Social Cowards

When it comes to social media, there are a lot of annoying aspects. Like every other invention, we have to take the good with the bad. My biggest pet peeve is reading something that was posted by a social coward. I do my best to avoid reading such posts, but sometimes it’s impossible to avoid. I don’t believe in blocking anyone, because I don’t see the point of accepting someone’s friendship and then going behind their back and blocking them. (That seems like a cowardly act!)

The social cowards are the people who post random comments about someone without naming the individual. An example on Twitter would be, “oomf needs to get a life.” (Oomf is the acronym for one of my followers!)

On Facebook, you will find the same type of cowardly behavior. The social cowards will write something like, “Someone is lucky I’m a nice person…” I honestly don’t see the point of such nonsense. It seems to me that people write these posts in search of attention. I am certain there is a correlation between social cowards and the people who post about their anonymous haters.

If you have a problem with someone and you wish to voice an opinion, do us all a favor and Direct Message the person or send them a message on Facebook. The very least that you can do is have the courage to write the person’s name so they can have an opportunity to respond to your comment. Please leave the rest of us out of your pettiness. Some people use social media for entertainment purposes only. I understand that you are a social media thug and you feel the need to almost let someone know how you feel about them, but the rest of us would rather not read about your opinions.

There is an unwritten rule that says, if you can’t name the person, for whatever reason, don’t post your dumbass comment. It’s pretty simple! Do us all a favor and write your comment on a post-it-note and stick it to the wall of your bedroom. That way, you will have the same effect on your targeted individual, without annoying the rest of us!

To all the social cowards out there, either man-up and write to someone directly, or keep your opinions to yourselves!

Wear the shirt in your profile pic, if you’re going to be one!



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Crazy World

Previously, I wrote about not wanting children. To read the post, click this link: You Can Keep Your Legacy. A few days ago, I found another great reason not to want children; this world is crazy. You can be a perfect parent, raise your child to be a wonderful person, but there is almost nothing that anyone can do to prevent some loner from entering a school building and destroying the lives of several families.

I guess you can home-school, but even then, what happens if your child is a crazy psycho who walks into the house and decides that he doesn’t want to learn anymore; even worse, what if your child ends up being the outcast who walks into a school and kills the classmates who bullied him. (That has to be a parent’s worst nightmare!)

I don’t know about everyone else, but I would much rather be the parent of one of the victims than the parent of the killer. Either way, you’ll lose your child, but I just think society blames the parents when children fail to behave properly. (I know that many people will say that I have no idea what I am talking about because I never lost a child and I can’t comprehend the hurt, but to those people I say, you never lost a child so how the heck do you know the pain is so great!)

The way I see it, if I don’t have a child, I won’t have to be involved in this situation. There are many great reasons to have children, but I’m enjoying the freedom of being independent and only responsible for myself. (If you have a child, I’m sure it’s the greatest thing that ever happened to you, but I don’t need too many great things!)

I would discuss the actual incident, but I don’t think people should gain fame for committing heinous crimes. The teen-killer should not receive the death penalty. (we definitely shouldn’t forgive him and allow “god” to punish him!) I think he should have to live every single day with the memory of his action. A couple overzealous inmates making him their prized possession on a nightly basis, seems like a worse fate than lethal injection! (I’m also not adverse to allowing the prison guards to torture the kid. Send him to Abu Ghraib and let them show him some U.S. Military hospitality!)


***I am well aware that the United States military has a policy of not torturing prisoners!***

     I think homeschooling is the way to go! (If you don’t believe children can become wonderful human beings due to homeschooling, please allow me to remind you that The Great Tim Tebow was home-schooled!)


Pump It Up

Due to a busy workday, I’ll make this post short. I’m not sure what’s going on back home in Boston, but out here in California, we are getting raped on a daily basis. The gas prices are out of control. A few days ago, I saw a news report that said there is one place, not too far from where I live, where the price is $5.69 a gallon. That was the price; I have no idea how high the price is now. It turns out that in California, the gas stations near the freeway have a custom of charging more than other stations. (I’m guessing this trend varies from state to state, because in Boston, the Hess by the highway is fairly cheap!) I travel for work, so I’m at the gas station all the time. I go to a station a few streets away, because the one around the corner belongs to a guy who is a jerk. (We don’t support his business!) ***If you are ever in the NOHO arts district and you happen by the 76 gas station on the corner of Burbank and Lankershim, do me a favor and keep driving!*** Luckily, my station is only a couple blocks away and the price is at $4.31. (Unbelievable! This place is one of the cheapest around!) Most gas stations are at least thirty cents higher. The prices are jumping around on a daily basis; earlier this week, my station was at $4.09. I’m there so often, that I walk up and the attendant asks, “The usual?” Hopefully, we can overtake an oil producing country and get these prices back to a reasonable price. I suggest Equatorial Guinea; I just saw a report on the “Royal Family.” Apparently, the President has been in power for over 30 years and his son is being groomed to take control once he dies. The country makes billions off oil and the family steals most of it. “The Prince” purchased a 30 million dollar home in Malibu and, along with his fleet of cars, he owns a 35 million dollar jet. (The citizens of this oil-rich nation are among the world’s poorest!) Some people are pure evil, but when the U.S, needs your oil, you get a free pass.

