fellatio on a fellow graduating senior!)

Recently there have been two notable cases in which children have committed suicide “because of bullying.” You have to be kidding me. Bullying is bad, but it doesn’t cause people to kill themselves. I don’t have the exact numbers but if I was going to ballpark-it, I would say that there are 836 million cases of bullying that occur in the world each year. Out of that number, I would say, there are 13 suicides, worldwide. Blaming bullies is simply wrong. (Parents need to take responsibility!)

Bullies should be punished by the school principals and their parents, not the court system. Parents and teachers have to step it up. There are too many kids who persevere through difficult situations, for anyone to blame bullies for suicides. Some children don’t have the parental guidance to help them get through life’s hardships. Many people feel sorry for the children who kill themselves, but I feel sorry for the bullies. They are blamed for the actions of unloved children. (It’s absolutely unfair!)

Parents who go on television and blame other children for the death of their unloved child are out of touch with reality. These are the types of incidents which cause me to be a major proponent of forced abortions. Every occupation in this world requires some form of testing or screening process, but any horny idiot with a willing sex partner can have a child. It’s ridiculous. (People should be screened before we allow them to have children; it’s not right to allow a child to come into this world under adverse situations!)

Adults who commit suicide have only themselves to blame, but child suicide is the cause of bad parenting. If a parent loses his or her child to suicide, there will be many friends and family members who say, “don’t blame yourself.” I say bullshit. Parents should accept full responsibility for adolescent suicides.

It breaks my heart to watch children be vilified for bullying their schoolmates. Making an example of children because they committed acts which were learned from society is wrong. Bullies should be chastised but they are not murderers.

Suicide prevention is simple; involve yourself in your child’s life. Take an active role. Parenting is not like sports; you don’t get credit for trying your best. Be responsible and raise your children the right way. “Who determines the right way?” Let’s start with teaching your children not to kill themselves. Being a parent is a difficult job; many people are not prepared. (We can’t blame others for bad parenting!)

“It’s not fair to blame parents if a depressed child commits suicide.” Are you kidding me? Yes, I agree; parents can’t be blamed if a child has depression, but parents can be blamed for not helping the child get through the low moments. How do you not know that your child is depressed? Get involved. Take the child to a therapist and do whatever it takes to heal the child. (There is nothing that a parent’s love can’t cure!)

There is a clear distinction between adult suicide and child suicide. Children don’t know any better; they have to be taught that their lives have value. Adults are different. I can never feel sorry for an adult who commits suicide. (This is coming from someone whose uncle committed suicide!)

I once took a class called The Anthropology of Death’ in which we watched a documentary about suicide. The name of the film is The Bridge. I actually viewed the documentary before I signed up for the course, because that’s what I do. A filmmaker placed a camera across from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and recorded the people who jumped to their deaths. (It’s unbelievable how many people jumped!)

There was even one guy who survived. His story was quite interesting. (Watch the movie!)

The professor asked for our opinions and I said, if I had the power, I would build a ladder for people to climb to the top of the bridge, so they could ensure death. My reasoning was, if you don’t think you deserve to live, who am I to say you should stay alive. I was pulled to the side when the period ended and the professor thought I was just trying to add shock value, but I was clear about my views; some people don’t deserve to live. (I know it’s horrible to say, but I can only speak the truth!)

To me, suicide is a cowardly act. Life has many challenges and suicide is a lame way to leave this realm. We all have difficult moments. There are many children who grow up with horrible parents and they are able to overcome every obstacle and achieve great success. Those are the true heroes!

Kids say mean things, and those children will grow up to be mean adults. Teach your children how to deal with a bully and prepare them for the future. Stop looking for excuses for your bad parenting!


Georgia, Texas, & Arizona Get It Right

I honestly never heard of Troy Davis prior to yesterday. I decided to Google his name once my Facebook and Twitter pages were full of supportive posts. I was so annoyed when I discovered the facts; people are outrageous. The guy is a convicted killer! Tell me if you ever heard this from an inmate. “I am innocent!” (Wake up people!)

I know most of the geniuses I follow on Twitter and my friends on Facebook are expert, non-practicing, lawyers, but I’ll go with the Supreme Court on this one; there isn’t enough evidence to overturn the original ruling. (End of story!) I don’t know the details, but the people who know the same information about the case as I do who are speaking up the loudest. Obviously there are cases in which people are falsely accused, but this guy had years to prove his innocence. How a murderer becomes a hero is confusing to me! (Is this Bizarro World?)

