First Day: LA

So we landed in LA. Before I begin with my future home, let me describe the trip. I, along with @Efidalgo12, and a Middle Eastern gentleman, was randomly searched. That’s right; all three of us were searched “randomly.” I swear I heard the TSA employee say into her microphone, “Papi is clear,” once I passed, She probably said, “copy, clear,” but I heard what I heard.

We boarded the plane and @Efidalgo12 was seated between two middle-aged gentlemen. I was happy to sit between two petite women, one of whom was a MILF. @Efidalgo12’s row-mate was a talkative gentleman, who wanted to know everything about him. I was extremely lucky. I read for 90% of the flight, which seemed to be shorter than the five and a half hours. We landed in Los Angeles and connected with some great people. So far the trip has been amazing and I am thankful that this move is unfolding perfectly.

For the first time in our lives, we ate at Jack in the Box and the food was decent. I am currently writing this post at 2:30am Pacific time, which means it’s 5:30am in Boston. I am inebriated and I have two breakfast combo meals in front of me. We drank a great deal at the three establishments we entered, and met some great people.

We look forward to finding some great apartments tomorrow! I really don’t feel like writing anymore, but @Efidalgo12 has agreed to be interviewed about late night food,

Me: “We just ate from Jack in the box, How do you feel?”

E: “Like shit. Not good at all. I don’t know what the fuck I just ate. It was nasty and the Spanish woman was hideous.”

Me: “Do you look forward to eating more Jack in the box?”

E: “Hopefully this is the last time I eat this garbage. The twenty four hour thing is a scam. They know we are drunk and they are taking advantage of us.”

Me: “Do you have a thing for the Spanish guy behind the counter, who had a thing for you?”

E: “No comment!”

I tasted the food and I enjoyed every bite!

I am clearly too inebriated to continue this post, but @Efidalgo12 is calling me a bad brother for not dedicating an entire post to my brother’s 21st birthday which is today, 11-11-11!

Happy Birthday, Justin!


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