AIDS Is Not For Everyone

****I will only use the word AIDS. For the purpose of this post, everyone who has HIV will eventually move on to full-blown AIDS!****

     Sex is great! Well, at least that’s what the consensus seems to be. I can neither confirm nor deny the statement. Unwanted pregnancies can result from unprotected sexual experiences, but I would say that the most negative aspect of sex has to be AIDS. (I said unwanted pregnancies, not all pregnancies!)

Some people don’t deserve to contract AIDS. “What are you talking about? No one deserves to get AIDS.” BULLSHIT! There are a lot of people in this world who need AIDS. (I am not joking!)

The people who contract AIDS from blood transfusions, children born with AIDS, and people who contract the disease from a cheating partner are the only ones who don’t deserve to have AIDS; everyone else…these things happen. (I don’t feel bad for the rest!)

That being said, there are some people who contract the disease from a cheating partner who only have themselves to blame. If you know that your partner is cheating and you stay in the relationship, you are putting yourself at risk of contracting any and all sexually transmitted diseases. (People love to act surprised when they learn that they have been cheated on, but the truth of the matter is that most “victims” know what is going on and decide to turn a blind eye.)

People who stay in dead-end relationships, in which their partner knowingly cheats, often say, “it could be worse; the next person may come with more problems.” That’s a nonsensical view of the world. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. A relationship with a cheater is not healthy; it can add unnecessary stress to your life. Yelling, fighting, and acting like a private detective is no way to live. Let the cheater go and save yourself from the diseases which will inevitably appear. (Breaking up may be painful, but living in a stressful relationship with someone who does nothing but tear you down and show you disrespect, is far more agonizing!)

Breaking-up because of an abusive partner is a great reason. (Yes, people who cheat are abusive!) But the best reason to leave is for your own safety. Any adult with an IQ above the retardation level understands that having unprotected sex with anyone, can lead to AIDS. It is fine for someone to put themselves at risk, but people who are in relationships have a responsibility to keep one another safe. If you feel that your partner is involved in risky behavior, protect yourself and leave the relationship.

That being said, anyone can have a weak moment and sleep with a person who is infected. Good luck having unprotected sex with your “trusted” partner! Recently, #ThingsIThinkAboutSoIDontBust was a trending topic on twitter, but I didn’t add any tweets due to my inexperience. I guess if I did have sex and I wanted to think about something which would keep me from “busting,” I would probably go with AIDS! (To the men who read this entry, try it out and let me know if this works!)

I believe that AIDS is necessary. I honestly miss the old days of AIDS, when the disease killed most of the people who contracted it. It seems as if the discovery of new medicine has lowered the fear that people once had concerning the disease. I don’t say this because I am a sadistic person who enjoys hearing about infected patients and their suffering. I just wish people feared the disease as they did in the past; AIDS is real and for some crazy reason, people don’t respect how horrible a positive test result can be.

To me, AIDS is part of the natural selection process. The promiscuous people, who are not wise enough to take the proper safety precautions when enjoying sex, will die out. Natural selection will leave us with a society of the best people. My advice is, people should care about their future and stop fucking everyone sleeping around. The least a man can do is start wrapping it up. Women should never allow a casual partner to enter their “holy lands” without using a condom. From what I hear, the sex isn’t as good, but AIDS is probably worse. Of course, I’m just guessing. (That has to be the first time anyone called a vagina, Jerusalem; the holiest of holy lands!)

As far as AIDS is concerned, the worst stories are the horrific tales about the men and women who purposely try to spread the disease. I understand that these individuals assholes may be mad at the world, but what they are doing is nothing less than murder. These are the people who need to be publicly stoned! Although anyone who makes the decision to knowingly spread AIDS to others is a piece-of-shit, it is the responsibility of every consenting adult to find out who they are sleeping with. (Again, good luck out there people!)

Don’t envy or concern yourself with those who brag about their wonderful dangerous sex lives. They will eventually pay a king’s ransom for their promiscuity. The more people you sleep with, the greater your chances are of contracting the big STD. Not to mention the fact that people who will sleep with perfect strangers for nothing more than sexual gratification, will most likely be carriers. (Never believe anyone who says, “I never do this,” when they are talking about having unprotected sex!)

AIDS is a weird disease. We hear so much about it, but there aren’t many people who are positive, at least not in my circle. We all know that one person who we can say, “how the hell does that person not have AIDS?” The answer is simple. For the most part, positive people don’t go around announcing their conditions. There are many silent “positivians” out there; AIDS is a hidden disease. Live your life according to your own morals and ignore what others are doing. Men will be laughed at and “clowned” for turning down sex with a disease-ridden slut, but jokes get old; AIDS is for life! When it comes to receiving advice, it is important to consider whose guidance you are seeking; especially women. Don’t sleep with people because your friends say, “it’s ok!”  A whore can only teach you how to be a whore. A whore knows not, how to be a woman!

“How can you talk so casually about AIDS? If you had the disease, you would think differently.” Not a chance. If I ever contract AIDS, I will have only myself to blame. Unless I get it through a blood transfusion, but in that case, I’ll blame “god!” I know “god” doesn’t exist, but I will blame him nonetheless for a positive result due to a transfusion. (Who knows? Maybe I’ll be able to take legal action against the Church!)

I would also be honest about the disease if I ever became positive; I don’t feel the need to hide my life experiences from anyone. Let this be a warning to any disease-carrying woman out there. If you give me AIDS, I’ll tell people that it came from you; it won’t be our little secret! (There is no shame in anything I do!)

It’s a crazy and dangerous world out there! In the immortal words of the wise former Mayor of great city of Cincinnati, Ohio, Jerry Springer, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES AND EACHOTHER!



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