Even if Mr. Davis didn’t commit the crime he was convicted of, I have a feeling he wasn’t a pillar of the community. There are some Cape Verdean parents who hit their young children for no reason and say, “That’s for the things you did which I don’t know about.” Mr. Davis, if you were innocent of the alleged crime, Georgia killed you for the things they did not know about! Criminals get caught; if you want to be around the fast-life, there will be consequences. I never heard of a guy who had his scholarship to Harvard revoked because he was falsely accused of a murder! (It’s funny how often the falsely accused are usually well known to the police!)

***There is a quote; I think it’s about the grim reaper sewing clothes that would be perfect for this story but I can’t remember it!***

     If you are one of the people who disagree with the death penalty, stop with the gibberish. Protesting and filling up Facebook and Twitter with nonsensical messages is ineffective. There are proper methods to achieving change. If you want America to get rid of the death penalty, VOTE! That’s how a democracy works. Jumping on the bandwagon and turning to social media, only amounts to annoying others who could care less about your cause. (I would post some of the quotes, but I don’t want anyone to think I am attacking them personally!)

I am firm on this issue; I love the death penalty. The only problem I have with the procedure is the fact that it takes so long. We need to find a way to execute murderers quicker. I agree with comedian Ron White when he speaks about Texas and the death penalty. “If you kill someone, we will kill you back; that’s our policy!” White also mentions Texas’ attempt to put in a new death penalty “express lane.” According to him, “If three credible people witness you commit a murder, you can be executed immediately!” (May “god” bless the Lone Star State!)

The stars at night, are big and bright, DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS! (SING IT WITH ME!)

    “Are you upset about the Troy Davis incident?” Yes, they should have saved money and strung him up!

Great job Georgia!

This case has been the most annoying one, yet! I can’t wait until the next celebrity decides to ruin our day with one of these “set the prisoner free protests!”

Let’s shift to a more important topic; prison procedures in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Recently, I read an article about the wonderful people of Flagstaff. They decided to force friends and family to pay a $25 background check fee, before being allowed to visit the prisoners. One concerned citizen, PJ Longoni, was upset because she had to help pay for toiletries, a TV, and legal fees for her incarcerated friends and family members. To Pj, I say, BOO HOO! Next time, surround yourself with better people. If prisoners don’t want to be a burden to their families with such fees, stop committing crimes. A society shouldn’t have to deal with criminals, and we shouldn’t give them any rights. If you break the law, you should go to a horrible place. OUR PRISONS ARE TOO LAX! There are people who actually enjoy being locked up; they are provided with three square meals, a shower, and some activities. (It’s insane!)

Prison should be Hell; people should be afraid to go to be locked up. I say allow the prisoners to fend for themselves and cremate the bodies of the non-survivors. Keep the guards on the outside and kill anyone who attempts to escape. Whatever happens inside, is no concern to society. (My prison system will drastically reduce crime!)

If per chance, an inmate is able to survive their time in the prison, he or she can be released into society. If that individual reverts to crime, there is no second and third chance. People who are incapable of learning a lesson will be strung up. No life sentences or behavioral programs. (It would be a done deal!)

There should be no parole and no reduced sentence for good behavior. Only crazy people would risk going to such a place, and society would be better off without the crazies. Each day, the guards should provide a limited amount of food which is to be distributed by the prisoners themselves. If a person is not able to scrounge-up some food, he or she will die. (I know this seems harsh, but I don’t like crime!)

There should also be no medical staff provided. Prisoners can get treatment once their debts to society are paid in full. These changes would save the government a lot of money, which could be used to improve the educational system!

Some may say that Arizona is going too far. I say the state is not going far enough!


Free Money

**Before I begin this post, I would like to announce that the domain name for the site has changed. The new URL is: peteteix.com (Short and Simple!)**

     Before I proceed, let me say that I believe there is a necessity for some form of welfare! The government should be expected to take care of those who are unable to provide for themselves. But…

I don’t like the current welfare system.

     Sometimes people fall on hard times and they are in need of some assistance, which I think is fine. Life is unscripted and we all have to go through our difficult periods. (For women that occurs every month! SORRY!) The main problem I have with government aid is the fact that some people consider welfare to be a way of life. There is no shame in turning to Uncle Sam during hard times, but people shouldn’t be allowed to abuse the system, because in the end, they are only selling themselves short.

