Drawer; Not Artist

I am always amazed by people who have a natural ability to draw anything from memory. I guess it’s because I do not have the talent. Although I may not possess the ability to create works of art, I forced myself to at least learn how to draw. I am the first to admit that I’m no artist, but I’m decent! (I guess you can call me a drawer!)

***Most of these were created in high school!***

The Original Copies are for sale!

Here are some of my attempts at drawing:

Exhibit A:     The first picture is the Boston Red Sox Logo. I purchase a baseball cap with the Chinese Character, which I assume to be the letter “B,” but I am not familiar with the Chinese language, so it probably means Jackass or something derogatory!

Exhibit B:     This is a photo of the Super Man logo.

Exhibit C:          I adapted the Super Man logo into the first idea for my Pete Teix logo, which evolved into my own creation!

Exhibit D:          Here is another “drawer” rendering of the Pete Teix logo.

Exhibit E:          I’m sure everyone remembers Mr. Joe Camel. In my version, he is a little older and has clearly put on some weight.

Exhibit F:          This is an attempt to recreate the Celtics Logo. I have no idea what is going on with his eye!

Exhibit G:          Some of you may remember this character. I am not sure what his name is, but he was a creation of the Adidas Company. (I honestly don’t remember if this is an accurate depiction!)

Exhibit H:          I drew the Cleveland Indians logo because it was in a magazine and I can only draw by looking at a picture. I do not have the talent to draw from memory. In case anyone is wondering, the Indians Suck!!!

Exhibit I:          This picture of Willy Wonka is from a box of his wonderful candy. I have no idea which candy, but I’m sure it was delicious!

Exhibit J:          In the 90’s, I hated the Wu Tang Clan. My favorite artist was Keith Murray. This piece is called, “Keith Murray putting down the Wu!”

Exhibit K:          In 1998, I discovered the most wonderful music ever created; Cash Money Records. I spent many days arguing that C.M.R. was better than the Wu, and I was often laughed at. Who’s laughing now?

Exhibit L:          I like some of the No Limit songs, but I prefer their cross town rivals. Cash Money is the real army, better yet the Navy! (What a great song!)

Exhibit M:          This is the Seton Hall logo; I did not create this while in high school. In my version, the pirate is a little bit chubbier than the actual logo!

Exhibit N:          This is a random ship that was in a magazine ad. I think I did a pretty good job on this one!

Exhibit O:          My Elroy is a tad bit over weight, but he seems to be jollier!

Exhibit P:          This is Sonic and I think I nailed it!

Exhibit Q:          Yosemite Sam came out great, as well!

Exhibit R:          This is the pecking order of Florida’s big three programs. The Gators are clearly above Florida State, and I have no idea what happened to the little U!

Exhibit S:          This logo belongs to the rap artist Yukmouth. I am not familiar with his work, but I like his logo! I definitely nailed it!

Exhibit T:          I found a picture of former United States President Dwight Eisenhower in one of my books and decided to try and recreate it. I’m no professional, but I think it’s spot on!

Exhibit U:         You didn’t think I would forget to include the greatest football team of all time did you? GO BRONCOS!!!

Exhibit V:         I think this is the funniest picture in the collection. (If this can be called a collection!) *Who knows, maybe when I die, it may be worth a dollar or two!* I attempted to draw Tiger Woods and it turned into a caricature. (Maybe that is where my true talent lies!)

Exhibit W:       I have no idea why I drew this, but I know that I listened to a lot of Ice Cube during my days in high school. (Looks just like him!)

Exhibit X:        This is the first of two Picasso’s. When Michael Jordan returned to the NBA, I was tired of the Bulls dominating and this was my prediction for the finals. (Utah let me down!)

Exhibit Y:        If you are an art world jackass, you will probably try to find the deeper meaning of this picture, but there is none. I simply was bored and created this nonsense!

Exhibit Z:       Every collection has a crown jewel. This picture of Mortal Combat’s Scorpion is my favorite. I honestly didn’t think I would be able to create this. Sadly, I will never be able to create anything better!

     If you’re wondering why I used the word exhibit for each picture, be assured that I am wondering the very same thing. It honestly makes no sense; exhibit is used in a courtroom. OH WELL!

I hope these were enjoyable to look at!

*****If anyone needs a professional to create a work of art, be sure to contact me; I only charge $5000 per piece!*****


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