I wonder if Obama knows that this guy is a scumbag!

    That’s all for this post!


This Actually Happened – Febraury 25th, 2012

B. O. A.

Due to the fact that Citizens Bank does not have any presence in Los Angeles, I was forced to open another account. I chose Bank of America because it will be easier for me, when traveling back to Boston. This choice has been a true headache. First, my Bank card never arrived at my previous address. We moved a week after I opened the account, but when I called to ask if I received any mail, the landlord said no. I waited another week, but the card never arrived; at least that is his story. No big deal, the temporary card lasts for a month, so I drove to the bank and had an associate resend my card to the new address. “7 to 10 business days!” she said. She double checked the date and assured me that the card would arrive before my temporary card expired. Everything was perfect, until President’s Day weekend. On Saturday, my temporary card expired, but I never received my Boston Red Sox card. (Did I even have to mention that I chose the Red Sox card?) This was wonderful. No new card and no temporary card. I called customer service and the “helpful” woman made it perfectly clear that nothing could be done until Tuesday, due to the Holiday! What a great way to spend President’s Day; I had no access to any of my dead Presidents! During the week, I patiently waited for the card to finally arrive, and used my Citizens card. On Friday, I checked the mail and was completely baffled by the fact that the card never showed up. I drove to the bank and explained the situation. The associate was extremely apologetic and he ordered me another card. He also issued me a new temporary card and was nice enough to not charge me the $5 fee. (I remained calm throughout the entire visit, but I probably would have emptied out my account and found a new bank if they charged me that fee!) As of Feb 25, 2012, almost a month and a half after opening my account, I am still without my Red Sox card and on my second temporary card. I’m starting to think I will never receive my Red Sox card. This may be the result of anti-Boston-Red-Sox-fans discrimination! BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

I hope I am pleasantly surprised with this year’s NBA Slam Dunk Contest. I can’t even name one of the competitors!


Go on Facebook and Twitter (@thee_N_word) and wish Nira a Happy birthday! If you have no idea who she is, read the post I wrote about her. This Actually Happened – October 8th, 2011.


Dope Diva

When it comes to singing, Whitney Houston was one of the best vocalists of my era. She truly was a unique talent. That is a fact that cannot be refuted. Sadly, Whitney fell victim to addiction and her life spiraled out of control. (Is there anyone out there who was actually surprised when they heard that Whitney Houston died?)

My first thought when I heard the news, through Twitter, was, I’m surprised she lasted this long. Let’s be honest, drugs will ruin your life, regardless of how much money you have. One thing that really bothers me is when I hear people say, “I don’t care what drugs she was on; Whitney was a great singer.” That is complete nonsense. You do not give someone a pass, because they have talent.

Whitney Houston’s death is a teaching moment for all parents. It is time to make it absolutely clear to your children that drugs are the wrong choice. “Whitney Houston had all the talent in the world and she through it all away!” That is the only message that needs to be expressed.

While the world sat and watched Whitney Houston fall deeper into her addiction, no one did anything to help her. Most people simply laughed at the random updates and how ridiculous her reality show made her family appear. Now is not the time to speak up and lend your support to Whitney Houston. All of the Facebook and Twitter posts are unnecessary and a bit hypocritical. I don’t know what it is that makes people feel the need to write something that has absolutely no impact.

“Whitney, you’re the best. I’ll always love you!”

“Whitney, when I was going through tough times I always listened to your songs to get me through. RIP!”

Why didn’t anyone write that to her while she was alive? Why didn’t people write, “Whitney, your music changed my life and I hope you stop throwing your life away!”

Like all other celebrity deaths, this one has seemed to run its course. I’m happy that I don’t have to read anymore of the nonsense that people write. Addicts are people with problems; they need help not praise. Whitney Houston was not a hero; she was an addict who failed to get assistance for her disease. Please don’t prop her up on a pedestal. Use Whitney as the example of how not to live.

An American Tragedy

Show your children that they can do better with their talents! (Don’t miss an opportunity to send a clear message!)


Un-Ashy Wednesday

I think Los Angeles is the place for me. Yesterday was the first time in my life that I didn’t see one person with a symbolic dirty forehead. I am new to atheism, but I never understood the tradition of placing a smudge of ash on a person’s forehead. (I think I was twelve the last time I allowed someone to dirty my forehead with ash!)

To me, religions would be better if, at the beginning of the year, there was an election in which people could vote on the traditions to follow. I think the Catholics would have voted “NAY” on Ash Wednesday a long time ago.