I can recall one instance in which I overheard a woman bragging to her friend, “my daughter just turned eighteen and she just got her own place. (In public housing) She has a baby so she’ll be receiving a bigger check. We’re all going to be straight.” Instead of being appalled, her friend considered the woman to be lucky! I feel that people should strive for more out of life. There are too many opportunities in this world for anyone to be satisfied with the bare minimum.

I know that welfare is a sensitive subject and I understand that some people feel like they have no other choice other than continuing to live off government money, but in order for someone to change his or her negative situation, a sacrifice has to be made. No matter how hard people may work, the battle against poverty might be too difficult to overcome, which is fine, but people should at least strive to set a proper example for the next generation. Just because their lives didn’t go according to plan, doesn’t mean people should set their children on the same hopeless path. The key to success is and always will be education.

I don’t want to hear about the inadequacies of inner city schools. I know many teachers who work at inner city schools and the main problem is the lack of parental guidance. If the parents don’t care about the education, the students won’t either. The education of a child happens at home as well. Teachers cannot instruct students who have zero motivation. There are too many success stories from kids who work hard and make it out of adverse living conditions, for anyone to accept excuses. Drugs and sports are not the only roads to success. (Rap music is a form of entertainment, not a platform for how to live your lives!) Any child who focuses on school can earn a scholarship to most Universities. This may sound cliché, but the children are the future!

I can appreciate how difficult it may be to overcome poverty, but excuses are for those who have no motivation. The welfare system is designed to keep the poor from improving themselves. Basically, the poor people are being allowed to live on assistance in order to keep their children from competing for spots at the top Universities. As long as the cycle of despair continues, there is no hope for the next generation. No one can truly help anyone else if the individual is not willing to do most of the work.

We clearly need some type of welfare reform in America, but I’ll leave the task to the elected officials. After all, they are hired to serve the people. (This may seem like an obvious concept, but politicians seem to forget the reason they were elected.) I was pleasantly surprised to learn of the recent progress concerning this hot button issue.

I lost all respect for Florida politics during the “hanging chad” incident of 2004. Although I think W used his brother to fix the election, I admire him for having the balls to attempt such a bold maneuver. (How can you not like Bush? What’s more American than stealing an election?)  Learning from past mistakes is what makes humans the best species on the planet; Florida has regained my respect. Not only is the state the location of college football’s best team, but the state is teaching us how to deal with welfare abuse. (Go Gators!)

The first reason I regained respect for Florida politics is the fact that Jeb Bush is no longer in office. (I honestly hope Floridians do the right thing and refuse to elect him as a senator in the future!) The second reason I like Florida politics is the state’s new law which requires anyone who applies for government assistance to be tested for drugs. Great idea, but Florida went even further. They require the applicants to pay for the drug tests. If the individual fails the test, he or she loses out, but people who pass the test receive a refund. (Sounds pretty fantastic to me!)

Great idea, right? No! Someone always has to ruin a good thing. The wonderful idiots at the ACLU are suing the State of Florida because they argue that the new law is unconstitutional. Are you kidding me? People will go to great lengths to keep the poor dependent. The law is not un-Constitutional. The ACLU should do us all a favor and look into whether or not scamming the government and abusing the welfare system violates the Constitution.  Not only do I applaud Florida, but I would take the law one step further. I’d require mandatory monthly drug tests for anyone receiving assistance. (I hope Florida doesn’t back down!)

Our current welfare system is designed to keep people from becoming independent. There is absolutely no reason why dependents should be able to ask the government for assistance, receive benefits, then turn around and spend some of the money on drugs. (Anyone who supports such nonsense has no desire to assist the poor.) There are some people, on assistance, who believe they are taking advantage of the government, but the truth of the matter is they are destroying any opportunity to improve their lives. Free money may seem great, but people should work hard and to free themselves from the shackles of dependency; there is nothing more rewarding than earning a living and providing for one’s family. Let the government aid go to the people who truly need the help.

Any welfare system should also provide an opportunity for people to further their education or learn a trade. I also think day care should be provided so parents can have an opportunity to succeed, while knowing that their children are safe.

As far as welfare is concerned, I am all for helping others, as long as the people receiving assistance are striving to get back on their feet.

I’ll steal Charles Barkley’s Old Spice slogan from the 90′s. To expect “Anything less, would be uncivilized!”