Even better, religious leaders could propose new traditions which the people could vote for. Imagine how great that would be. (Obviously, Catholics would be excluded from this new way of practicing religion because they have a Pope who runs things!) There could be a young hip priest who creates a beer pong tournament in honor of his “god.” The winners of the tourney are to be free from sin for one year. (That’s the type of religion I could find myself getting involved with!)

Another tradition I never understood was lent. If Jesus sacrificed for his people, why the hell would we have to sacrifice, AGAIN? It makes no goddamn sense. The sacrifice has been accomplished; there is no need to give up anything for forty days.

Furthermore, if you’re going to do what Jesus would do, go all the way. Giving up one “luxury” item doesn’t seem to cut it. Catholics believe that Jesus fasted for forty days and forty nights, so I say, go ahead and do that. If you’re not going to honor the sacrifice properly, don’t bother at all. I honestly don’t understand how making a child give up M&Ms for forty days makes them like Jesus. If anything, I would hate Jesus if I had to give up anything.

Traditions are usually ridiculous and nonsensical, but they are here to stay. Followers will continue to do as they are told to do, and the non-believers will continue to laugh our asses off!

I found this to be hilarious!

Feel free to comment and tell the rest of us what you gave up for lent. I‘ll play along, for shits and giggles, and give up condoms! ***”GOD” HELP ME!*** (Honestly, shits and giggles. How the hell did those two words come together to mean something?)


It Finally Happened

Yesterday was the first day since the inception of this blog that I failed to post anything. I must say, being an irresponsible blogger is pretty easy. (Let’s hope this is not a new trend!)

There is a reason I was unable to write an entry on what will forever be known as “Thoughtless Tuesday!” I was asked to work until 6pm and I barely got to eat dinner before rushing out the door on my way to the Comedy Store, to watch some stand-up comedy.

Luckily, I was in for a treat, well-known comedian Earthquake did an hour of his material, in preparation for an upcoming special. If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching this funny-man perform, go on YouTube and watch his clips.

I’ve always felt that I can be a great stand-up comedian, but there are other goals which are more important to me, so stand-up will remain on the back burner, for now. That being said, I’m planning on putting together some material which I’ll release on the blog. Hopefully it will be well received. Who knows, maybe I can start by ghost writing for a comic.

At the end of the night, our group of transplanted East Coasters drove up to the Hollywood Hills and took in the great views. Here is a picture from my phone. You can get the general sense, but there is no way of capturing how wonderful it is to look down on the Los Angeles city lights.

If you know where to look, you can see our apartment!

     Thankfully, we didn’t run into any wild animals up there!


President’s Day

Normally, I don’t write about holidays, unless I have the day off, but I will make an exception. This post will be about my favorite President. (Maybe you will feel the same way I do!)

I know what many of you must be thinking; as a minority, living in America, my favorite President has to be Mr. 44, Barack Obama. You are wrong. It’s great that Barack became President of these United States of America, but he is not my favorite, although he is high on the list.

“Oh, of course! This is pretty easy; your favorite President is sweet sixteen, Abraham Lincoln, Mr. Emancipation himself.” NO! I am a big fan of Lincoln, but he’s not my favorite. I will definitely put him in the top five.

“I’m not sure who your favorite is, but I know it’s not number 43, George W. Bush.”  You’re right; Bush isn’t my favorite, but he also cracks the top five. W is one of my favorites. I don’t really judge presidents by their politics, I just like the ones who make me laugh.

Two other honorable mentions are Number 42, Bill Clinton and number 35 John F. Kennedy. Big Willy and JFK abused their power and got some White House strange. I’m against men cheating on their wives, but if you’re going to be President and run the most powerful country in the world; you’re probably entitled to an intern or two. If you can get a playmate, which I am almost certain is extremely easy for any Head of State, go right ahead and enjoy yourself. (Don’t get married if you plan on cheating; it’s a dumbass move. If you don’t believe me, ask Mr. Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers. THAT GUY IS A CERTIFIED IDIOT!)

Now to the moment of truth! My favorite President is number 21, Chester A. Arthur. Not only is he twenty-one, which is the age every young person aspires to be, but I like Chester for a completely different reason. I will never forget that Chester A Arthur is the twenty first President. It all has to do with one of my favorite movies of all time, DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE!

Samuel L. Jackson, I’m sure in between some swears, pointed out that the bomb was at Chester A Arthur middle school in New York City because there were forty two Presidents and he was twenty one which is half. Chester A Arthur is my favorite President because of a movie. Go figure!

Chester A Arthur

      ***If you take all of the numbers provided above, you’ll probably win the Big Game. Don’t forget to send a couple dollars my way! (For the bonus number, use the number that coincides with your favorite President!)***

Enjoy the day if you have it off; I’ll be working!